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Sunday, August 10, 2008

For four months I have been basking in fabulous feeling of the Harley Davidson that I ordered in April....

It shipped from the factory on the 31st. I began getting anxious about it arriving last Tuesday and I let that anxiousness build until Thursday when it dawned on me that "this does not feel good" so I let it go.........let go of the attachment to a specific outcome.

Well, what do you think happened then? Yep, Friday afternoon my phone rang and it was Les at the Harley dealer letting me know the truck just came and they were unloading my bike. He said it probably would not be ready for me to pick up until late in the week for a number of reasons.............none of which bothered me one bit. I was just basking in the awesome feeling of having my Harley Davidson in such close proximity to me.

So I sent texts to some friends that know I have been expecting my bike to arrive and I was amazed at the consistent reaction to the bike being here, yet not picking it up until Wed. at the earliest.........."That blows" "That sucks".....or some other friend even expressed that they would be so pissed off they would camp out at the dealership until they got the bike to them.

As I reflected on the experience, I got this big ass smile on my face.......knowing what my favorite mentor means when they say "It's not about the stuff!!! It's about the feeling!!! The only meaning of your physical reality, The only meaning that it has is........the degree to which you are connected with your True Self.....Your Source!!" If you feel good and good things are coming into your experience, then your in better alignment.........and if you don't feel good and things are not working in your experience, your out of alignment......pretty simple!!!!

So on Saturday, I took my boys over to the Harley Dealer to take a peak at my bike. I had seen the model I bought, but not in the color that I ordered it in.........Black Pearl!!! OMG!!! It is ridiculous how beautiful it is!!! My 11 year old son, who has been as excited about getting it as I have been, was standing next to me sharing the feeling when he asked me, "How come you never got one before this Dad?" I looked at him and just said, "because this one wasn't built"...........The Universe conspired perfectly on my behalf with this one!!!

So how do you deliberately get into that feeling? Let me tell you a story. One of my favorite and dear friends called me in tears Friday. She was sobbing to the point I could hardly understand her.........I got her to calm down enough that I could understand her. She said that her brother was getting married today and because she was not active in the church (LDS) she was not allowed to be in the temple during the service. She vacillated between crying and being pissed off. So I let her go off a little and she said, "it's so stupid, and it pisses me off!!!!....they piss me off!!!!" I had to jump in and tell her "Whats stupid, and you know that you let other people piss you off and make you upset. Trust me they are not upset, just you!!"

She agreed, and asked "so how do I get out of this ugly feeling?" my reply, "Get a paper and pen and start writing about what you appreciate about the church, like while you don't agree with some of the philosophies, your grateful for the peace it provides your family and the direction that it provides in their lives and the meaning and purpose that they receive by being a part of the organization.........whatever, just write about the appreciation you can feel for its existence in your families lives. You don't agree with it, but you don't have to, and you don't have to let it's rules bother you or upset you!!!! Write for 60 seconds or better yet for 90 seconds, that's all it takes, then let me know how you feel"

She did, and she was back to the mystical friend I adore.........I could feel the Love that she is. At the end of the day, who cares about a particular room you were allowed to stand in, or if you are part of the club!............At the end of the day, or this physical experience, there are no rooms, and definitely no clubs!!!..........Choose your thoughts, change your perceptions and live the life and experience you choose........don't defer to external circumstances!!!