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Monday, March 31, 2008

All behavior is dictated by Beliefs!!!!

Yep, every action you take comes from the beliefs you hold!!!  So if the actions you are taking are not getting you what you want, or do not feel good, think about what beliefs are driving those actions.  Most people try to change behavior, but struggle because they are not thinking in terms of where the behavior is derived, and beliefs are held in your subconscious.

If you are like most people, and you are, you spend 95% of your day operating from your subconscious mind, and there is nothing wrong with that unless the beliefs that you hold are not serving you in a way that allows you to accomplish what you want.  So changing your beliefs is what changes your how do you change your beliefs?  It's another one of those simple but not always easy things. 

Look back at the Easter Sunday post, specifically what stimuli we process.  Out of all the data and information that we have access to process every moment of every day, we process the data that supports or is congruent with what we already believe to be true.  So one way of changing your beliefs, is changing the information you process.  Beliefs are derived from experiences and knowledge that we process and store in our subconscious as we are exposed to it.  So when you here that someone is a product of their environment, they literally are with one caveat......they are a product of their perception (a choice) of their environment.  

Think about it this way;
Experience shapes Perception
Perception creates Beliefs
Beliefs reinforce Perception
Perception shapes Experience
Experience reinforces Beliefs

Do you see a revolving door thing going there?  Talk about not even knowing what you don't know......and then people ask "Why Me?, Why is this always happening to me?"......Creating your own reality does not only apply to when things are going really well, you know!!!!  And that is really good news, when things are not going the way you would like for them to go.....change (make the choice) them to the way you want them to go............instead of asking "Why?" in resignation of not being in control, Ask "Why not have something different!" which is being in control!!!

Bottom line is what state of "Being" are you choosing?  In control, or out of control?  Conscious or unconscious?  All the great Masters knew this......Know yourself!!! Know what choices you are making every moment of every day!!   Go within or go without!!   


Monday, March 24, 2008

I AM..... Powerful words!!! Do not take them for granted!!

Following up on yesterday's post....the following came to me in the form of written guidance.  Which by the way, how much do you think about guidance?  How do you get your guidance?  Most of mine is in written words, but occasionally in the form of inspiration (in spirit) that just appears in my heart, or is it that I am choosing to see what has been there all along.........yep, thats what it is!!!!

At any rate, here is what came to me;  Your mind is like a trap in that it limits you based on the beliefs you hold onto.  Whatever you believe, you experience, and whatever you refuse to believe, you do not allow into your experience.  In this way, your mind is the filter of all that you experience.  ***sound familiar?***

You experience that which you ask.  Ask and it is given!!!  Does that not tell you that you are beyond your experience?  Does that not tell you that you are in this world, but not of it?  Does that not tell you that you can experience life with the illusions and not within them?  It's up to you!!

Open to your heart.  Let the voice (inspiration) within the heart lead ahead of the mind.  When the mind disputes the heart, let the mind rest.....answer the mind with "I do not know what I do not know, and so I cannot answer your questions.  I only know what I have been led (inspired) to know, and because I choose to know it, I can see!" 

When you open your eyes to the guidance of your heart, you see what you have opened up to.....infinite possibilities!!!!  And as you do this, those you interact with have the ability to see the same infinite possibilities.  The infinite possibilities are the light, love and energy that is the very basis for all that is.  It is the essence of who we is what Jesus referred to when he said, "I AM the light and the Way"......and what was Jesus' message?  My interpretation is that we are all the same, we are all one, and he was no different than you or I......which is exactly what he meant when he said "These things and greater shall you do" referring to the "Miracles" that he performed.  In essence, what he was saying was is that we are one with God, all that is, source energy, the unified field, or whatever label you subscribe to......but we are the energy, information and intelligence that is everything.........and because that was right in the face of the beliefs of the time, he was crucified for saying it!!! 

The approach to which he accepted the Roman's judgement came from his knowing that he was not of this world, and the temporal experience of the physical world was just that, an experience.  

