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Monday, December 12, 2011

Today....I AM resting in a state of nonresistance-

How many times have you found yourself mired in some negative state because of what is?  And your internal dialogue sounds something like, "What the hell!" or "Why Me!!" or the proverbial, "I can't believe this is happening".  Well, that resistance is the very thing giving that negative state power over you, and what does negative create?  Yep, more negative.  Try just accepting whatever caused you to lapse into that negative state as the fact that it is for now.  After all, you are responsible even if it was not deliberate.

Accepting something doesn’t mean that you like it, or want it to continue. It only means that for the time being, you’re willing to not be in resistance to it and allow it to dominate you.  When you resist, you cut yourself off from the flow of creativity that is always with you.  You are not allowing that creativity to surprise you with the simple solution that always resides in the problem itself.  You're not allowing because you're pushing and pushing is never progressive. 

Accepting things as they are as opposed to resisting them allows you to see the same things differently and in a way that you may very well be surprised with.  You know, the "Blessing in disguise" kind of way.  Think about how many times that has happened to you.  Now think about how many more times that might have happened had you dropped the resistance you held with other situations.  

Don't pitch a tent there, pack it up and move other words flow with life, don't resist it, because it is there for a reason and yes, you are responsible for it.  When faced with a "problem", avoid the inclination to empower it by accepting it as a conclusion.  Rather, accept it for what it is in this moment knowing that by dropping your resistance to it, you will see it in a new light.  Do you think the chick or duckling in the egg when it grows so large it is uncomfortable resides in that discomfort?  No, the chick pecks it's way out into a whole new world not previously known to it.

It is what it is, Accept things for what they are now, because that is all they are.  What they are now can change in an instant, when you change you stance on them!!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Today.....I AM residing in conclusions that are the opposite of my initial conclusion

What?  Well, Alright 75% of them anyway, just to see the difference.  For most people, 95% of the day is spent operating from auto pilot thinking, or the subconscious.  From there, you don't distinguish between your perceptions of reality and reality itself.  So from your perception of reality, you get what you are looking for, because you get what you are and not necessarily what you want.

Try it, what have you got to lose?  Well, if you are not having everything in your life going exactly the way you want it to, what you have to lose are experiences that keep you from having that.  It's true you know, and you are responsible, but its not your fault.....until you realize it and do nothing about it.

For example, if you get cut off in traffic, how many times is your reaction to think "you idiot!" or some other derogative?  And some people then even become aggressive in their own have likely seen this.  So what if you noticed that you had this or some other less than positive reaction and asked your self "Is that really true?" or "Do I really know that?".  The answer will always be NO, I don't know this.......but your initial reaction came to this conclusion.  And the point is this, erroneous or even just definite conclusions are of no earthly good to you!!!!  Really they are not.

You can apply this to any situation, and interaction with your partner, an employee, your boss, anyone or anything.  Whenever you come to a conclusion from your subconscious the chances are that it is wrong?  why can I say that with total confidence?  Because the world is dynamic and ever changing, but your subconscious is not.  Your beliefs that may have been true about the way things are, probably are not now because so much has changed but you.  And at best, your conclusions are limiting the infinite potential that exists in an open mind.  Think I'm wrong, ask anyone in Tunisia, Egypt, or Libya.  The conclusion that a dictator controls their life came to an end in the last 11 months.  Let's trust they land on conclusions of optimism and progress moving forward.

Now, I'm not judging, but I am saying most of your conclusions are just stories that fit with your beliefs.  And our beliefs we take as the gospel or truth.  And at the end of the day, the only truth is that we don't know anything as ultimate truth except for what we feel to be right in our heart!!!  Truth to each of us as eternal, divine beings is not a cerebral experience, it's a feeling when we drop out of our head and into our hearts.

So today, I'm going to jump into a conclusion that is the opposite of what I initially thought.....unless it feels too good, then I'll stay with that one, which for me is about 25% of the time.  I AM a work in progress!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today......I AM looking for what is working!!!

Rather than noticing what is perceived to be something wrong, I intend to look for everything that is working.  We tend to see what we are looking for, and my consciousness focused on what is working well mobilizes resources for more things to work well.  This is not just an exercise in optimism, yet there is nothing wrong with optimism.

