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Monday, March 24, 2008

I AM..... Powerful words!!! Do not take them for granted!!

Following up on yesterday's post....the following came to me in the form of written guidance.  Which by the way, how much do you think about guidance?  How do you get your guidance?  Most of mine is in written words, but occasionally in the form of inspiration (in spirit) that just appears in my heart, or is it that I am choosing to see what has been there all along.........yep, thats what it is!!!!

At any rate, here is what came to me;  Your mind is like a trap in that it limits you based on the beliefs you hold onto.  Whatever you believe, you experience, and whatever you refuse to believe, you do not allow into your experience.  In this way, your mind is the filter of all that you experience.  ***sound familiar?***

You experience that which you ask.  Ask and it is given!!!  Does that not tell you that you are beyond your experience?  Does that not tell you that you are in this world, but not of it?  Does that not tell you that you can experience life with the illusions and not within them?  It's up to you!!

Open to your heart.  Let the voice (inspiration) within the heart lead ahead of the mind.  When the mind disputes the heart, let the mind rest.....answer the mind with "I do not know what I do not know, and so I cannot answer your questions.  I only know what I have been led (inspired) to know, and because I choose to know it, I can see!" 

When you open your eyes to the guidance of your heart, you see what you have opened up to.....infinite possibilities!!!!  And as you do this, those you interact with have the ability to see the same infinite possibilities.  The infinite possibilities are the light, love and energy that is the very basis for all that is.  It is the essence of who we is what Jesus referred to when he said, "I AM the light and the Way"......and what was Jesus' message?  My interpretation is that we are all the same, we are all one, and he was no different than you or I......which is exactly what he meant when he said "These things and greater shall you do" referring to the "Miracles" that he performed.  In essence, what he was saying was is that we are one with God, all that is, source energy, the unified field, or whatever label you subscribe to......but we are the energy, information and intelligence that is everything.........and because that was right in the face of the beliefs of the time, he was crucified for saying it!!! 

The approach to which he accepted the Roman's judgement came from his knowing that he was not of this world, and the temporal experience of the physical world was just that, an experience.  

Watch how you use the words, I AM.......How many times have you heard people or maybe even yourself, say "I AM appalled, or disgusted.......or sick and tired"......taking for granted you receive what you ask for........the next time you catch yourself taking those words for granted by just throwing them onto the front of a statement.........stop, and say this "I am powerful, the source of all things works through me; no problem is too big for me to solve"......and better yet, sit with that and feel it in your heart..........see what comes from it, and then share it!!!


  1. Okay's a question for you. I've been doing I AM statements for a while now and learning to "go down stream" with certain thoughts....but I've been holding onto 1 though that no matter how hard I try to love it...the old thoughts (some I don't even know I'm having) creep back in. My question is how do I completely let go of something that I've held onto for sooooo long?? And accept it for what it is??

    Love you!!

  2. your answer is the last statement in your question, Accept it for what it is......It's just a thought, energy and it can be released once you let it. This is a good question because it hits on a number of things...."no matter how hard I try" is actually resistance to loving it . Stop trying, and just Love it.

    The next time the this thought or any thought comes to you, and you realize it is not congruent with what you want, or is negative in any way, stop what your doing, don't judge the thought or why your having it (which is resisting it), and just sit with it, embrace it, experience it for what it is, just a thought that you can change. By not judging or questioning why am I having this same thought that does not feel good, your beginning the process of releasing it. Then have some internal dialogue with it, tell it you acknowledge it, but you also know that it is not serving you and you release it. It may take a few tries as your natural reaction is to resist it, which just anchors it. But if you practice this approach you will notice when it releases, it might be a shift in how you feel, it might be a chill that you have, it can manifest in any way, but when you have that shift, then replace that thought or feeling with one that serves you......even if its just that your grateful for being able to release thoughts that no longer serve you......or maybe you replace it with an "I AM" statemnet.....I AM a powerful creator, or beautiful person........but when you replace it, sit with the feeling that you just created by releasing the old and replacing it with the new......sit in that feeling for 15 seconds, a minute or as long as you can, because that feeling is attracting more of the same to you!!

    That is how you let go of something that you have held onto for so long, Make sense? Try it and post the experience, what I just explained is one process for choosing the greatest version of yourself that you ever imagined. It's creating your experience rather than reacting to your experience......and thoughts are very much an experience!!!

    And a, I Love you!!!