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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aligned Parenting 1.2

Our Children learn not from what we tell them or even what they watch us do, they learn from what we "are". They sense if we are in contradiction or resonance with our true selves very easily and correspond to that state without even knowing it consciously. They really do, research demonstrates this over and over. The challenge is seeing what the research is showing rather than what we may have been conditioned to see.

As an example, research has shown that diseases like Cancer or Heart disease is genetic. The research shows that generations and generations of a family have the disease which makes it very easy to deduce that the disease is genetic. What in reality the research shows is the opposite. In the same study, Children that were adopted into the families (thus having different genetics) also manifested the disease, while in their own family lines, the disease never manifests. What the researchers miss because of a mechanistic foundation of their training, is that the cause of the disease manifesting is not genetics but the environment. The environment of the family is predicated upon the contradiction or resonance with the true selves or the family members, specifically the adults.

Now, obviously this is not deliberate, and that is the point. By being haphazard in thinking we align ourselves with what we have been conditioned to take as real or the 'way things are" and for the most part, we get that all wrong. Allopathic medicine at it's basis is backwards. It's very mechanistic, treating the body as a watchmaker might a broken pocket watch. Something is not working, replace it or treat it with medicine. It's all very reactive, and don't get me wrong, it saves lives, but does not address the real issue. But for many people, our thinking is very much the same, it is reactive. Our thoughts have us based upon what we observe or experience. When we have our thoughts and become curious we begin seeing that things are not always what we perceive them to be.

When we have our thoughts or when we are deliberate about beliefs and feelings, we become more resonant with our True Self, and when our thoughts have us and we are not deliberate about our beliefs and feelings and how they affect us, we are in contradiction with our True Self. make sense?

Ok, back to aligned parenting. So our kids learn from what we are, and they also mirror back to us what we are (especially young ones), and what I mean by that is the state that we are in. Or in other words, the state that we find ourselves in because of what we take to be real. When we are open to this idea, we can look at our children's behavior or condition and see it from a metaphoric standpoint, and see if there something to be learned about ourselves.

How many times have you experienced with your own child or heard stories about someone else's child displaying behavior that just made no sense and as much cajoling or time outs or other consequences that were attempted, the behavior persisted. The behavior may have manifested as correspondence to the state of the parent. As an example, a four year old, whenever it rained would go out onto the front porch and remove a plant from it's planter and dripping water and mud deposit it on the front room carpet. The parents tried everything to curtail the mess making to no avail. When the father was asked what dirt had he and his wife been 'sweeping under the rug' (the metaphor) his immediate response was "Finances". Once the couple began communicating about the finances and openly discussing how best to address their situation, the child never made the mess again.

If your child has behavior that you just don't understand and regardless of what you do, it persists, ask yourself some curious questions like;
- What does that mean?
- Is there something I have not taken care of that this might be indicative of?
- Is there someone that I have not forgiven that this might be related to?
- What state might I be spending time in that this is a reflection of?
- Or any other inquiry that comes to mind.
Just see what comes. You might be surprised, and if you address your contradiction and the behavior stops, don't be surprised. Be empowered, and become more thoughtful about being resonant with your True Self. Your children can be great teachers and in closing, don't beat yourself up over behavior your child might be displaying, they may have chosen to come into this life as your children for the purpose of teaching you if you are open to that.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Less is More......Efficiency redux

Less is more!! The Tao Teh Ching talks about "effortless effort" which is like water flowing in a stream, or clouds floating in the sky, or rain falling from the clouds. There is no effort in natural phenomena like these, they just happen as they should when they should. Same with inspiration, it does not come from trying to be inspired, it just happens. Innovation, same don't decide to be innovative and work hard at comes from nowhere, or "now here".

The Universe is efficient, Source is efficient, and you are an extension or Source or the Universe, so you are efficient. That is when you are aligned with your True Self. Your true SELF knows that less is more, because your true SELF knows how efficient Source or the Universe is. Ask and it will be given, knock and the door shall open, give and you shall receive, are not just biblical parables, they reflect Jesus' understanding of Source or G.O.D. Efficiency without effort.