Missing your family because of travel?  Is that better than not having a family to miss?

Lost your job recently?  Could you find your dream job if you were working 50 hours a week at your old job?

Have a Relationship fall apart seemingly for no reason recently?  Could you meet the person you realize deep love that grows everyday had you been in your old relationship?

This isn't just some Polyanna attitude about life's "Trials".  Life is progressive and the point sometimes, that it will pull you by the collar (while you kick and scream) from situations that ultimately are not in your best interest or supporting you on your path.  You know, "yea, though I walk through the valley of death....", well some people pitch a tent there rather than walking through it and call it home.  Don't do that!!!!  Thats Crazy!!

Missing your family?  In your down time away from them, plan how you will connect with them deeper when you get back.  Lost your Job?  Take stock of all the skills and talents you developed at the old job and how you will leverage those even greater in your next opportunity.  Got dumped by the "love" of your life?  Take stock of and reflect on your contributions to the old relationship, and know that you outgrew that relationship.......and adopt the attitude of "NEXT!!!!"  Don't pitch a tent!!!  Progress on, move forward, GROW!!!

When things surprise you in seemingly bad ways....get excited to see what is coming next.  And by the way, take responsibility for everything that is coming into your experience, and I mean everything.  Or are you a victim?  No, I didn't think so.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today.......Whatever it is you desire......

Give it away.  Thats right, give it away!!!

Why give what you desire away?  Because most people want something (and it does not matter what it is) for the simple reason that they think it will make them feel better.  And they are coming from a perspective of "lack", as in not having it.  They tend to focus on the fact that they don't have this thing that they want (for the purpose of feeling better).  And so "what are they"?  They are a person without this thing that they want......and you get what you are, not necessarily what you want.  And most people tend to just reside in this state of wanting this thing.  Their actions support this state of not having the thing they want.  Their actions are not inspired to support anything else.  

Now if they are in a state of giving this thing they want away, they must be in a state of having the thing they want.  And being in the state, they get what they "are".  I know it sounds like a play on words, but all this comes down to, is being deliberate about your thoughts.

Here is an example.  If you want more free time, help someone else with a task they are working on in order to free up some of their time they would have spent on the task had you not helped them.  I know, I know, you want more free time, and in order to get that you spend more time helping out someone else which takes up your own time?  Thats right!!  If you have the time to devote helping out someone else in order for them to complete a task quicker, YOU are in state of having time......and if you just rest in that state, your mind will stop thinking about NOT having enough time (which is paralyzing in itself), be more creative and the "inspiration" for how to spend your time more enjoyably will come to you.

Want to be happier?  Make someone smile.  Go ahead, I dare you to try it.  Want to feel deeper Love in your life?   Cause somebody to feel more loved, and it shouldn't be some monumental or materialistic expression.  Console somebody that is having a hard day, or call somebody and let them know what you appreciate about them.  

Supply?   If you desire Supply, how can you give that away?  Help someone else gain more Supply.  Seriously, if you want more Money, help somebody else make money.  Help them finish a job, or a refer a client to an associate, or donate something to a worthy cause, or this is a great one.......forgive a debt that someone owes you.  What?  Forgive a debt that someone owes you when what you want is Money?  Thats right!!!  If you had a million dollars in the bank, how much time would you spend thinking about $300.00 that your brother owes you?  Please say none!!!  Otherwise you are going to plow through that million dollars in very little time, back to wanting more money.  Why do you think there are so many stories about people who win the lottery and are broke again within very little time?

When you take this approach to the things you desire, you change your consciousness to one of having and your actions become congruent with that state.  And in essence what is that state?  Alignment, which is really all you ever need.


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Today....I AM.....

Going to pay attention to my thoughts, particularly if they tend to be critical.  I am going to notice if I am critical of others and myself.  As this happens I am going to just observe these thoughts curiously and ask myself how this line of thought is actually serving me.   I am going to understand that this is not "What" I want to be and with compassion I will deliberately release the thoughts and the energy of these thoughts and step into a more empowered version of myself and appreciate the change I just facilitated.

