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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Success and Failure

Success is created (yes created) through the completion of a few small disciplines that add up over time to produce outcomes that otherwise you could never have dreamed were possible. These small habits are so simple and easy that most people think that they won't make a difference and so they don't act upon them, they don't do them.

Failure is nothing more than the outcome of the consistent neglect of a few simple habits that over time create (yes create) the feeling that something can't be achieved.

So what are these disciplines that over time produce what most people only dream about? Well, my belief is, they are the way you think! How do you think about your life, your job, your family, your relationships, and the most important mode of thought is the ones you have about you. So in the first paragraph when I said people don't act on them or they don't do them, what I mean is they don't have their thoughts, their thoughts have them. David Bohm said that and he was right. Most of the time our thoughts have us, rather than us thinking the way we want to.

When you allow your thoughts to run without check, you are a victim to yourself, to your ego or small self. You create the life you live by the story your thoughts tell. So do you want your story to be small or that word, giant and enormous combined. I love made up words!

Play BIG!!! That's our purpose, not to play small and bounce around like a pinball that's direction is determined by the bouncers it is thrown into. Choose through your deliberate choice of your thoughts what you experience, your doing it anyway. Choosing not to be deliberate is still a choice and it's infectious, the more you choose to be sloppy in your thinking, the more sloppy thoughts you have. Consciousness, the Universe is inclusive, not exclusionary, so the more of one line of thinking you have the more of that line of thinking you have or create.

The Good News is that the more deliberate your thinking is, the more deliberate thinking becomes a discipline, small and huge at the same time. You can be, do or have anything you want, Abe is good to remind us of that and truth be told you are, do and have everything you want based upon your don't get what you want, you get what you are, and what you are is your thoughts, and the feelings derived from those thoughts. So are you getting what you are? Yep, every time!! Can't escape that truth, and think GOD, otherwise we would be the pinball just bouncing around.

Sometimes it's easiest to be deliberate in your thinking by changing your perspective. You know, like asking yourself "if today were the last day of my life, what would I like to experience?". Another good one to ask is "in one sentence, how would most people that know me describe me?". The ultimate perspective changer for me is "When I leave this physical experience, have I contributed in meaningful way to all that is?".

No regrets, knowing that perfect is what we are at our essence, be in this and every moment what you want!! The difference is being in the state of what you want through your thoughts rather than being in a state of wanting. You and I don't need anything, we have it all!! And where is it? Right where it is right now, we just need to allow the where to be us. Sounds like a play on words because it is, words can't describe the infinite, because words are finite. You are not, you are eternal, infinite Love and wisdom here to be creative. Be deliberate in what you get by being deliberate in what you are. Be ridiculously and unreasonably deliberate in what you are, Life and the living.

Christ said "let the dead bury the dead, I haven't the time". What he meant was be expansive in your thoughts, live big, ginormous, that is life, living small is being dead!! His lessons were living life without limits, without limiting thoughts. His lesson was to be not want. The "miracles" he performed were him allowing those that were healed to be healed rather than wanting to be healed. Think about it, the lame that walked after interacting with him, did so because he told them to get up and walk. They believed and got up and walked. What Christ did was facilitated a change in their being, their perspective.

So be what you want and have it, pretty simple!! Be success by being deliberate in expansive deliberate thinking which will cause you to be successful in what you think. Make it the discipline you practice everyday!!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

In the stillness beyond our beliefs everything is known!!

Love Byron Katie, who wrote the title to this post!!! So true, when we get past what we believe, all is known, because beliefs collapse the infinite to finite. Knowing this is liberating and allows us when we choose to know all that we need to know in any given moment. Allow the infinite wisdom and knowledge of the Universe to align with you and just see what happens. No expectation, no preconceived notion, just see what happens!!

Our true self, our higher self, our divine self, whatever you want to call it, is always on board for flowing with the Universe. When you have that high vibe feeling that anything is possible, pure love and positive energy, your allowing, anything short of that is an indication of resistance. Your either allowing or resisting your true self and when you allow, that is when the miraculous happens, life aligns with you and all is well.

When you resist, ugh!! Not so much fun!! Everyone spends time there, it's not necessarily a bad thing unless you pitch a tent and make it home. Michael Beckwith tells a funny story about people steeped in victim hood and how everyone travels through the valley of death and darkness except victims, they set up camp and call it home!! Anyway, it's not a bad thing because resistance if looked at in the right light allows you to better know what you do want and enjoy it when you attain it. You enjoy what you have when you know what it's like not having it. As a divine eternal being of pure positive energy and love, it's hard to appreciate what you are without knowing what it's like not being that. Make sense?