Watch how you use the words, I AM.......How many times have you heard people or maybe even yourself, say "I AM appalled, or disgusted.......or sick and tired"......taking for granted you receive what you ask for........the next time you catch yourself taking those words for granted by just throwing them onto the front of a statement.........stop, and say this "I am powerful, the source of all things works through me; no problem is too big for me to solve"......and better yet, sit with that and feel it in your heart..........see what comes from it, and then share it!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter.........A Perfect Day to Resurrect What You Already Know!!!

Resurrect what you already know??? Does it sit better with you if it was phrased "Challenge every belief you have ever had in order to know something different?". Your beliefs absolutely control what you know that, Don't you?

Less than one / one billionth of the stimuli we have access to (which is everything) is processed by us at any given time. There are a number of reasons why it is limited, but for today I want to focus on the process by which the specific stimuli (out of the infinite possibilities that we have) that we do process is determined.

It's actually very simple, we process the stimuli or information that supports what we already know or believe. Makes sense, it's congruent with our previous thoughts, but it's also limiting because it prevents us from cognizing new ideas. Cognize, or "to Know" new ideas or information. By accepting and processing information that supports our experiences and beliefs we re-cognize or recognize that as truth. Nothing wrong with that unless what you are trying to do is change......which is why change is so difficult and at times painful for so many of us.

Think about it this way, why did people used to think that the world was flat? Because our sense of vision made it seem that it was. Why did we used to think that the Sun revolved around the Earth? Because it came up in the East and rotated around us until setting in the West. Collectively we all changed our beliefs or knowledge about both of these concepts after an individual radical thinker (some of whom lost their life because of their thinking) proposed something different.

By the way, how many different senses do you believe you have? Five? What if you have more and what if the additional ones were actually accurate rather than being perceptions? What would that mean? STOP right here and think about that, what would that mean?......because we do have more than 5, and they are actually accurate. But thats an entire topic on it's own.

Resurrect what you already know everyday by viewing life for what it is......A Process by which you are provided opportunity after opportunity to remember who you are and what you are fully capable of..........and that is of course, Anything!!! You can be, do or have anything you want!!!! And the only thing you have to do is change the way you think! Simple huh?..........yes, Simple, but not easy....unless you choose to make it easy.

Here is how to make it easy:
1. Everyday, learn at least one new and meaningful thing.
2. Everyday, teach at least one meaningful thing to another person.
3. Everyday, do something meaningful for another person, and it's best if they don't even know that you did it.
4. And lastly, everyday, treat all living things (everything) with respect!!

The importance of these 4 items listed is not what or how you do's WHY you do them!!!!

Why learn something meaningful everyday? For me, it's to learn and reiterate that the Universe is infinite and expansive.
Why teach something meaningful everyday? The best way to learn is to teach!!!
Why do something meaningful for another person without them knowing you did it? Just to experience how it feels.............What you do for another, you do for yourself!!!
Why treat all living things with respect? What you do for another, you do for yourself!!! We are all connected, You know that, don't you?

Resurrect the greatest vision you have ever had of yourself..........Be the change you want in the world!!!! You can have, be or do anything that you decide!!! Decide Well!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Masterful Life....

Do you believe that every experience without exception is an opportunity to live a masterful life?  And if you do, how much of your day is spent deliberately coming from or acting congruently with this belief?  

Do you trust in the process of life as you perceive it as an opportunity to live a masterful life?  When you feel frustrated by something, do you choose to view the situation as an opportunity that you created for yourself to demonstrate mastery?  

Do you believe your life mirrors your quest to know yourself in all ways?  Do you believe you skillfully attract different people and situations into your life in order to be pushed to new limits?  If so, Do you rest in the knowledge that this is actually You working to fully know yourself?

It is, You Know!!!!.......If you do not go within, you go without!!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is there such a thing as "Job Burnout"?

NOPE!!!  There is no such thing as Burnout!!!  Unless of course, you choose that!!  And to some degree we have all chosen it at one point in time or maybe even several points in time.  Why would anyone in their right mind choose that feeling?  The answer is in the question, nobody in their right mind would choose the feeling of burnout.....and when you stop choosing how you feel, none the less, you have made a choice.......the choice of having life "happen to you"!!!!!

Stop making that Choice!!!! selfish with how you feel, be very deliberate!!!!