Somebody asked me the other day what I meant about deliberate creating and use of intentions for creating your life. The conversation boiled down to how intentions wittingly and unwittingly are in play always with the Universe's efficiency. And intentions are what you take to be real, what you believe. I gave the person the example, when you order something online, say it's a new pair of boots or some jewelry, you know you have it, but you haven't received it in the mail yet, but you know it's yours. You might even call a good friend and say "guess what I got?" with the conviction that you have it, even though it may be in a warehouse on the east coast, two thousand miles from you. You take it to be real that the boots are yours even though you don't possess them.

Everything you have a desire to have or be already exists. If you have it or not is solely up to the version of you that you choose to be. Are you the version that believes you can have it or the version that believes it is impossible to have it. Are you the You that takes it to be real that you already have the thing you desire (like having the boots you bought online but have yet to receive)? One of my favorite stories is about a start up movie producer that was asked where she would get the money to fund a huge project that she wanted to produce. Without hesitation, she replied "wherever it is right now!". She was the version of herself that knew she would complete the project without knowing how things would fall into place. She had bought it on line and was just waiting for it to be delivered.

This Is why I emphasize that we get what we are are, and not necessarily what we want. What version of your SELF are you? Infinite potential working with the efficiency of the Universe or finite potential working hard for what you have. By the way, these two opposites are just another way of saying in alignment and out of alignment or allowing and resisting. Get it? It's that simple, it really is.

Less is more simply means that getting what you want has nothing to do with work. It means aligning and allowing the Universe, Source or G.O.D. to say yes to you. It means when action is taken from alignment, it is inspired action that results in efficient seemingly effortless results. And how good is efficient, effortless and the results you want? Delicious!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Being thoughtful today....

How much of your day do you spend in action or re-action with little to no thought about what it is your doing at that moment? You know, when your doing something and while doing that thing your thinking about something else. Our lives can be hectic and having the ability to do multiple things at once can be helpful. It can also be detrimental, especially if your not devoting enough deliberate thought to the outcome you desire.

"You get what you are and not necessarily what you want"
"You see things as you are, not necessarily as they actually are" Anais Nin
"You tend to see the things you are looking for"

At the basis of each of these premises is that if you are not deliberate in being thoughtful you will likely not create your desired outcome. Being thoughtful means being open and curious to me and when we do this, we allow. When we are open and curious we allow what serves us to be recognized. More important is that the more we spend time in this mode of being open and curious, the easier it is to accomplish and the less time we spend in unconscious activity.

By the way, this is a great way to rewrite subconscious beliefs that do not serve you. Think of your subconscious as nothing more than a record and playback device. How does it record? Through your observations, experiences, perceptions and conditioning. It is not discerning or value based, it just records and plays back. Think about when a person first learns to drive a stick shift automobile. At first, they either stall the car by letting the clutch out too fast or they race the engine while not letting the clutch out at all. But through practice, fairly quickly, they learn to accomplish very smooth transitions when taking off and eventually can perform perfectly without a conscious thought about what they are doing. Thats the subconscious mind.

So, what about subconscious beliefs that don't serve you? Well, they are in play just like the ability to drive a stick shift car without even thinking about it. They are on auto pilot and without thought they are creating the "What" that you are and preventing you from getting what you "Want" in "We get what we are and not what we want". Make sense? So, how do you know what beliefs you have that are not serving you? Look at what is consistently showing up as your life.

Invariably when I work with someone that is not happy with something in their life, and it's usually one of three things; Relationship, Money or their Job. The belief comes down to a variation of "what happens in my life experience determines my happiness". About half the people say "Ah yeah" and the other half say they don't believe that to be the case. Either way, Applied Kinesiology or muscle testing confirms that this is a belief held in the subconscious or not.

Now if the person holds this belief, what condition does this create for the individual? Well, we get what we are and with this belief your happiness is dictated by your life experience.....which is kind of a victim mentality. It's certainly not empowering. So we rewrite the belief to something more empowering that resonates with the person that puts them in control of how they feel as opposed to being at the whim of external circumstances.

So if what is consistently showing up in your life is not what you want, explore what might be causing that by being thoughtful and see what comes to you. Be open and curious and see what inspiration comes. The more you do this the more in tune you become with what you are and change can manifest. Or you can reach out and expedite the process by working with someone that understands how the subconscious works and that it can in fact be rewritten in a matter of minutes. Think about having an autopilot that creates success and joy in every aspect of life. How would that be? Delicious! thats how.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day.....Mya, Happy Birthday!

