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Saturday, April 30, 2011

What are you going to do today?

Is it the best thing for moving you forward? If not, why do it? Do whatever it is that will move you forward, stretch your comfort zone to grow.....or just keep doing the same thing and accept the same version of yourself that you have currently. It's all about choice. And the choice is your thoughts, or where you are thinking.......Choose well

Monday, April 25, 2011

Missing the Mark

Do you ever think that you are evolving? I'm not talking about humanity or nature or the Universe itself. I mean you personally, are you evolving? You are you know? How many times have you had an epiphany and in a moment completely changed your perspective on a topic or a belief? Did you ponder what caused that change? Thats Big, and I suspect that if you are reading this, you have done just that. I love when this happens.

Do you ever think about what caused that transformative thought that changed the context of your thinking? There are always two forces in play with your thoughts.....let me repeat, ALWAYS. One is your creative thought or desire and the other is resistance. My last few posts have revolved around resistance, because it is so important to fully understand it for what it is and Steven Pressfield Distills it down to its essence beautifully. My intent with writing about is to better embrace it and impart even if only a small part of the wisdom that resistance can provide.

It's similar to Contrast in that it provides context. Knowing and experiencing what you don't want or like allows you to better know and desire what you do want or like. Resistance becomes sort of a guide post in that if it surfaces, you are very likely on to something. The Axiom, anything worth undertaking will not be easy is an example. If it were easy to accomplish, what creativity or out of the box thinking is required? How are you stretched? How does it help you grow? Resistance becomes an ally when taken in the right context.

So what context does resistance become an ally of ours. In the context that Source, or the Universe is not indifferent. It responds to exactly what you have going on internally, if you are hesitant, it will respond with the exact result for that. If you are active and progressive, it will respond with a result congruent with that. When Resistance rears its active head, you either acquiesce unconsciously or you recognize it and act in spite of it. How does either of these two scenarios manifest? In the first, you are inspired to do something, but the impulse to do something else overrides the first thing, you acquiesce and don't accomplish the inspired thing. In the second, You are inspired to do something, but recognize the impulse to do something else and say "screw you, resistance" and immediately act on the inspiration without concern for how it will turn out, or maybe with nothing but a positive intention for how it will turn out. That last part is important!!

So, Let me try to provide a real life application. The thought comes to you to call an old flame from years gone by, but resistance rears its head, and you switch to thinking I need to get the grocery shopping done, or fix dinner, or clean the car, of make sure the children did their homework or any other activity that diverts you away from the initial thought of calling the old flame and you never do. The Universe responds by providing you with myriad other things to keep you busy and indifferent to the inspired original thought.

Now, in the instance where you recognize when resistance rears its head, you feel a little unnerved but dial the old flame's number without concern for their reaction or what might come of it. Maybe they answer and you have a nice conversation and catch up on where life has taken you both, maybe its weird and awkward, maybe you caught them at a moment when they needed to hear a familiar voice at just that moment, or maybe they don't answer, but call you back at a later time when they noticed you called.

The point here is that you acted on inspiration, and the Universe, not being indifferent, provides you with, really rewards you with an experience that makes for a better you. Think about it, Where did that inspiration come from to call that old flame? It came from somewhere, maybe it came from the ineffable True You.......and if it did, don't you think there is a reason for it? And if you trust your True Self and the Universe, don't you think its for a good reason? And don't get all caught up in the idea that I'm suppose to hook up with the old flame again, that just closes down the infinite potential of what could be to something much smaller.

Missing the Mark is really missing what life, the Universe or Your True Self provides for you to experience and when you do, you have paused your evolution and things tend to get really bumpy when you do this. The answer then, is to push through resistance and act on inspired thought or desire, the Universe will take care of the rest by responding appropriately.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday.......Gotta go with a resurrection theme

I know Easter Sunday is all about the resurrection of Jesus as told to us in the Bible. I happen to be a bigger fan of some of the books left out of the Mainstream Bible because they resonate with me much more, and I'm not judging the Bible or anyone that is a fan of it. My belief is that Jesus taught us to resurrect our True Selves everyday.