Let me relate a story with a common theme that I think will convey how you can deliberately choose your state of being, or in other words how you feel.  Every once in awhile, a top performer in my work will have their performance drop off (a choice), and you can see it in their demeanor.  They have lost (a choice) the enthusiasm that they normally have.  When I notice this, I ask them, "what's going on?"  and usually the response is either an exasperated "I don't know!!!" or a resigned "I am so done with this job".

I ask them if they want to know what I think the issue is, and they always accept my observation of "The reason you are off your game, or down, or burnout is because you know in your heart that you are not putting forth the effort that you are capable of, and you don't like that".  I usually elaborate by explaining, that your true Self, not your egoic self, but your true Self is always growing, it's constantly remembering who you are and what you know.  It's tapping into the energies (reference Monday's entry) that allow for expansion and growth.  That is our nature, that is the Universe's nature......the nature of expansion, and because that is our nature, we can't do anything but expand and grow, becoming more of who we already are. 

So burnout, or really any frustration or any negative feeling is nothing more than your True Self telling you that you are not choosing expansion and growth.  It is not a comfortable state of being for your True Self to not fully experience what your potential is.  As one of my favorite teachers says, "You cannot be less than what your life experience has caused you to become".   My True Self refers to me affectionately as "Dumb Ass" in "Hey Dumb Ass forgetting something? are not your Ego!!!!"

Being in the flow, or going with the stream is being what life has caused you to become.  And it is not hard to accomplish being in the flow.......if its hard, it just means your fighting the flow.  Your "doing" things that are not aligned with the essence of your "Being".....after all we are "Human Beings", not "Human Doings".

Be deliberate in recognizing your True Self as the one that allows life to flow through you because of your thoughts and beliefs.  Getting busy doing stuff for the sake of being productive or for a sense of accomplishment (the illusion of need), generally leads to burnout, discomfort and in some cases dis-ease.  

Looking at every moment of every day as an opportunity to re-create yourself in the best version of you that you have ever had allows your actions to come forth in a manner in which your True Self grows and expands.  Your actions flow through you and are never hard, frustrating or difficult.  Your actions flow and great things come forth from the sea of infinite possibilities, from the quantum level.  These great things are very much aligned with you "Being" who life has caused you to become!!!!

Being who life has caused you to become, is interacting with the energies that exist that are waiting to be brought forth.   Interacting with these energies brings them forth and you are facilitating the expansion of the Universe.  And where does expansion and growth come from?  Pure Positive LOVE, the essence of all things.

The best news of all of this, the more you interact with these energies, your True Self, you impact in a very positive way everyone you interact with, and everyone they interact with, and everyone they interact with.........we are all connected at the energy level, and when you know this, how powerful is that?  

Monday, March 17, 2008

What if there was one thing, that if known, would change everything?

Well there is!!!!  Yep, One thing, it's that simple!!!  And, we all know that one thing!!!  And it's different for each one of us.....The snag is we don't pay enough attention to it, or in other words we take it for granted....and some of us completely disregard it.   I want to preface this with a few facts you may or may not be aware of.

1.  Why do you think that the FDA requires such rigorous testing as the use of double blind tests when considering the approval of drugs?   Even to the extent of misdirecting the thought process of the subjects from what is being tested?  Because our thoughts are that powerful, they can affect the outcome of the test.

2.  Remember when Cold Fusion was being tested as a viable source of energy back in the 19__'s......I'm dating myself.  What scientists found out and why it was never pursued as a viable alternative energy source was that it could not be consistently reproduced.  Why?  Because what the scientists thought about the viability of the experiments affected the outcome.  In other words, if the scientists thought it could take place it did, and when they thought it could not, it did not!! 

3.  In as close to complete vacuum as possible in a contained vessel, light photons are disbursed randomly.  In the same vessel when Human DNA is introduced, the photons become ordered, in other words repeat predictable patterns.  Fractal Geometry, which repeats itself.