Got up early this morning after having one of the best Sundays of all time. Sent one of my best friends a early Happy birthday/Valentines day wish and decided to blog. No preconceived notion about what the entry would be, which is normally the case, so let's see where this goes.

I'm a big fan of Anderson Cooper. I love his unbiased approach to reporting the current events happening around the globe. Great stories of human nature and some of our greatest lapses in judgement. At any rate, I got a tweet from him saying that an interview he did with Lady Gaga was going to air on 60 Minutes last night, so I tuned in.

I had heard of Gaga, but knew nothing about her, but was pleasantly surprised by her. Intelligent, attractive, talented and she has a great message. Her appearance changes with almost every public sighting if not daily, very extravagant and very deliberate. Her message is to be yourself, even if you are a "freak" in the eyes of others, "we are all superstars" and should realize that stardom by being ourselves. She is living that! And now she has a new fan.

I can get behind that!!! We are all Superstars. Being your true self is where it's at, its the answer to every question or problem we will ever have. Genius or superstardom as Gaga says is innate, it's who we are, yet is sometimes very difficult to access. Why? Well, for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we have become numb to what we are. We are spiritual beings having a human incarnation. From spirit all things are possible, all things that are for the betterment of us as a collective. From spirit there are no problems. From spirit is Pure Positive Love and there are no problems in Love.

From spirit we know we are all connected, we are all one. You know that, right? But we don't always act in ways that are congruent with that knowledge. Because as we are not deliberate in our thoughts and actions we slip back into the idea that we are separate and on our own and life can be a struggle. We lose connection and the comfort of our divine selves.

Take a deep slow breath and then slowly exhale. I'll bet you were not worried about being able to take that breath. You didn't have the thought, if everyone takes a breath, will there be enough for me. You expected to breathe in life without a second thought. Why do we not expect the same with prosperity or joy or relationship. Why indeed? When you expect these things just as you expect your breathing to naturally take place, you will have them the same way you have breath.

So how do you achieve this change in what you take to be real. Change your thoughts! It's that simple. What you believe is what you think about what you have been told, what you have observed and what you think. Beliefs are nothing more than chronic thoughts. If you are not getting what you want from life, change your thoughts, reincarnate a new version of you by changing your thoughts. Life is always aligning with you and is not discerning on what is in your best interest, life is inclusive and responds to your thoughts and feelings about those thoughts. This is free will, and you have the will to think as you want.

I heard Abraham talking about about diabetes the other day and the analogy of checking your blood sugar levels to see if you need to eat or take insulin to normalize your blood sugar levels. You should check your thoughts everyday, and if they are not supportive thoughts that serve you, take action and change them, even if it is just to quite your mind for five minutes. Even if you just change your current thought pattern to the thought that "I am a divine being, tapped into all that is, and right now, more than anything, the most important thing I can do is bask in the Love that I am, knowing that as I do this more and more the easier it is to do so whenever I desire. And, as I bask in the Love that I am, life aligns with me, and I understand that I allow infinite potential to create my desires and that is the only effort I ever need to make. The effort is always only to be deliberate in my thoughts and feelings".

The next time you feel out of alignment, contemplate the above thought over a few times. And just sit with it and observe the change in how you feel. Be the Love you are and change what you are. Become the clarity that Love is and act on that clarity, that is where action that is aligned with divinity comes from. That is You that is in this world but not of it. That is your Superstar!!!! Happy V day, Gaga!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Parallel Realities....easier to grasp than Universes

But really the same. Think about this, We know the universe is expanding and as far as we can determine is infinite, and (not in a narcissistic way) you are in the center of your Universe, right? I am in the center of mine and the protesters in Liberation square in Cairo are in the center of theirs. It's all perspective.

So what perspective are you coming from? Some people don't even think about the perspective that they are operating from. Take religion. That topic in itself will peak a range of reactions. Christians have a different perspective of God than Muslims. Then within the "Christian" faiths there are different perspectives, Lutheran, Catholic, LDS and myriad others as well. Is one right and the others wrong? Well, most religions will tell you yes.

My personal opinion is right and wrong just don't matter and definitely don't serve you. What does matter is how you feel about your perspective or your beliefs. To me, the litmus test for anything is how you feel about something as opposed to what you think. Thinking can be conditioned, feeling on the other hand comes from the heart. And the feeling I am talking about is not emotion. The feeling I am talking about is LOVE. Love is in this world but not of it. Love is who you are, I've said that many times because its true.

