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Monday, March 17, 2008

What if there was one thing, that if known, would change everything?

Well there is!!!!  Yep, One thing, it's that simple!!!  And, we all know that one thing!!!  And it's different for each one of us.....The snag is we don't pay enough attention to it, or in other words we take it for granted....and some of us completely disregard it.   I want to preface this with a few facts you may or may not be aware of.

1.  Why do you think that the FDA requires such rigorous testing as the use of double blind tests when considering the approval of drugs?   Even to the extent of misdirecting the thought process of the subjects from what is being tested?  Because our thoughts are that powerful, they can affect the outcome of the test.

2.  Remember when Cold Fusion was being tested as a viable source of energy back in the 19__'s......I'm dating myself.  What scientists found out and why it was never pursued as a viable alternative energy source was that it could not be consistently reproduced.  Why?  Because what the scientists thought about the viability of the experiments affected the outcome.  In other words, if the scientists thought it could take place it did, and when they thought it could not, it did not!! 

3.  In as close to complete vacuum as possible in a contained vessel, light photons are disbursed randomly.  In the same vessel when Human DNA is introduced, the photons become ordered, in other words repeat predictable patterns.  Fractal Geometry, which repeats itself.

4.  Giordano Bruno in approximately 1380 not only accurately figured out, but tragically made the mistake of pronouncing that the Earth revolves around the Sun, as opposed to the popular(and church mandated) belief at the time, that the Earth was the center of the Universe and everything revolved around it.  He had a nail driven through his tongue and was burned at the stake.  A few hundred years later, Copernicus (a pretty keen guy) deduced the same thing, and wrote a book on his findings, however, waited until he was on his death bed to make the same pronouncement....and since he could not killed as a heretic, the fact was adopted ***IMPORTANT POINT***

5.  Approximately two thirds of the 64 codes that make up our DNA are labeled "Junk DNA" because Geneticists and Biologists do not know what the function of these codes are.  (Is that not just the funniest thing you ever heard?  So the Human body, which is a pretty miraculous feat and organism, just has extra stuff in it for no reason.) 

So what the #%$@ do these 5 points have to with the "One thing that if known would change everything"?....well its Simple, I did say "it's that Simple"....."We don't even know what we don't know, and we don't even know what we do know"........And why is that?  Because we choose not to.  Yep, collectively we choose not to know, but if your reading this you are choosing to know, or at least be open to the vast infinite possibilities of what we as yet have to acknowledge that we do know, let me explain, and we are moving into that realm where words just don't accurately describe the ultimate reality.

Everything is energy, all matter, all thoughts, feelings, emotions......everything.  At the quantum level everything is energy in motion, because thats what energy does, it moves, even if just circling.  This energy never expires.  And it is not just energy, but also information, or intelligence.  The speed at which it travels does not exist, because speed is a relative measure and at the quantum level relativity does not exist(there are two different sets of laws pertaining to physics; Newtonian, and Quantum).  This energy just exists and is connected as one(it's here, over there, and in between here and there) to the all of energy, including the energy that we are made of.......Good Night Irene!!!!

Okay, you with me?  If all thoughts are energy that does not expire, and relativity does not exist at the level this energy is at, then there is no past, present or future......stay with me!!!  If this is true, and it is, then every thought that has ever been thought and every thought that has yet to be thought, exists!!!!  If you think this theory is out there, then ask yourself, where did the idea for anything that you experience today come from?  Where did the idea that you could use a silicon chip to compute and create neural networks that learn come from? came from the sea of infinite possibilities!!!........or do you choose not to know that?  Be careful, what you choose to know or not know (your beliefs) could get you burned at the stake!!!

Choose to know even the things we think we don't know..........and more importantly choose to know the things that you do's infinite, and it's life!!!  And how do you know?  use your heart!!!   How does it feel?  Does it feel true?  Then run with it!!!

Every moment of every day is a moment of choice.......Do you want to know all that you have access to, then be open and recreate yourself to the greatest vision you have yet to have of yourself, it's out there waiting for you to bring it forth!!!!  It's actually screaming for you to bring it forth, at the quantum level, of course.  

If you don't want to know, then you are replaying what you do know and getting more of what you have been getting.........and maybe that is good enough, I'm not making judgement, but if your reading this you are meant to bring information, light and energy into our world including the planet that will change for the better all that we are experiencing, and YOU KNOW THAT!!!  

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