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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life Happening to you? Or is Life Flowing through you?

You know people that at times have asked the question out loud, "why is this happening to me?", or "what the #%@$, how did that happen?" may have even asked those questions, I know I have.  Those types of questions can only surface when coming from the perspective that "life happens to you"!!!

They also come from the belief that you "Need" anything.  How dis-empowering are those thoughts?  They can be very dis-empowering when left to their own devices.  But they can also be very empowering in that they can be the trigger to re-create yourself, and the moment that you begin allowing life to "Flow Through You" instead of it "happening to you"!!!

They should also be the signal that you use to remember that the external circumstances that you experience are nothing more than a reflection of your internal state.  So what beliefs or illusions are you operating from?  That life happens to you? That life is a struggle?  That how you feel is a result of external circumstances?  Most likely, those and many more that just are not true!!

But the really great news is that those beliefs or illusions that we all operate from can be changed.  As a matter of fact you change them temporarily very often when thinking at a conscious level.  The snag is that the vast majority of the day we operate from our subconscious mind, and those illusions are hard wired in our subconscious mind by our experiences and the information we have gathered or been taught.

The key is to live with the illusions or beliefs, but not in them.  How do you do that?  By not resisting them and using them for the purpose of understanding you have a choice every moment of every day to do just with them but not in them.  Remember that what you resist persists!  So as you have a dis-empowering thought like "Agh! Why is this happening to me?"  stop, and see it for what it is, nothing more than your reaction to the illusion or belief that you are not in control........don't ask, "why am I reacting this way" when you recognize that you are.  That's resisting!!!!

Just see it for what it is, and release the energy associated with it, and replace it with a feeling of gratitude that you recognized it for what it was and had the ability to release it........and by doing that.....You are in control of your thoughts!!!   And you just re-created yourself from someone that life was happening to, to a powerful someone that life is "flowing through".   And how Cool is that!!!......better yet, you changed the world by changing your energy!!!!!  thanks, I appreciate it!!


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