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Monday, April 11, 2011

What are the possibilities?

Infinite is the best answer to that question. What possibility due you want to birth? What possibility do you want to bring forth from the realm of the ineffable into the physical world?

Do you even think about it? Do you even believe it to be possible? Look around and you will see that most people either don't think about it or don't believe it to be possible. The idea that beginning with your thoughts, a change in thinking really, and then the actions that are inspired from this different thinking begin the motions that can create the infinite possibilities is just too aery fairy for most people to even entertain.

Regardless if you believe this premise, law actually, does not mean it is not fact. How much of what you have believed in turned out to be not true? How many times have you been totally stunned to see or experience something that you previously had not believed to be true. It happens all the time, and in most cases seeing is not believing, because the belief is so ingrained in the subconscious that once the conscious mind loses focus you revert right back to what your subconscious has stored about how things are.

Let's take western medicine. When it comes right down to it, Western Medicine is very mechanistic (this is changing, but very slowly) in that if you have an ailment, an allopathic doctor wants to fix it with drugs or surgery and send you on your way "fixed". The Human body does not need to be fixed, 95% of the population is genetically perfect. What needs an adjustment (just to be nice) is the Human thinking.

The adjustment in thinking can start with just one small thing a day. This thing is a change from what you normally think and do. Start with something small and change this one thing that you do everyday. For instance, it might be going to bed earlier than normal, if you normally go to bed sometime after 11:00 at night, try going to bed at 10:00 pm every night. It will likely be difficult for you initially because you are changing a habit of thought. But if you do this for a week straight, it will become much easier and pretty soon it becomes your norm.

This is just a change in behavior through changing your thinking. It applies to everything. It applies to your relationships, your work, your parenting and your leisure. By practicing the new behavior consistently, you change your thinking and by changing your thinking, you change what you believe to be true. By changing what you believe to be true, you change what you think possibilities are, and what would that mean for you. Changing what you truly believed, check that....Changing what you know to be true!! What would that mean? Well, empowerment for starters.

So be empowered, identify one thing you want to change and begin practicing the change and see what comes from this. It can be amazing if you allow it. Or if you don't want to practice the change, we can do it the fast way and change the belief in a matter of minutes. It's up to you!! You decide, either are life changing. Choose well!!

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