4.  Giordano Bruno in approximately 1380 not only accurately figured out, but tragically made the mistake of pronouncing that the Earth revolves around the Sun, as opposed to the popular(and church mandated) belief at the time, that the Earth was the center of the Universe and everything revolved around it.  He had a nail driven through his tongue and was burned at the stake.  A few hundred years later, Copernicus (a pretty keen guy) deduced the same thing, and wrote a book on his findings, however, waited until he was on his death bed to make the same pronouncement....and since he could not killed as a heretic, the fact was adopted ***IMPORTANT POINT***

5.  Approximately two thirds of the 64 codes that make up our DNA are labeled "Junk DNA" because Geneticists and Biologists do not know what the function of these codes are.  (Is that not just the funniest thing you ever heard?  So the Human body, which is a pretty miraculous feat and organism, just has extra stuff in it for no reason.) 

So what the #%$@ do these 5 points have to with the "One thing that if known would change everything"?....well its Simple, I did say "it's that Simple"....."We don't even know what we don't know, and we don't even know what we do know"........And why is that?  Because we choose not to.  Yep, collectively we choose not to know, but if your reading this you are choosing to know, or at least be open to the vast infinite possibilities of what we as yet have to acknowledge that we do know, let me explain, and we are moving into that realm where words just don't accurately describe the ultimate reality.

Everything is energy, all matter, all thoughts, feelings, emotions......everything.  At the quantum level everything is energy in motion, because thats what energy does, it moves, even if just circling.  This energy never expires.  And it is not just energy, but also information, or intelligence.  The speed at which it travels does not exist, because speed is a relative measure and at the quantum level relativity does not exist(there are two different sets of laws pertaining to physics; Newtonian, and Quantum).  This energy just exists and is connected as one(it's here, over there, and in between here and there) to the all of energy, including the energy that we are made of.......Good Night Irene!!!!

Okay, you with me?  If all thoughts are energy that does not expire, and relativity does not exist at the level this energy is at, then there is no past, present or future......stay with me!!!  If this is true, and it is, then every thought that has ever been thought and every thought that has yet to be thought, exists!!!!  If you think this theory is out there, then ask yourself, where did the idea for anything that you experience today come from?  Where did the idea that you could use a silicon chip to compute and create neural networks that learn come from? came from the sea of infinite possibilities!!!........or do you choose not to know that?  Be careful, what you choose to know or not know (your beliefs) could get you burned at the stake!!!

Choose to know even the things we think we don't know..........and more importantly choose to know the things that you do's infinite, and it's life!!!  And how do you know?  use your heart!!!   How does it feel?  Does it feel true?  Then run with it!!!

Every moment of every day is a moment of choice.......Do you want to know all that you have access to, then be open and recreate yourself to the greatest vision you have yet to have of yourself, it's out there waiting for you to bring it forth!!!!  It's actually screaming for you to bring it forth, at the quantum level, of course.  

If you don't want to know, then you are replaying what you do know and getting more of what you have been getting.........and maybe that is good enough, I'm not making judgement, but if your reading this you are meant to bring information, light and energy into our world including the planet that will change for the better all that we are experiencing, and YOU KNOW THAT!!!  

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Could Not Care Less!!!!

My new Mantra at my Creative Workshop (my day job) is "I Don't Care".  Some people might say that's kind of apathetic!!  And some people that know me real well actually countered with "that is just not true, you care more than most people I know", which made me smile and clarify the claim.

This gets into a realm where words just are not adequate to explain, but I'll do my best.  I care about one thing, attaining my highest goal.  Being in the flow of the Universe!!!  

**** Oh, one thing, I will use words like Universe, Energy, the G(od) word, talk about Christ, Source Energy, and I might even drop an occasional "F" bomb......actually I won't do that.  At any rate, I am also not the least bit concerned with proper grammar, punctuation, spelling or being politically correct....because I just don't if any of this bothers you, get over it, stop resisting.....and try to focus on the point.  As a matter of fact, just interact with the energy of the Blog......if you don't know what I mean by that, stay tuned, you will......but don't try to as that will for sure, make you not!!!! ****

Okay, back to "Being in the Flow of the Universe", which means for me a number of things.....the first, is remembering who "I AM"  is a journey, actually it is  THE journey.  As I remember who "I AM" every moment of everyday just keeps getting better.  And not caring or not being attached to an outcome is for me when life flows through me rather than life happening to me.  It's flowing right now, Can you feel that?  Is that not just ridiculous???  