I understand that being judgmental or critical is resistance and contradiction to my true Self.  It does not matter why I may have been having those thoughts and I do not condemn them or judge them, that would only make them persist.  I embrace them, own them, realize they do serve a purpose in my growth.  I am not a victim of them, I am actually better for having them and releasing them.  They are part of my nature as I move from a perception of being separate from others and all that is to understanding I am connected to everyone and one with the Source of all that is.  At my Essence is Pure Love.

Today, I AM going to experience all that life has to offer anyone that aligns with life and understands that I AM an individuation of something much greater than me.  

What are you going to do today?  Do it Deliberately and well!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What if you had no memory....think about it.....

What if you had no memory?  Kind of like deleting your e-mail, except you deleted your entire memory.  How do you suppose it would change your perceptions of life?  Kind of over the top question, you may be thinking........but it's not really.  Your perceptions are based upon your experiences and what you take to be real or "Normal".

So here is a the scenario I want you to think about.  For one day, you can push the delete button on all your memory except for who your best friend is.  Now in addition to being able to erase all of your memory, you are able to be transported to anywhere in the world along with your best friend that you know you can trust totally. 

You are going to visit four places in the world and the first is the border crossing at the US/Mexico border just south of San Diego.  You and your friend are transported and appear just on the US side of the crossing and the first thing you see are thousands of cars and people waiting on the Mexico side to come across to the US.  What would you be thinking?  Remember you have no memory so you have no idea what the scene actually is.  Your first question might be, "What is this place?".  Your friend replies, "It's the border crossing".  Your next Question might be "Border, what is a border?" and your friend explains what it is.  How strange would that be to you?  You might ask, "So what is the difference between a Mexican and an American and why does there have to be a gate and fence and police?", and your friend answers "One was born in the US and one was born in Mexico.  People want to come to America for the opportunity for a better life. Most people in Mexico live in poverty and America has to protect it's borders".  "Protect it's borders from what?".  Can you see how bizarre having a line in the dirt would seem to you with no memory of what was "Normal" to you?

Next place you visit is Tahrir square in Cairo last week as demonstrators were being attacked by the Military.  You appear and see Military personnel beating civilians over the head and limbs with batons.  Mayhem is everywhere.  What is your first question?  "Who are these people?", "Why are the people in uniforms hitting the other people?"  How bizarre would it be to hear that all of these people are from the same country but the ones in Uniforms are the Military who took over the country 9 months ago while the civilians protested the Dictator that had been in power for years, etc. etc.

Next Place is right outside the White House the night that it was announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed by Navy Seals.  You appear and people are celebrating and waving flags and standing in trees and on fences, so you ask the obvious "What's going on here?".  Your friend sighs because they know how difficult this is going to be to explain.  But they start with "This is the White House, the capital of the United States, which is the most powerful country in the world and the people are celebrating because the President of the Country just announced that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by the United States Military in a covert operations half way around the world"  Your response is "Why would they want to kill someone half way around the world and why are these people celebrating?".  Your friend tries to explain that Bin Laden was a terrorist and launched attacks against the US on American soil ten years ago.......which causes you to ask follow up questions like "why did it take ten years for the most powerful country in the world to find one man?" and ultimately you ask "What is wrong with all you people?  Depending on where you were born your life is substantially better or worse?  You hit unarmed people over the head for occupying a public park? And you celebrate Killing another Human being?"

Now I will leave the fourth place up to you to ponder what questions would come up, but my point is this.  We take for granted that this is just the way life happens and we accept it for the most part and adapt.  We totally lose touch with who we truly are as divine beings that at our essence are created from Love and Love is our natural state and that through that Love we are all connected.  We totally lose touch with the fact that when we judge or do something that hurts another, we are hurting ourselves.  It's not your fault, but it is your responsibility................don't believe it?  Then what do you believe?  Life happens to you?  Well how is that working out?  Take 15 minutes a day, get quiet, get still, fall in love with Life, align with Life, drop out of your head and into your heart and see what comes to you.  I promise it will be Divine.    

