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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ah, YEAH!!!

"If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself but to your own estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment."

Marcus Aurelius

I was talking to one of my best friends the other day and the topic turned to how fickle people can be with how they feel about another person. Someone is in Love with another person until the other person does or says something that the first person does not like, or sometimes it is just what they appear to have done. At work, people are held in high regard until they do something that does not support their peer or manager. Just like that they can go from the fast track to hitting a glass ceiling.

So as we talked, I said "you know what would change everything, and again it is all perspective, but say a couple had a falling out, the woman got upset about something the man did. If they sat down and agreed that they did not want to be upset with each other, all they have to do is put themselves in the context that they have one last day to spend together......and decide how they want to spend it. I could be wrong, but I doubt it would be pissed at each other.......It would probably be doing something they both enjoy or have talked about doing but as yet have not done. Hell, maybe they spend the day in bed!!!

The difference is the version of themselves that they choose to be. My friend playing devil's advocate countered with, "yeah, but the issue isn't resolved". Yeah, but the version of who they are for that day does not's irrelevant, and how many "issues" when it comes right down to it are irrelevant?

Okay, Okay......I'll be practical.........just because the couple had an issue, does not mean they need to grant it the authority of a conclusion. In other words, change your assessment of it or as Marcus would say "revoke your estimate of the external thing causing you distress".

If you knew your potential to feel good, you would ask nobody to be different so that you can feel good. You would free yourself of all that cumbersome impossibility of needing to control the world or needing to control your mate or your child. You are the only one that creates your reality, for nobody else can think for you, it is only you.


This one is tricky, "the cumbersome impossibility of needing to control your mate or child". Ouch!!! But true!! This is perplexing, shouldn't we as parent's control our children? Well, How did that work out for your parents? I don't know very many "Adults" that have the track record of never having done stupid things or having never totally fucked up at some point in their life.......I'm much more down with guiding my boys to understand the last sentence, "You are the only one that creates your reality, for nobody else can think for you, it is only you."

From a parenting standpoint, I think its much more responsible to teach our kids to think for themselves including how to make the right decisions for themselves, but I also know that is counter to the conventional parenting know the wisdom that at a certain age, you know what is best for someone else..........or the wisdom that ascribes to a government mandate on education, but I'm digressing.......You get my point!!

There is nothing "out there" independent of what's happening inside of me. In other words what's happening "out there" is very much affected by what I have going on inside of me, my mind, my thoughts and emotions. Without my thoughts and feelings the external world would be very much different. Now think about that, the impact that mine and your thoughts have on what is happening outside of us, in everyone Else's experience.

Fred Alan Wolf

This one is tricky as well. You have witting and unwitting thoughts and know that, right? Some of both, the witting and unwitting do not serve us and or actually work against us. The belief that "you" are the "effect" of the external world as the "cause".......and yes you do believe that to some extent!!! know when you get upset or frustrated or sad when something doesn't go your way, or someone does not comply with your your mate or your child.........or the classic "Your Ex". That is the world being the cause and you being the effect. Hell, It's a daily occurrence for most people.

That backward cause and effect perspective is an unwitting belief. It's not deliberate, it's by default.........and it's wrong. You are the cause of your external experience...........You see things because you believe them........not what most people think which is the old saying "I'll believe it when I see it"........I've got news for you, You ain't gonna see it if you don't believe it.

Now the tricky part to Dr. Quantum's, it's actually the good part. You have a local and a non-local aspect of you. You know, like particle and Wave function. The particle aspect of you is the "I am a man" or "I am a Father".......think of it as "I am" followed by a predicate. I am tired, or I am disappointed is the local or particle aspect of You in play. The non-local or Wave aspect of you is just "I am", its the you that when you are in deep thought or meditation "just is" not attached to anything. The Wave aspect of you is not in you or even this world, just the opposite, they are in the Wave aspect of you. Doink!!!

Now, think of a wave more as a verb rather than a noun, potential rather than a thing........that non-local, wave, aspect of You is infinite potential. And as infinite potential, that is where every version of you exists. So get quiet, get still, clear out your thoughts........and rest in the "I amness" of your non local self. Now choose the version of you that you wish to be, and reside in that self for just a minute or maybe two. Feel what the self feels like........and don't be surprised if you catch yourself smiling, nothing wrong with are creating from that version of you and guess what? The Universe only knows, Okay, here you go.

This is what the voice was talking about at the burning bush when Moses asked the voice, "Who shall I tell the Pharaoh sent me to attain the release of the slaves". The voice simply said, "Tell him 'I am that I am", meaning I am the I am that is the infinite potential to make that which serves take place. Make sense? The voice didn't say "I am the ruler of the universe" which would be limiting, no Moses heard, I am that I am...........I am one with all that is, ever was or will be.........and guess what? You have that aspect as well...........just choose to be "I am"!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Note to Self!!!...I'm letting Go with help from Rickie Byars Beckwith

I am letting go, and I know the darkness will fade. I am letting go of the thoughts that I am separate and just my body. There's a light all around me, the pain in my thoughts has kept me holding on but I know that is not Me. I feel I'm letting go. I'm ready to run and I'm ready to leap into what is real knowing that Heaven's at hand right now always right here, closer than my breath, nearer than my thoughts.

New life is awaiting while I'm rearranging these old facts of my life. The infinite potential that is ours is becoming fact as I remember I am not this body, I am not bound by limiting thoughts or beliefs. I am deliberately reincarnating today as an extension of all that is.

I am tired of holding on, my heart's making an authentic appeal. I am moving from my old mind to my new mind by getting out of my head and into my heart. It's such a sweet invitation, a mandate of ecstasy to not hold any longer to my willful desires. I'm allowing and residing in alignment with all that corresponds with mine and all that is for the highest good.