I don't care means I am not resisting.......and my office is my creative workshop because there are so many opportunities for me to not resist.  And by not resisting, and being in the flow, great things come from that.  The things that I don't resist, don't persist and go away!!!  By the way how good is that?  I get paid to do what I love, remember who "I AM", and be presented with infinite opportunities to re-create myself over and over to the greatest vision I have ever had for myself.  

So what about you?  Is your creative workshop (or day job) providing you the same opportunity?  It's up to you, every moment of everyday......and you can't screw it up, because the journey never ends and you have endless moments to choose,  "is life is flowing through me" or  "happening to me".......Choose well!!!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life Happening to you? Or is Life Flowing through you?

You know people that at times have asked the question out loud, "why is this happening to me?", or "what the #%@$, how did that happen?" may have even asked those questions, I know I have.  Those types of questions can only surface when coming from the perspective that "life happens to you"!!!

They also come from the belief that you "Need" anything.  How dis-empowering are those thoughts?  They can be very dis-empowering when left to their own devices.  But they can also be very empowering in that they can be the trigger to re-create yourself, and the moment that you begin allowing life to "Flow Through You" instead of it "happening to you"!!!

They should also be the signal that you use to remember that the external circumstances that you experience are nothing more than a reflection of your internal state.  So what beliefs or illusions are you operating from?  That life happens to you? That life is a struggle?  That how you feel is a result of external circumstances?  Most likely, those and many more that just are not true!!

But the really great news is that those beliefs or illusions that we all operate from can be changed.  As a matter of fact you change them temporarily very often when thinking at a conscious level.  The snag is that the vast majority of the day we operate from our subconscious mind, and those illusions are hard wired in our subconscious mind by our experiences and the information we have gathered or been taught.

The key is to live with the illusions or beliefs, but not in them.  How do you do that?  By not resisting them and using them for the purpose of understanding you have a choice every moment of every day to do just with them but not in them.  Remember that what you resist persists!  So as you have a dis-empowering thought like "Agh! Why is this happening to me?"  stop, and see it for what it is, nothing more than your reaction to the illusion or belief that you are not in control........don't ask, "why am I reacting this way" when you recognize that you are.  That's resisting!!!!

Just see it for what it is, and release the energy associated with it, and replace it with a feeling of gratitude that you recognized it for what it was and had the ability to release it........and by doing that.....You are in control of your thoughts!!!   And you just re-created yourself from someone that life was happening to, to a powerful someone that life is "flowing through".   And how Cool is that!!!......better yet, you changed the world by changing your energy!!!!!  thanks, I appreciate it!!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Release your Talents?....

Release of your talents is just that....releasing what you naturally do well.  Actually it is remembering what you already know, which is everything you need to know.  Yes everything, and I mean everything.   You and everyone else for that matter have access to every bit of information, intelligence, wisdom, creativity that exists....and much, much more that can't be articulated by words.  The snag is we don't remember the vast majority of it, but that is the good news......we just need to remember.

Thats what this Blog is about, remembering who we actually are and what we are actually capable of.  Heaven knows we need to now more than any other time in history, but thats good news as well.  Needing to now more than any other time is actually facilitating the process of remembering so we can get back on course, and begin cooperating with each other, cooperating with the Planet and all that is.......better yet, cooperating with Life.  

Cooperating with Life!!!!  As Byron Katie so eloquently puts it, "you lose when you fight with reality, but only every time".....thats paraphrased, but you get the point.  So what is cooperating with life?  A good start is changing the belief that you "Need" anything, because you don' know that, don't you?  You don't need anything, but if your like 99.99% of all people I know, you operate and are guided by a belief that you need stuff.  How many people do you know that in order for them to be happy, and I mean genuinely happy, need certain things to take place in their experience.....for instance get a raise, or receive flowers, or buy a new car, or house, or talk (well, just as long as what is being discussed is pleasing) with someone they are friends with?  Why do you suppose that the same happiness can't be experienced at all times?  Well it can, once we start being deliberate about our state of being, rather than leaving it up to a reaction derived from a belief that just isn't factual.  

Being who we are, tapping into the infinite wisdom, creativity and intelligence that is our essence allows us to know we need nothing.  We need nothing, because anything we desire is available to us when we remember what we are capable of.......and thats what this Blog is about!!!  The Journey of remembering who we are!!!   Stay Tuned