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Monday, May 20, 2013

Hit the "Reset Factory Settings" Button.....

....if you are not ridiculously satisfied and thriving in your experience.  You know how on smart devices and some computers there is a "Reset Factory Settings" or "Reset Default Settings" button that you can push when things are not working the way they should.  The speed is not there, the device is feezing up, etc.....and viola', you push that button and everything is back to "normal".

What happened is that the default settings or the settings that the device was developed with are its optimal settings and where it operates as it was designed to and most efficiently have been altered by Apps or add-ons that you added to the system.  Many of these apps or add-on applications cause the smart device to work much less effectively because they were not designed with the whole system in mind.

When you hit the "reset" button, the system does not recognize "Dis-functional" Apps or add-on's and works the way it was designed (thats over simplifying it, but for the purpose of this post will suffice).  The same is true for you and I, except rather than Apps or Add-on's, some of what we believe to be true is what disrupts our naturally efficient thriving manner.

So, are you thriving in your life or are you just existing?  You came into this world built to thrive, evolve, progress and grow.  What does thriving look like?  Well, it's different for everyone but its growing at your essence.  A classic example is that a lot of people operate from a perspective that you go to university, graduate and then get a job, start a family and then essentially exist.  Buy a new car and big house and live happily ever after.  All well and fine, fabulous in fact, unless you stop growing.

How many people have "Aha" or "Hell yeah" moments through out their life because of break through insights about the way life works?  How many times have you heard someone say they are so "burnt out" with their job or their relationship has lost that "passion"?  Those feelings of "Burn Out" or "Passion" or lack there of are not an inherent possibility of the job or the relationship.  They are the feelings you are associating with the job or the relationship.  you don't feel your experience, you feel your thoughts and beliefs.

Everything is about choice.  Do you want to operate from your divine, ineffable factory settings or do you want to operate from beliefs that do not serve you?  Is something Bad or Good, Right or Wrong, Truth or Fiction?  It is what it is, how you feel about it is up to what you think about it!!!  It could be as simple as seeing something you don't agree with or would never do......Do you immediately go into defensive mode and assert "how could someone do that?", after all how you feel about it won't change the incident.  Factory settings would allow a curious thought like "interesting, not what I would do, that can't feel good", anything but a judgmental thought.

Now this is not some Pollyanna new age attitude that is in denial of the physical happenings in the world, its just the opposite, it's being deliberate with your thoughts which cause the physical happenings to change because our actions which cause the physical happenings are predicated upon our feelings.

So what is the take away?  Observe your thoughts!!!  Are they empowering, supporting growth and thriving or are they judgmental?  Thats it!!!  Literally choose every moment to be curious rather than judgmental......being in a state of growth, thriving and curiousness is when miracles happen!!!!!