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Monday, April 25, 2011

Missing the Mark

Do you ever think that you are evolving? I'm not talking about humanity or nature or the Universe itself. I mean you personally, are you evolving? You are you know? How many times have you had an epiphany and in a moment completely changed your perspective on a topic or a belief? Did you ponder what caused that change? Thats Big, and I suspect that if you are reading this, you have done just that. I love when this happens.

Do you ever think about what caused that transformative thought that changed the context of your thinking? There are always two forces in play with your thoughts.....let me repeat, ALWAYS. One is your creative thought or desire and the other is resistance. My last few posts have revolved around resistance, because it is so important to fully understand it for what it is and Steven Pressfield Distills it down to its essence beautifully. My intent with writing about is to better embrace it and impart even if only a small part of the wisdom that resistance can provide.

It's similar to Contrast in that it provides context. Knowing and experiencing what you don't want or like allows you to better know and desire what you do want or like. Resistance becomes sort of a guide post in that if it surfaces, you are very likely on to something. The Axiom, anything worth undertaking will not be easy is an example. If it were easy to accomplish, what creativity or out of the box thinking is required? How are you stretched? How does it help you grow? Resistance becomes an ally when taken in the right context.

So what context does resistance become an ally of ours. In the context that Source, or the Universe is not indifferent. It responds to exactly what you have going on internally, if you are hesitant, it will respond with the exact result for that. If you are active and progressive, it will respond with a result congruent with that. When Resistance rears its active head, you either acquiesce unconsciously or you recognize it and act in spite of it. How does either of these two scenarios manifest? In the first, you are inspired to do something, but the impulse to do something else overrides the first thing, you acquiesce and don't accomplish the inspired thing. In the second, You are inspired to do something, but recognize the impulse to do something else and say "screw you, resistance" and immediately act on the inspiration without concern for how it will turn out, or maybe with nothing but a positive intention for how it will turn out. That last part is important!!

So, Let me try to provide a real life application. The thought comes to you to call an old flame from years gone by, but resistance rears its head, and you switch to thinking I need to get the grocery shopping done, or fix dinner, or clean the car, of make sure the children did their homework or any other activity that diverts you away from the initial thought of calling the old flame and you never do. The Universe responds by providing you with myriad other things to keep you busy and indifferent to the inspired original thought.

Now, in the instance where you recognize when resistance rears its head, you feel a little unnerved but dial the old flame's number without concern for their reaction or what might come of it. Maybe they answer and you have a nice conversation and catch up on where life has taken you both, maybe its weird and awkward, maybe you caught them at a moment when they needed to hear a familiar voice at just that moment, or maybe they don't answer, but call you back at a later time when they noticed you called.

The point here is that you acted on inspiration, and the Universe, not being indifferent, provides you with, really rewards you with an experience that makes for a better you. Think about it, Where did that inspiration come from to call that old flame? It came from somewhere, maybe it came from the ineffable True You.......and if it did, don't you think there is a reason for it? And if you trust your True Self and the Universe, don't you think its for a good reason? And don't get all caught up in the idea that I'm suppose to hook up with the old flame again, that just closes down the infinite potential of what could be to something much smaller.

Missing the Mark is really missing what life, the Universe or Your True Self provides for you to experience and when you do, you have paused your evolution and things tend to get really bumpy when you do this. The answer then, is to push through resistance and act on inspired thought or desire, the Universe will take care of the rest by responding appropriately.

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