One of the things that I hold closest to finding truth is knowing your True Self. And for me, along with that is my highest goal of; Being connected with the flow of the Universe. For many people that is a little too esoteric or not very well defined, but for me it couldn't be more exact. The flow for me is recognizing what is brought forth from me or brought to me, recognizing it and acting from inspiration (or in-spirit-ation). And when I allow for that connection, everything is so ridiculously right, anything other than awesome just does not exist, and words cannot articulate it. When in this connection, my True Self has been resurrected from my small conditioned self.

Steven Pressfield, in his book "The War of Art" talks about it in this way. What do I feel growing inside of me? Let me bring that forth, if I can, for it's own sake and not for what it can do for me or how it can advance my standing. Deepak Chopra has a premise that helps remind me of how to get connected to the flow. I am independant of both the good and bad opnions that others have of me. Love that, it takes the Ego out of play. The Ego despises connection with the Universe, for that is where growth and expansion comes from, and neither of these states have room for the Ego.

Another process that I use for gaining that connection is to ask these questions when faced with a challenge or having a problem;

Where am I to grow?
What am I to learn?
How am I to change?
What latent possibility is waiting to emerge through me?
(All of these come from Michael Beckwith, a very tapped in Dude)

Ego does not like those questions either, too much vulnerability!!! Ha!!

Pressfield writes about another test that is now in my arsenal; Of any activity you do, ask yourself; If I were the last person on earth, would I still do it? The purpose for this is to determine your orientation. If you were all alone on the planet and you would still pursue the activity, rest assured you are doing it for growth and expansion.

So, It's Easter Sunday........I dare you to resurrect your True Self, because again, what the world needs are more people that are their True Self. Think about it, what problems would there be? And last but not least, You get what you Are and not necessarily what you want!!! Be Your True Self!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More to Offer!!!

Steven Pressfield is the author of "The Legend of Bagger Vance", which was made into one of my all time favorite movies. He is also the author of two non-fiction books, "The War or Art" and "Do the Work" that are masterful at describing Resistance. I love a passage from the "War of Art", The counterfeit innovator is wildy self confident. The real one is scared to death.

Resistance is an indication that you are on to something. You know that you have more to offer but can't pull the trigger. And everyone has this, nobody is exempt from it. If you are reading this, you know what I'm talking about and you find yourself filling your time with anything that does not support this "More to offer" thing. Unhealthy relationship with another person, or a substance, or shopping, or eating....all a manifestation of resistance.

What is the key to overcoming resistance? Well, first you will never fully overcome it, get that out of the way right up front. But you can use it to your advantage, further your growth and be in alignment with your true self as a result of it. Second thing is to recognize it, and this can be a challenge because it can be so natural for us. For some people sitting in front of the TV for hours on end can be resistance. For others it might be exercising chronically, for others it can be having sex. The key to recognizing it is how you feel after the act is done. Are you exercising or having sex to avoid moving toward the "More to Offer" thing? How does it feel? empowering or empty?

Resistance can manifest just as easily by avoiding activities as well. Are you avoiding intimacy with a loved one? Are you not taking care of yourself, or not creating a balance in work and play? The Drama and problems associated with not taking care of yourself are resistance as well, because they keep you from moving towards that "More to offer" thing. And I want to be clear, the "More to offer" thing could be for you to simply become more of your True Self and in doing so, you are offering More.

There are many accomplices to resistance. Family and friends, colleagues at work know us well and have certain expectations of us and they adapt to these expectations as we adapt to our expectations of them, and heaven forbid we not conform and meet the expectations placed upon of us. Status Quo is an accomplice. Do you think Steve Jobs, Co Founder of Apple Computers was concerned about meeting other people's expectations? No, which is why he was fired twice by the Board of Directors. He was concerned about being true to himself and what "more he had to offer" which is why Apple rehired him twice. The company was not even close to the same without him.