The point is, we vacillate between resistance and allowance, its very much like the cycles of life, and if we are deliberate and observe our thoughts from a curious position, we can fully leverage the allowing times, and actually us the resisting times as a platform for our next experience in exercising our creativity. Not an exercise in creating, and exercise in creativity. Resistance is creating, just not what is aligned with our true selves, creativity is divine and expansive and progressive and nurtures that high vibe we have all experienced at times. By becoming creative, we deliberately move ourselves into that state of being......and if your ready for this, we begin ascending to a higher dimension that the great sages and mystics have all experienced. 4th and 5th dimensions are spaces we have ventured to at times, some more than others, some deliberately, some without a clue as to what happened.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Release your Talents?....: Your Job....To Know Yourself

Release your Talents?....: Your Job....To Know Yourself

Your Job....To Know Yourself

How do you not know yourself? Someone asked me that recently, and followed saying, "of course you know yourself, you can't get away from yourself". In a sense that is true, but a very limited sense. Most everyone for most of the time we spend are playing small, very small. And if that is true, and it is, then think about the axiom that we get what we are, not what we want! If your playing small, that's what you get!

So how do you know yourself? Simple, not easy! The next time you feel frustrated or anxious, see if you can just observe your thoughts. Be curious about it, not about what you think is causing the's not about that. Just start being curious with your thoughts about what happened. It's never the event, it's your thoughts about the event.....and your thoughts about previous events that condition you to react as similar situations come to your experience. Key word in that last sentence, "come". Those situations or events or people don't just randomly appear, you create them from your bring them to you or you attract them into your experience.........because you get what you are.

Reaction as opposed to Creation.......or haphazard sloppy thinking as opposed to deliberate thinking. Reacting to something said to you or an experience you had or even your own thoughts is nothing more than you coming from your beliefs about the way things are, your model of reality......and you re-act the same behaviors that you always do when faced with similar situations from your past. So, if you can catch yourself going down that slippery slope of reacting in a way that does not serve you, coming from auto pilot.....if you can catch yourself and stop and get curious about it. Maybe you even say to yourself, "that's interesting" and then ask yourself "What if it were different?" "What if my reaction were different?" and you don't have to work to find the answer, because you have the answer. Just ask the question and see what comes.

This is important to understand. Your thoughts collapse the infinite potential into a very defined small model of what is, that's why we experience similar situations over and over, and that is creation, but not creativity. In the above paragraph, when I said you don't have to work to find the answer.....that is big, because if your mindset or intention or belief is that you need to find the answer, what your thoughts have created is the scenario that the answer is not at have created the scenario that an answer is not with you......and you get what you are.....someone without the answer. But when you ask "What if it were different?" or "What if I was different?" you are creating an opening for the infinite alternatives of "different" to drop in and change the situation in a heart beat. Try it!

Fear is the root of all perceptions that do not serve you! Fear of getting hurt leads to what? Yep, getting hurt, because you collapse the infinite possibilities of love to a model that allows you to only experience "hurt". Sometimes it is gradual, like in a relationship. At the beginning of the relationship, all is well, fear is not in play, because the pleasure and newness of the other person is in play, but as time goes by, and the relationship becomes a part of your "normal" routine, fear begins to creep in and affect your thinking, begins to collapse the infinite possibilities of what could be to a small model of "what if's", you know what if this happens, or what if he/she is not who they say they are, or what if they are fooling around.....and invariably either the other person meets those expectations or you just think and believe that they are and Bam, your fears become real and you are hurt.

It's never about the other person or situation, it's always about you! And what your thoughts are about the person or do you want to be sloppy and haphazard, or deliberate. Align with life and life will align with you, and Life is progressive and expansive, not protective and up to the infinite potential of life and get excited to see what might come or better yet, what you might become.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Morphic Fields

Someone asked me what a Morphic field is the other day. The Biologist Rupert Sheldrake developed the term out of his research on animals and nature. You have likely seen flocks of birds that move in unison or schools of fish that all move in the same direction at the same time. Some people might say they have really good reactions, but in most cases, there is no reaction time, they are connected and "know" when and how to move in unison. The place of their "knowing" is a morphic field. They are connected in consciousness and at a quantum level.

Sheldrake did studies with animals to see if they could sense when their owners were coming home, and sure enough the animals knew before the owner arrived at home, sometimes as much as ten minutes before the human arrived at home, the dog or cat of the house would behave distinctly different. The animal was entangled in a morphic field of the owner and animal, and "knew" when the owner was on their way home.