Monday, November 21, 2011

It's not your fault, but it is your responsibility!!!

How can it be my responsibility if it's not my fault?  It's not your fault because you have been conditioned to believe for the most part that "Shit happens" or that life happens to you.  It is your responsibility because you participated in creating the "what" that is part of your experience.

Have you ever noticed how when there appears to be a problem, you are there experiencing the "problem".  The experience ranges from just observing the problem all the way to being so immersed in it that your whole whole life seems to be coming to an end!!!!!  Well, even if you are just observing that there is a problem, you are part of it, you are participating in it and you have chosen to do so.

Think not?  Okay, don't take responsibility then, and in the words of one of my favorite people, "how is that working out for you?"  Let me ask you this, Is the economic situation a problem for you?  Are you the least bit worried about it?  Or, does Congress' behavior cause you any concern?  Are you down right pissed off at Wall Street for ruining the Economy?  Are you upset with the 1%'s?   Well, if any of these issues is bothering you and seems to be a problem, you participated in creating it to some degree.......but its not your fault.  Feel better?

It is your responsibility though.  Now, if you feel the least bit of angst about taking responsibility for any problem, that is only an indication of the conditioning you have been under all of your life.  The really good news is that the solution is just a thought away.  Yep, just a thought away.  One of my favorite facts of life is "You get what you are, and not necessarily what you want".  Do you take responsibility for everything that happens in your life?  Or only the good stuff?  Are you deliberate in your thinking?  Do you look at outcomes that are not aligned with your desires and ask, "How did I contribute to that?"

The manager I referred to in my last post was responsible for the lack of her people performing to their potential because she bred mediocrity by rewarding something less than what her people were capable of delivering.  It comes down to two things;

1.  Do you aspire to be above average or to become your full potential?

2.  Are you thoughts oriented on short term results or long term results?

The first one is pretty clear, most people are mediocre in delivering what they are capable of, so above average is slightly above mediocre.  Ugh!!!  The difference in being long term oriented versus short term is the difference between delivering a result and delivering a sustainable, progressive and lasting result.  Look at Wall Street, they delivered a result and were paid immense bonuses based on that result which drove the global economy into the ground.  And make no mistake, they delivered the result because people acted upon their proposition.  Might have been institutions that bought from the bankers, but everyday people participated by delivering the demand for shoddy investments vehicles because all they wanted was return.

A long term thought process for the Manager from the last post would be having candid conversations about her people's performance and developing a deliberate multi pronged plan for influencing those individuals to begin making the effort to deliver what they are capable of.

Make it your responsibility to be deliberate in how you think about things, life, work, family and find the solution within the problem, it's always there.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life is not about creation, It is about alignment!!!

Creation comes from thoughts and since most thoughts are repetitive and or reactionary there is not much creativity happening there.  We didn't come here in this physical time space reality to react or repeat thoughts that do not serve us.  When your thinking is repetitive think of yourself as an artisan, or someone that creates the same things over and over.

As an example, a manager of people that is not being successful in improving her people's performance focuses on the fact that her people are not making the desired change.  "It doesn't matter what I do, they won't change and do the work the way I tell them".  The manger becomes apathetic and resigned to not being effective.  She may even commiserate with peers that are having the same problem.  Day after day not much changes and the same results are achieved from the same repetitive thinking.

Creativity comes from alignment.  Alignment with our true selves and with Life.  It is knowing that we can not willfully birth creativity into our experience, but we can allow it when we align with our higher self and  Life.  When you are aligned, creativity manifests through you as an artist rather than an artisan.

The same manager as referenced above can become aligned by asking some simple questions and then resting with them to see what comes.  Not willing the answer, because she will miss it.  Questions like, "What does this mean for me?"  "What am I to take from this situation?"  "What would it look like if it were different?"  By being curious about the situation and realizing that the solution always resides within the problem, the solution will present itself to the manager.  Sometimes in the most unsuspecting manner, but when she is aligned with her true self and Life, it will be glaringly clear to her.

