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Sunday, November 2, 2008

3 Ways of creating......which one are you using?

The first way is by default. Sloppy thinking, reacting to your external experience or to beliefs that just are not true or do not serve you. We all do this to some degree everyday.

The second way is by deliberate thought. Knowing how powerful your thoughts are and being deliberate in your thinking........using your thoughts to stay in a good place and then allowing what is resonant with your good place to come into your experience. Not all people are deliberate in their thinking.

The last way is creating through the collective. Yep, just jump on the band wagon and get what you get.........kind of like the financial meltdown. We turn over our individual power to the consensus and roll the dice.........and we all do this to some degree as well.

Two weeks ago, someone made a formal complaint about me to our HR staff. A little background for those of you that have not worked with me. I love talking to people, my door is always open and I openly encourage anyone to come chat with me about anything. One of my standing intentions, is that beautiful, open people that are interested in a mutually benefiting interaction are attracted to me. Not only great friendships, but great lessons have been learned by this intention regularly manifesting both inside Discover Card and outside as well.

Okay, back to the complaint. The complaint was that I only talk to "young, skinny, cute girls" in my office. I had never really thought about it, but quite a few very attractive young women do approach me about coaching..........along with a few males. So the Employee Relations manager that the complaint was filed with is filling me in on the issue. She knows me very well and handled the conversation with the employee very well and actually pointed out that every employee has the same opportunity to talk to me............So why does she not approach me? because she is not resonant with my intention of a mutually benefiting interaction.

So at the end of the discussion, the HR manager said to me......."This doesn't even bother you does it, someone making a bogus claim". I just smiled and said "Are you kidding, apparently I get paid to have great conversations with Good looking good is that?"

Deliberate creating strikes again!!!! Ain't life grand!!!