"Love is the most powerful and still most unknown energy in the wolrd"
Pierre Theihard de Chardin

Pierre Theihard de Chardin was a Jesuit theologian that s fascinating to read and ponder some of his theories. The above quote is very true and really the basis behind one of my driving values which is "Self Awareness". Where is love? It's within us and without the curiosity of who we are and where we come from and what we are doing here we do not fully leverage the energy of LOVE. "If we do not go within, We go without" Christ said that and I believe what he meant was that if we do not look inward to ourselves we get lost in the illusion of the outer world. And what happens then is life happens to us as opposed to us living our life.

Another favorite teacher of mine, Neville Goddard said, "Nothing comes from without, all things come from within". The within is us, not the personality incarnated as Toemaas, but the ineffable essence manifested as a physical being. That essence is always with us, we can't separate from it, but we can choose not to allow it to be with us....which is the "going without" that Christ spoke of when we "do not go within".

When we do not go within, we find our selves in myriad different venues of resistance. War, illness, pain, jealousy, vengeance, greed, fear and any other negative places result from not understanding who we truly are. If we go within, understand that Love is who we are, what problems exist? If Hosni Mubarak went within, realized that we are all connected, would he be defiant right now. Would he be demanding to be honored as the leader he believes he is? On the home front, If Wall Street bankers had gone within, would they have sold toxic assets to their clients while at the same time selling these assets short? No, of course not.

Now, some people will say what I am talking about is Utopia, but in reality it will never happen. That is one perspective, however knowing what I know and how it feels, in reality we are accelerating our transformation to understanding the energy of LOVE. As Chardin said, "One day we will harness the power of Love" and as we do, our whole perspective will change! For now, enjoy the ride......I AM!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today be impeccable in every interaction you have.....

Especially the interactions you have with yourself. Thats right, the interactions you have with yourself. You have them constantly, but rarely do people think about them. Be impeccable with every thought you have today...Okay, be impeccable with every first thought you have today before an exchange with another person. In other words, be deliberate with the thought you have before any interaction you have with another person. And it doesn't matter who that person is, just be deliberate in what you think about them before you interact with them and see what happens.

For instance, if you are going to have a discussion with your spouse or significant other about anything, think about how much they mean to you and how much you love them, maybe how much you have grown through your relationship with them.......then see how your interaction goes.

If you are a manager or leader, before every meeting or one on one interaction you have, think about how you can make the person or persons feel valued and appreciated. Too often managers take for granted short quick interactions with people and end up deflating the very people that they should be uplifting and nurturing. Every interaction is that important, but none is more important than the ones you have with yourself.

I have a friend at work that gets immersed in the drama or their responsibilities and loses sight of who they are and what they are truly capable of. I showed them a picture of them taken at work where they were laughing out loud along with another individual. They smiled briefly and then asked "what?". I told them to be this person more, that is where their strength comes from. I told them "This is the person people will gravitate to and rally around, not the stressed and serious person you are spending so much of your time in now", and their response was "my job isn't all fun and games you know" almost defiantly. I just responded by asking "Yeah, well how is that serious and stressful approach working out for you?, is that inspiring people to get the work done quicker and better?"

We tend to get so wrapped up in appearances and being in a certain mode hat we have been conditioned to think we need to be in and lose our true selves and what we are capable of. Just think about the difference in your ability to influence it better when your light and friendly or stressed and grumpy? Yeah, light and friendly!!!

Be Impeccable with just 3 interactions today and see the difference it makes.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm talking to you 1.1

I left off "Dumb Ass" so as not to offend anyone. Oops, there I went again.....oh well, if you were to be offended by that, you wouldn't be reading this....Do you believe that? Better yet, do you believe this?

When I was first awakening to my True Self some time back I had numerous experiences that at another time I would not have even noticed or would have written off as coincidence or as some airy faery stuff, or simply as "that was weird". The following is one of them and there is a reason for writing about this which I will come back to as I finish the post.