Actors get into the morphic field of the characters they are playing, Heath Ledger got so deep into the morphic field of "The Joker" he struggled getting out. What is the Morphic filed of a comic character like the Joker? Well, it's every comic, movie and even conversation that includes that character. Even thoughts for that matter. Ideas, thoughts, emotions, concepts, are nothing more than energy as is everything, and they exist before someone has them and they exist forever after someone has them. Linearity or time based perspective does not exist at their level, they have always been and always will be. And we can tap into them at any time we decide or choose to.

There is a morphic field for fear, confidence, even stupidity.....that's a big one!! There is a morphic field for Jesus Christ, actually many of them. The biggest one is the Jesus from the Bible, as the chosen son of God, sent as the savior for all the sinful humans, ugh!!! And as unappealing as that one is, people steep themselves in ti and for them it is their truth. Persoanlly I prefer the Morphic field of Jeshua Ben David, the mystic that was no different than you or I that tapped into God consciousness and taught others to do the same. For me he was the master of Metanoia, not perfect nor flawed, just growing to become more of who he already is.

Ervin Laszlo, the scientist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee says that "things in the real world are not entirely separate from each other. Not only are they linked by flows of energy, but they are also linked by flows of information.". We are all connected through morphic fields, think about when you walk in a room, and you can sense something is not right, or you can sense something less than a. Good vibe. That's you tapping into the field of that room and generally the people in it. Think about it, you know you have done that.

When you read a book for the first time, you get what you get out of it, but invariably the next time you read it, you get something in addition to what you got the first time you read it. What you got the second time was there the first time you read it, but you weren't ready to get it, or maybe more accurately, you weren't open to it. What happened is that while reading it the first time, you became entangled in the morphic field of the book, the author, the research, the potential, and your model of how things are changed, maybe just slightly, but it changed. Then upon reading it the second time, Bam!! Something you were not previously open to made so much sense and you can almost feel it. I read books over and over at different times and almost always get some new insights.

What's really fun is when faced with a challenge or dilemma is to get quiet, get still, and let something come to you, many times it will be an impulse to pitch up a particular book off the shelf open it up to a "random" page chosen by inspiration and Bam!! Just the insight I needed to resolve the challenge. Really what happens is that I open up to a different way of thinking that provides better clarity.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Growing versus Doing

If life is expansive and progressive, and it is, then it involves growing and learning. Take work, or career for instance, you may even have a career path, corporations like those and they call it growth in the sense that you get promoted. You do your job, you perform better than your peers and you get promoted.......growth, right? Not necessarily!!!

The growth I am talking about is becoming more of who you already are at the essence of who you are, aligned with the divine spirit that is eternal and in this world but not of it. Think of it this way, people go to work or a job for what? To earn money in most cases, some people go to work to earn money and even make a difference. But for most people, work is a means to an end, the money to survive and buy the things that are necessary for "living" like food, shelter, clothing, and to varying degrees the luxuries we desire. The work that they do is the function of their job, be it an office worker, a waitress, even the President of the United States.

The work should be you!!! Yes, YOU!! Everyday, ask yourself, "How did I grow today?" "How am I different" "What did I learn about myself today".....when you answer those questions, that is growth!! That is expansion, and as you expand growing from your heart not your head, because those questions are from the heart, the Universe expands with you and aligns with you. You are part of the Universe and when you drop down into your heart, you merge with all that is, and you can feel it when you do. You know that high vibe, anything is possible feeling. That's our natural state of being

So why don't we spend more time there in that feeling? Why indeed!!! Sloppy haphazard thinking, that's it. Pretty simple, huh? Most people associate thinking as the thoughts you have at any given moment, but that's really just mental activity, the mind processing observations based upon your past experiences and beliefs, judgements and models for how things are. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that is a bad thing, it just does not serve our true selves, our essence in growing unless we look at it as an opportunity for growth. It is what it is, and that sloppy thinking is contributing to everything you see, everything began as a thought, and then the thought was acted upon.

By being deliberate in our thinking, becoming what we want, being curious and excited to see what will come next is where transformation happens, Metanoia, or a change in vision of being, that's being deliberate. That is what I see Meister Ekhart as meaning when he said "Let god be god through me". Don't you just love that? If you can't reconcile being an extension of God, use Universe, or source or Tao, or any other word that means the divine. You are a divine being, eternal and in this world but clearly not of it.