It might be the urge to go to the book store and when she does, a new book on influence is staring right at her.  It might be the urge to go to her own book shelf and see what book grabs her attention.  It might be the urge to google "persuasion" or "influence" or "change" and she is taken to the perfect website, or blog that sparks her creativity to develop a new plan for working with the situation.

And what is the key word in the previous paragraph of might be's?  Urge!!!  And what is an "Urge"?  Intuition, it's our Higher Self giving us a nudge in order to enjoy the unfolding of our divine creativity.  The Divine creativity that is not allowed to come forth through repetitive thinking.

Now here is the thing.  If you don't allow it to come through you, it will knock, and continue knocking until the knock becomes a sledge hammer manifesting itself as some malady or relationship issue or some traumatic issue that brings you to your knees.   You know the kind of experience that causes you to say "what the hell is happening?", rather than "what is my higher self trying to tell me?"

Life is about alignment, and not 100% alignment, that would be boring!!!!  You create your angst and frustration, and you need to own it, just don't pitch a tent in it and call it home!!!!  

Friday, September 16, 2011

Do you believe you can heal yourself with your thoughts?

You can you know. It's all about what you truly believe....what you take to be real. Those are your intentions, that is what you are...and what your are is what you get. So do you believe you are in control of every detail of your experience or are you at the whim of how life plays out.

Is life happening to you or are your responsible for everything in your life? Both are the same, you know. If you believe life is happening to you, you are responsible for everything in your life, both good or bad, because you have chosen that experience of life happening to you. If you believe you are responsible for everything that comes into your experience, life happens to you because of where you are coming from and what you hold to be true. So be deliberate in what you hold to be true and you will create everything that you hold to be true.

And the key is being deliberate in your thinking and what you take to be real.  Being sloppy and hap hazard in your thinking is when things happen for you and you ask "what the hell?"  Being deliberate and open to how what you take to be real will manifest for you creates scenarios that come in your experience and you say "whoa, that was awesome" and you suddenly realize that awesomeness is a result of what you are....what you take to be real.

So back to the original question, Do you think you can heal yourself with your thoughts?  I do, and I am.  I remember setting the intention that I my vision would correct to 20 20 from what it was, which was not very good.  Yesterday, I went and had an eye exam because I need to re-order contact lens'.  So the doctor is doing his thing, asking me "better, 1 or 2, 2 or 3 and so on.....and he says, "huh your vision is getting better".  I just thought "sweet", and then it donned on me that I had set that intention, doink!!!  Of course my vision is getting better.

So I paid the very attractive young receptionist and she commented "wow, you vision got better, don't see that very often", and I said "I'm not very typical" and she just smiled.  The same thing happened when I ordered my new contacts, the guy made a comment about my vision getting better and how rare that is.  He then asked me how many boxes I wanted to order.  I normally just order a years worth to get me to my next annual exam, but without hesitation I said "six months worth" knowing like the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, I will likely need a new prescription within that time as my vision gets better.

I was telling a friend (not a person that believes we create with our thoughts) about the happenings around my vision and my intention and she said "so if it was your intention that made that happen, why aren't your eyes corrected to 20 20 vision now?"......and I said, "because my intention was that my vision would gradually correct to 20 20 vision so that it would be enjoyable for me to experience over time my creation".  She just laughed.

The idea behind enjoying my creating my vision correcting is for me, because it is so easy to take for granted that what you believe is responsible for the immediate manifestations you experience everyday, and this I can enjoy as time goes by and my vision corrects itself.  remember, I had forgotten that I even had set that intention.

Be deliberate and create well my friend!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ram Dass' letter to parents of a murdered young girl....appropriate for those that lost loved ones on 9/11 or anytime. Beautiful thoughts!!!