In the middle of the night, early morning actually, I awoke from dead sleep. I sleep like a rock, and rarely remember dreams, so waking up as I did was definitely a departure from my normal slumber. So I awoke, sat straight up and remember thinking "No, I am having too much fun and have too much to do" in a response to obviously something. It wasn't a voice, I didn't remember a dream but it was clear that I was responding to the question "are you ready to leave?" or "do you want to leave now?"

I remember that my response with my thought was so confident, and with no fear associated with answering the question that to me was clearly about life in this world. The physical world which we are in but not of. This experience did not freak me out in the least and although during this period of my life I was experiencing almost daily "weird" things, knowing that somebody or something had asked me if I was ready to check out of Toemaas' life was amongst the most palpable and "out of the norm" experiences I had had up that point. At any rate, I remember thinking that was interesting, laid back down and fell back to sleep.

The next morning I woke up, went about my business and met one of my favorite people, Jeannette at Brewvies (a local movie theatre that serves food and Beer in a lounge or in the theatre) for a beer that evening. Jeannette is a very tapped in, kindred soul that was very open to listening to my stories, so I told her about waking up and "Knowing that I was asked the question about leaving. We talked about it over a few beers and then we left about midnight. I was getting on the freeway to head home and noticed a police car behind me, so I slowed from my normal blazing a trail speed to the speed limit. I wasn't drunk, but had consumed a few beers so I was just being careful.

As I entered the freeway, the police car passed me and I just jumped in behind him in the middle lane. It was a week night and there were few cars on the freeway that late, but in the distance I saw headlights on our side of the median. I assumed it was an emergency vehicle up ahead.

At this point, things seemed to happen almost as if I was watching a Movie in slow motion. I noticed a Honda Accord pass me in the fast lane and thought, they obviously don't see the police car in front of me, but surely they will see the headlights of the emergency vehicle. All is progressing along in front of me, and I remember thinking the police car must not see the headlights, because he's not even slowing down or pulling over. And then I realized the Honda that passed me didn't see the headlights either and smashed head on into the headlights, no breaks, no swerve, just smashed right into it. Literally 50 yards in front of me.

The Honda began spinning across the freeway between my Jeep and the police car. As I slowed down I looked at the car that was hit by the Honda and it was obvious nobody survived as you couldn't even make out what make or model car it was. Again, this seemed to be in slow motion, and as I moved my attention from the smashed car to the other side of the freeway where the Honda had ended up, the Police car was pulling over and there were two people, a young man and a woman standing on the passenger side of the Honda looking toward me and the other car. I remember thinking they must be in shock, looked a little pale and the man had blood coming from his nose. Then I thought it odd, how they were just standing there and then it hit me "How in the world did they survive the impact let alone got out of the car so quick?"

It seemed like minutes for this to play out, but it was only seconds and cars were pulling over and I remember thinking "just keep going, there is nothing you can do and the police saw the whole thing", so I drove home. I remember thinking "what the hell just happened right in front of me?". Then clear as day, I remembered the question I answered the night before, and the thought dropped into my head out of nowhere, that could have been me.

The next morning I called Jeannette and told her the story and how I realized that my waking up the night before and confidently answering the question I didn't hear but knew I had been asked, changed the circumstances and changed the time I leave this physical world. Looking back and knowing what I know now, much of what I learned from Jeannette, that confident answer was an intention for my future. And our intentions very much effect our future, Thank You.

Ready for this, turns out there were three people in the Honda, but nobody survived and all were killed instantly. So who were the two people I saw standing next to the car on the freeway? Ghosts? Did I see dead people? Who cares!! Do you believe I changed the time of my transition with one thought? Let me tell you, "I believe it!!!", and I also believe the whole "head on car crash" scene right before me was my Higher Self telling me that is exactly what happened.

Be deliberate in your thinking? Ah yeah, or be sloppy, its a choice you make every moment of everyday. As Mike Dooley says, "Choose Wisely". This is not to say that "every" ( but some are) thought is a life and death thought.....don't be silly, but it is to say that you get "what you are" and "what you are" is your thoughts!! So why not be deliberate? Your deliberate about what you eat, who your friends are, what kind of car you drive, be more deliberate about what you think.

Oh, on a side note, I met a woman shorty after this incident that is an intuitive. We were talking over tea and I related the above story to her and she smiled and said "You know, We have five distinct points in time where we can choose to leave the physical world". Do you believe that? "Choose", "Choose", Choose"......We choose every aspect of our life with what we think, Think well!