It's a process, it's life, live it!! Become more of who you have always been by making yourself your work, your job is you, what you do everyday is just the canvas from which you create yourself. So, what will you become today? What will you learn about yourself? How will you be different tomorrow because of your thoughts (not mental activity) today? How was the Universe the Universe though you?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Metanoia...changing of the mind

Metanoia comes from two Greek words, meta and noia. Meta means after or beyond, as in transformation, as in metamorphosis. Think about the the transformation that a caterpillar makes when it turns into the butterfly, not just a change, a complete transformation. Noia loosely translates to meaning, and I use it in terms of meaning for being.

So I use metanoia to mean a transformation of being, or vision of being. In tune with the question, "what if it were different.". We are in the process of metanoia, a transformation in the way of being. Moving from a paradigm of lack and struggle for accumulation to well being in knowing we are infinitely abundant. Aery fairy stuff? Well it is what you believe.

In our normal daily lives, our experience is shaped, check that, our experience is determined by the sum of our beliefs, or what we take to be real. And how do we know what those beliefs are that shape our experience? Look what consistently shows up, and it's never bad, it is what it is. But if it's not meeting your desires or creating the inner feeling or condition of well being, it's up to you to change it. So is it what you want?

Ah, the million dollar question, "What do you want?". That one question creates more challenges than any other thought form, because we don't get what we want, we get what we are. This is where metanoia can be miraculous. Transforming your very being to be in alignment with life, be in love with life.....and life aligns with you. What happens when life aligns with you being in alignment with it? What comes to you provides that inner condition of bliss or grace.

Life. What is life? Ponder the meaning! Growth, Expansion, Progress, Consciousness, Energy, all that is? What is the Universe? Growth, Expansio, Progress, Consciousness, Energy, All that is? What is source or G.O.D. (grand organizing design)? What is Love? Yeah, I think so!! So, how big a stretch is it to "Know" that when you are aligned with life, you are aligned with source, you are life, you are Love, you are Devine?

And, when you are Love, Life, Source, what do you get? Who cares!!! But it is pretty freakin awesome!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We don't get what we want, we get what we are!!!

I've written about this often and the most common question I get about this statement (fact really) is "how do you know What you are?". That's easy, what's showing up in your experience.

First things first, do you believe you can have, do or be anything you decide on? You can you know! Do you take full responsibility for every bit of your experience? That's a tough one and we are conditioned not to, which is our stumbling point. Your thoughts, beliefs and the feelings derived from those thoughts and beliefs are what you are. It comes down to quantum mechanics.

Take your body for example, you have this human body that is made up of trillions of cells, which are made up of atoms, which are made up of sub atomic particles like bosons, leptons, and bunch other weird names. These sub atomic particles are not really particles like a grain of sand, as a matter of fact humanity does not have the technology to even see what they look like. The only way scientists know they exist is by the trails that they leave, the only evidence we can identify that they exist. And at that level, time and space are not in play.

These quantum entities are probabilities of potential, without limit. How they become a particular potential is when they are acted upon, measured, observed, and affected by consciousness.....yours and mine. When they're acted upon or affected by our consciousness (thoughts, feelings and emotions) they collapse into matter based upon our model of what is real. Wave forms collapse into particle matter.

So what you get is based upon the internal state of what you want. If you want to lose weight, conventional wisdom is to reduce the number of calories that take in under what your daily activities burn. This works as long as you do it and your beliefs support your actions. For most people, they have beliefs that are not congruent with this approach, which is why so much of our population is overweight. These beliefs are unique to the individual but can be reduced to......eating less food is not comfortable and exercise is entirely too much work! But, what if it were different? What if the food you ate was viewed as fuel that your body collaborates with perfectly and provides your body with just the right nutrition and energy, and what if exercise was viewed as energizing and beneficial in endless ways that provides you with the ability to do whatever you can dream. What difference do those two different sets of beliefs have on the quantum potentials that make up your physical form?

What if it were different? Love that question! Ask that question about anything in your experience that you would like to change, and see what comes to mind, practice this and pretty soon you become the difference through your oughts, feelings and emotions and that is exactly what you get!

Here is a practical application. A smoker wants to stop smoking. They ask the question "what if it were different, what if I didn't smoke?". Thoughts come to mind like, I would have more spending money, My clothes would always smell fresh, I could feel the energy when I use the full capacity of my lungs, I would exercise with my increased lung capacity, I would stay at the restaurant table with my friends after dinner, etc, etc. You get the point,your thinking changes, which changes the way you feel and the emotions you experience which affects and collapses into reality the condition of being a non smoker.

Same for drinking, drugs, whatever you want different. It's all about beliefs, and how do you know what your beliefs are? Look at what is consistently showing up.......and if your not satisfied, choose different!