Dear Steve and Anita, Rachel finished her work on earth, and left the stage in a manner that leaves those of us left behind with a cry of agony in our hearts, as the fragile thread of our faith is dealt with so violently. Is anyone strong enough to stay conscious through such teaching as you are receiving? Probably very few. And even they would only have a whisper of equanimity and peace amidst the screaming trumpets of their rage, grief, horror and desolation. I can't assuage your pain with any words, nor should I. For your pain is Rachel's legacy to you. Not that she or I would inflict such pain by choice, but there it is. And it must burn its purifying way to completion. For something in you dies when you bear the unbearable, and it is only in that dark night of the soul that you are prepared to see as God sees, and to love as God loves. Now is the time to let your grief find expression. No false strength. Now is the time to sit quietly and speak to Rachel, and thank her for being with you these few years, and encourage her to go on with whatever her work is, knowing that you will grow in compassion and wisdom from this experience. In my heart, I know that you and she will meet again and again, and recognize the many ways in which you have known each other. And when you meet you will know, in a flash, what now it is not given to you to know: Why this had to be the way it was. Our rational minds can never understand what has happened, but our hearts – if we can keep them open to God – will find their own intuitive way. Rachel came through you to do her work on earth, which includes her manner of death. Now her soul is free, and the love that you can share with her is invulnerable to the winds of changing time and space. In that deep love, include me. In love, Ram Dass

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our natural state is one of thriving!!!

Thats right, Thriving!!! Growing and expanding and becoming more of the infinite potential that each of us actually is. But if that is true, and it is, why is there so much of not thriving taking place in the world today? Because we insulate our true essence of pure potential with an almost incessant stream of thoughts that keep us from thriving. Thoughts like the economy, politics (thats a good one), should and should not beliefs, allowing others actions to derail us from our true self.

How much time during the day do you take to connect with your true self? The infinite, eternal pure positive expansive energy that is always right here with you? Aery fairy? Where do you think you came from? For that matter, where do you think the Universe and all that exists came from? In philosophy classes in school most of us students always were asking the questions "Why are we here?" or "where did we come from?" which are great questions......but I was always fascinated with the fact that we are here and do exist.

Now if your comfortable with the idea that a great creator, created all that is and we are here to serve his/her purpose.....go for it, but how is that working out? Do you know that more people have lost their worldly life as a result of disputes over which religion is truer than any other cause. How would a great creator feel good about that? Or is it that you believe that your creator is "THE" only true creator? That belief is where all the worlds battles have derived from, killing arising from religious disputes. Ugh!!

We are all connected from the same source that makes up everything. all the strife and chaos that the world is experiencing right now is for one purpose. Think of it like a 2 x 4 hitting us upside the head to wake us up. Think about it, when you are thriving, are you judging anything? Are you jealous? Are you envious? Are you hoarding or devising ways in which to gain material goods or currency? Are you arguing your position? Are you thinking only about yourself? NO!!!

Thriving is a state of being. You don't judge, because you know everyone is doing there own thing based upon their degree of alignment with their true self (not to mention, you tend to be surrounded with aligned people). Your not jealous because, well, you just feel too damn good to even have the possibility to go there. Envious? Of what? You have everything you could ever need (as a matter of fact, you have whatever you put your thoughts to). Hoarding or devising to accumulate stuff? Ahh, no, your thriving!!! Arguing is not resonant with thriving and your not thinking about yourself because you don't have a feeling of separation. And how natural is that state of Thriving? The only effort is that of being deliberate with where your thinking is coming from, Alignment.

So how do you stay in alignment? Pay attention to how you feel and if it is in any way a negative emotion, do anything to improve it. Your well being is more important to you and everyone else than anything, because your well being is how we connect with our natural state of thriving. Meditate, practice yoga, exercise, do anything that quiets the mind and see what happens!!! Thrive!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where are you thinking?

Are you being deliberate in "where" you are thinking? Or are you in auto pilot and going with what comes up in your experience? Be deliberate and change your experience and change the world!!

Deliberate thinking takes place in your frontal lobe, reacting takes place in the back or primitive brain. It comes down to "do I want to create my day or do I want to react to my day?". Create my friend, that is where progress and expansion comes from. Fear and judgement comes from reacting, ugh!!

And how do you stay in creative thinking? Just ask yourself if what your thinking is serving you in growth or progression. Ask yourself this question and you begin discerning what your thoughts are in the process or doing, either creating a new path or re-acting previous paths that do not always serve your growth and expansion. And what is growth and expansion? Love

Be deliberate, be the Love that you are!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

What is your focus today?

