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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Could Not Care Less!!!!

My new Mantra at my Creative Workshop (my day job) is "I Don't Care".  Some people might say that's kind of apathetic!!  And some people that know me real well actually countered with "that is just not true, you care more than most people I know", which made me smile and clarify the claim.

This gets into a realm where words just are not adequate to explain, but I'll do my best.  I care about one thing, attaining my highest goal.  Being in the flow of the Universe!!!  

**** Oh, one thing, I will use words like Universe, Energy, the G(od) word, talk about Christ, Source Energy, and I might even drop an occasional "F" bomb......actually I won't do that.  At any rate, I am also not the least bit concerned with proper grammar, punctuation, spelling or being politically correct....because I just don't if any of this bothers you, get over it, stop resisting.....and try to focus on the point.  As a matter of fact, just interact with the energy of the Blog......if you don't know what I mean by that, stay tuned, you will......but don't try to as that will for sure, make you not!!!! ****

Okay, back to "Being in the Flow of the Universe", which means for me a number of things.....the first, is remembering who "I AM"  is a journey, actually it is  THE journey.  As I remember who "I AM" every moment of everyday just keeps getting better.  And not caring or not being attached to an outcome is for me when life flows through me rather than life happening to me.  It's flowing right now, Can you feel that?  Is that not just ridiculous???  

I don't care means I am not resisting.......and my office is my creative workshop because there are so many opportunities for me to not resist.  And by not resisting, and being in the flow, great things come from that.  The things that I don't resist, don't persist and go away!!!  By the way how good is that?  I get paid to do what I love, remember who "I AM", and be presented with infinite opportunities to re-create myself over and over to the greatest vision I have ever had for myself.  

So what about you?  Is your creative workshop (or day job) providing you the same opportunity?  It's up to you, every moment of everyday......and you can't screw it up, because the journey never ends and you have endless moments to choose,  "is life is flowing through me" or  "happening to me".......Choose well!!!


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