I'm letting go of my will, dropping my tools and following my highest goal of being in the flow of the Universe. I won't abide in my vision, it's time to release, I'm the light within that's trying to be free and I allow it. I am the Universe being itself through me.

I feel like letting go of negative emotion. Frustration is only me being stuck in the thoughts of being separate and needing anything. I Let go, and let God/Universe. The power of God/Universe is guiding me to surrender to what I've got to be, The Universe being itself through me. Pure Positive Well being and Love, I am residing in that. I am residing in knowing that we are not separate, but all connected, all powerful, all knowing.....we are Love, we are the energy and intelligence and Love that created all that has ever been, all that is and all that ever will be. Never been born, Never will die.

I'm letting Go of the impossibility of controlling anything outside of me. Knowing that when I'm in alignment all things are possible. Knowing that when I'm in alignment with my true essence, anything can be that I identify with, that I reside in, that I become in resonance or correspondence with. With Alignment all things are bountiful because I need nothing and so I have everything.

As I let go, the darkness fades, I rest in letting go for I know I don't get what I want, I get who I am. When I get still and reside in the knowing that I create every moment and I am deliberate in being the version of myself that is in alignment with the source of all things, pure positive Love and all powerful, all things other than joy and well being will cease to be.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

You are always getting what you are intending....

Always!!! No exception!!!

"But I didn't intend for that to happen!!" I hear that all the time from people. Or, "Why would I have intended for that to happen?" Well, in both cases, the individual is not aware of what they are intending........One of my mentors calls those "unwitting intentions".

The Universe, The Field, Source Energy or however you refer to it only knows "Yes" says Yes to everything. So going back to those beliefs that may not even be accurate or are not serving you..........The Universe is saying "Yes" to them.

So, How do you know if you have unwitting intentions.......or beliefs that do not support what you want? Just look at your life......It's a mirror of your thoughts and another mentor of mine says "You can't hide from your secret thoughts because they keep showing up as your life!!" Yes to this thought, Yes to that belief.....Yes, Yes, Yes.............Not, are you sure? Not, you might want to re-think that one...........Always Yes!!!

That's the good news!!! So, your job is to look at your life and if your not getting what you want, it just means your thoughts and beliefs are not in agreement with what you want. So get them in alignment, or in agreement.

What does that mean......Alignment or in Agreement with what you want? Embody it, rest in it!! If you simply repeat an affirmation or visualize an outcome without feeling what the outcome will be, what are you accomplishing? the exact opposite..........and the Universe always says Yes! For example, repeating the affirmation "I am healthy and full of vitality" without embodying how that feels or resting in that feeling is essentially saying "I don't have health or vitality"......and that is what you have.

Try it with something trivial but something that would be so random that you will recognize it when it happens. For instance, one person came up with the idea of while on a walk finding 3 quarters lined up on the sidewalk all with the head's up. They closed their eyes, imagined they were on the walk, came around a corner and saw the three quarters all face up. They rested in that imaginary sequence and imagined what they felt like when they picked them up, they imagined how they felt at that moment knowing they had created the scenario. They rested in the feeling of accomplishing this simple but powerful exercise. It was so palpable that they were smiling with their eyes closed as they imagined finding the quarters.

A few weeks later, they reported that they had indeed found the quarters, but when asked if the quarters were all face up, they said they were so excited at the time, they did not even notice.....but they went on to say how awesome it was. Now the funny thing and very telling about beliefs is that when the idea was proposed to do it again but this time verify that the quarters were all face up..............they scoffed at it!!! Almost as if to say, well once, yeah I could believe that, but twice? Come on!!!

This person had literally been successful in becoming a version of themselves that created the feeling inside of a scenario that they intended to have happen, a very specific scenario mind you. The scenario came to fruition, they actually lived the very specific scenario they intended.......and then when asked to do it again, fell back into a version of them self that did not believe they could do it again. Do it, then do it again!!! You can, You know!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Deliberate Creating.....

I was asked the other day, "What does it mean to deliberately create?" to which I replied, "Do you want the long or short answer?"

Deliberate creating is 'You" becoming the version of "You" that is in agreement with what you want. The next question after that statement was "Why would I ever not be in agreement with what I want?" Well, because for the vast majority of people, 95% of the time the version of our self that we are operating in, is conditioned habit. We are operating from the beliefs we hold in our subconscious that are formed from what we are told or learn in some fashion and what we experience regardless of the accuracy of the knowledge or perception of the experience.

So think about it, what if the beliefs we operate from are not accurate or are not congruent with what we want? Well, that's easy, we don't get what we want!!! Life is an inner process.....the inner is what causes the outer.......which means the outer is the effect of the inner. What do you think Jesus meant when he said "Go Within"?

Let me try to paint an example, take someone that has trouble trusting in relationships. In their past, they have been abused or deceived and their experience is that when they trust, they are hurt. They hold a belief that others will hurt them, and that belief prevents them from trusting. Hold that thought.

Now, all versions of "You" exist. For the person just referenced that does not trust others that version is easy to see exists, so where is the version that does trust? Well, the version that does trust is trusting fear or trusting that they will be hurt......and by resting in that version of their self (which is not so obvious to see) guess what they get? That which they are in agreement with.......being fearful and getting hurt.

If it's that easy to be in agreement with fear and being hurt and creating that experience for yourself, why would it be any more difficult in being in agreement with the version of "You" that is trusting and open? If the Universe can deliver to you being hurt based on what you have going on inside, why can't it just as easily deliver being loved based on what you have going on inside?...........Why indeed!!!