Okay, back to using resistance to your advantage. When you recognize it, move through it. Push yourself through it. Deliberately practice moving through it. Change where you are thinking. Embrace it for what it opportunity for you to step through it and become more of who you are. More of the Divine being that can tap into the ineffable and infinite potential that you have access to when you decide to. Commit to being a worthy adversary to resistance and resistance will give way to the infinite potential that you are.

The awesome thing about embracing resistance and taking it on, is what comes from it. And what I mean by that is what comes through you from that act. That is playing large, not having any pre-conceived notion of what will come, but knowing that by facing resistance and moving through it, great things will come. But one of the great weapons of resistance is you have to trust, because if you don't, you won't try. But, when you think about it, what isn't to trust? Or do you believe the world or Universe is against you? The Universe is expansive and growing, its not against you, its for you......but its also inclusive, so it provides you with what you think and act. Acting from alignment brings you aligned results, Period!! Acting out of alignment brings you out of alignment results, Period!!!

The Drive is the most important shot in Golf, because it sets you up for the approach shot to the green. Embracing Resistance is the most important Value you can have, because it alone allows you to be your True Self.......and what the world needs now more than ever before is People to be their True Selves!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finite or Infinite?

Is your thinking based on you being finite or infinite? Think about it for a minute, and I mean really think about it. Thoughts of lack or regret or limiting concepts are obviously from a finite mind set. And as always it comes back to perspective.

Deepak Chopra has a process that he has people do, in which he has you close your eyes, and quite the mind. Then he has you visualize yourself sitting in the chair in the room that you are actually in, and has you think about whether you are in the room or is the room in you?, then he has you visualize the home or building you are sitting in from above it as if you were hanging from a tree, "now are you in the home or is the home in you? Then move your perspective to viewing the city you live in, Are you in the city or is the city in you?

I was talking with a friend that is working on changing their beliefs around money and I asked her, "Is the Universe abundant?", She answered "yes". So I asked her "Are you part of the Universe?" She answered "yes". "Well then you must be abundant!" The challenge is that consciously thinking about being part of the Universe that has infinite abundance is easy, but when we move to a consciously unconscious state (which is about 95% of the day), we operate from our subconscious and the beliefs that we have been conditioned to take for real. For most people this is that we are separate from everyone and everything and that you need to be self sufficient through hard work and life can be cruel and unfair at times. Think thats a little to drastic? Look around, look at how people treat each other, look at how we treat the Earth or animals and creatures. The next time you get cut off in traffic, notice your thoughts about the other driver.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi puts it perfectly in his book "Flow", "A person can make himself happy, or miserable, regardless of what is actually happening ‘outside,’ just by changing the contents of consciousness." And in actuality, by changing the contents of your consciousness, you can change what is actually happening outside. But this takes practice, first the practice of being aware of what your consciously unconscious thoughts are and then the practice of changing them when you realize they are thoughts that don't serve you.

This practice is good for a number of reasons, it provides an platform from which to practice deliberate thinking, but it's also reiterating that you are operating in a model of infinite potential, or living and playing Large rather than Small. I also do it with energy and it takes about 5 minutes literally to change a limiting belief and replace it with an empowering belief. The process itself is empowering and immediately beneficial, but the slower route of practice is empowering as well.

Either way, want to change your life or a situation, change how you think about it......or change where you are thinking about it. A few posts ago, I commented on the difference in thinking from the frontal lobe and the reptilian brain.....makes a big difference.

Do you want to be infinite of finite, its up to you!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This, or something better.....

"I'm going to the Masters". This what I said to a friend the other day. the reply I got was an excited "How did you get tickets?". I don't have tickets, but I applied for them on line at the Masters website. In 2012, they are doing random drawings for the public that places an application. As I explained this, the question came up "what are the odds of your application being selected out all the people that surely will apply for them?" My response; "Who cares?, I'll get tickets from being selected or something better".

Something better? What could be better than being selected to get tickets for next year's Master Golf Tournament? Well, I'm not defining what that "better" could be, I'm just excited to see what comes. Some examples though might be, being invited to attend as the guest of a player, or an official, or Nick Faldo......Think about it, How about if I develop a relationship with a player and work with them on the mental side of the game, they win a tournament or finish in the top 8 positions at the US Open.....or maybe they win the US Amateur and are invited to play at the Masters, and they invite me as part of their support team.

Far fetched? Nope!!! Unless you believe it to be. But why live in a small model like "far fetched" or "what are the odds?". I like the model of the infinite possibilities that always exist. Why play small when you can play Wide Open? Where do you think the inspiration comes from to achieve dreams comes from? Playing small?

Charl Schwartzel, the 26 year old South African that won this years Masters in fine form wasn't playing small. He knew he could win the tournament just like any other player on Sunday, after all he had watched his good friend win the British Open last year and he knew he had it in him. He chipped in on number 1, holed out his second shot on number 3, then reeled off ten straight pars on some of the toughest holes on the course, all the while hearing "Tiger Roars" from all around the course in front of him. Then what did he do? Birdied the last four holes to win by 2. He was not playing small, he was playing inspired. Some players might have panicked when he was making pars and started thinking I have got to make some birdies. Some did, and made mistakes, but in the end Charl Won this Masters.

So, I'm not defining "or something better" but I am acting on inspiration and I'm excited to see what will come......and so should you, don't get attached to an outcome or even a face, get excited about a scenario and leave the edges undefined and let the Universe conspire on your behalf......or play small and hope for the short odds to land with you......Oh, one more example of what something better could be, I win the Utah State Amateur, then the US Publinks, or hell maybe I finish runner up in the US amateur and get invited to play the Masters myself......Don't play small!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

What are the possibilities?

Infinite is the best answer to that question. What possibility due you want to birth? What possibility do you want to bring forth from the realm of the ineffable into the physical world?

Do you even think about it? Do you even believe it to be possible? Look around and you will see that most people either don't think about it or don't believe it to be possible. The idea that beginning with your thoughts, a change in thinking really, and then the actions that are inspired from this different thinking begin the motions that can create the infinite possibilities is just too aery fairy for most people to even entertain.

Regardless if you believe this premise, law actually, does not mean it is not fact. How much of what you have believed in turned out to be not true? How many times have you been totally stunned to see or experience something that you previously had not believed to be true. It happens all the time, and in most cases seeing is not believing, because the belief is so ingrained in the subconscious that once the conscious mind loses focus you revert right back to what your subconscious has stored about how things are.

Let's take western medicine. When it comes right down to it, Western Medicine is very mechanistic (this is changing, but very slowly) in that if you have an ailment, an allopathic doctor wants to fix it with drugs or surgery and send you on your way "fixed". The Human body does not need to be fixed, 95% of the population is genetically perfect. What needs an adjustment (just to be nice) is the Human thinking.

The adjustment in thinking can start with just one small thing a day. This thing is a change from what you normally think and do. Start with something small and change this one thing that you do everyday. For instance, it might be going to bed earlier than normal, if you normally go to bed sometime after 11:00 at night, try going to bed at 10:00 pm every night. It will likely be difficult for you initially because you are changing a habit of thought. But if you do this for a week straight, it will become much easier and pretty soon it becomes your norm.

This is just a change in behavior through changing your thinking. It applies to everything. It applies to your relationships, your work, your parenting and your leisure. By practicing the new behavior consistently, you change your thinking and by changing your thinking, you change what you believe to be true. By changing what you believe to be true, you change what you think possibilities are, and what would that mean for you. Changing what you truly believed, check that....Changing what you know to be true!! What would that mean? Well, empowerment for starters.

So be empowered, identify one thing you want to change and begin practicing the change and see what comes from this. It can be amazing if you allow it. Or if you don't want to practice the change, we can do it the fast way and change the belief in a matter of minutes. It's up to you!! You decide, either are life changing. Choose well!!