Make it the one thing that is most important to you right now. Don't get distracted by all the little things that always "need" to be done. I know it may seem difficult to do, but at the end of the day, if those little things don't get done, they will be there tomorrow but the most important thing will be one day further removed from being accomplished.

What is the most important thing for you to do right now? The thing that gives you energy and excitement when you think about it....the inspiration that keeps raising its head and trying to get your attention. The thing that is screaming for you to bring it into existence. Go do that!!! Take a day off from the usual grind of work or daily activities and spend your time on an inspired thought......then tomorrow tell me it was not worth the time or you should have done something else!!!

Do what longs for you to participate with infinite potential, do what you love, be the Love that you are.......and see what happens!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Choosing your own reality.....nobody else can!!!

You choose your own reality every moment of every day. You choose how to perceive the physical experience you have and you choose the physical experience you have. You do, You know that, right?

My favorite story of this is from Abraham telling the story of a woman who is saying that her lover has left her and now she is sad. Abraham tells her "no your not" and the woman says, "I was happy, then my lover left and now I am sad". Again, Abe says "No your not, you're not sad because your lover left you, your sad because you are so removed from your true self". In other words, out of alignment with her true self.

Everything is about relationship, relationship to the external physical world, relationship to each other and the most important relationship being the one you have with you. Knowing your true self, treating yourself well, taking care of yourself, and being honest with yourself. Your true self is infinite. Infinite potential and Love, and if thats true, and it is, where does sadness fit in? The only place sadness is in play for your true self is when you are out of alignment and forget who you truly are.

Sadness has a purpose, its an indicator that you are out of alignment, thats it. The problem is that some people lose perspective and pitch a tent in despair, sadness or any other emotion that does not serve them and they call it home. Make no mistake, its a choice. Don't like where your at, choose another reality.

Too often people lose touch with the perspective of who they are and what they are capable of and unintentionally teach their children to do the same. Essentially, compromise becomes the norm and settling for something less than your worth becomes habit. Ugh! Don't do that!!! Do you Love yourself enough to be true to YOU? Do you? Not sure? Or very confident that you do? Look at what is showing up in your life, are you thrilled with every nuance of everyday? If not, ask what you can do differently for yourself. It's always a choice, choose well!!!

Your True Self finds egoic behavior interesting, not saddening. For instance, your lover, spouse or best friend acts out totally irrationally and maybe even attacks you. Your small self or ego, might attack back as a defense, or might withdraw and question your worth, or fall into despair and climb into that tent. But, your True Self would reflect and find the behavior interesting yet keep it in perspective, knowing the behavior is not coming from the other person's True Self. Any action taken from being aligned with your True Self would be supportive of you and the other person including leaving them alone if they are so steeped in a misperception of who they truly are.

How do you react when accused of something that is just not true? Do you defend yourself or try to convince the accuser of the truth? Or do you ask yourself, "what qualities do I have in play that would lead this person to believe this false accusation?", and it might be that you are so transparent in your actions that the other person just can't process this behavior without missing something. Asking internal questions always brings some wisdom out, which asking external questions rarely does.

Go within and then choose the reality that serves you!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Close your eyes, fall in Love, stay there!!" Rumi.......The Solution is in the Problem!! Redux

Always is and available if we stop, move into alignment and allow it to come to us. But in general most of us don't believe that to be the truth in which case our beliefs don't serve us. So what if you changed your belief about this one thing? What if you believed that the solution for every problem exists within the problem itself? Ah, you would be much more likely to access the solution.

But it's not that simple, because we struggle mightily with allowing things to come to us. We tend to believe that we need to make things happen, or if we analyze the issue, we will find the solution with our will to do so. In truth, the solution surfaces if we get curious, be patient and allow it to come.....but that can be difficult, can't it? But why is that so difficult? Because in our subconscious mind we have been conditioned to believe that through effort and hard work come rewards and outcomes. And we spend 95% of everyday operating from our subconscious mind. That is the level at which real change takes place, actually it's the level where transformation takes place.

This is why affirmations and visualization does not work for so many people. You can say an affirmation as many times as you want, but if your sub conscious beliefs are not congruent with the affirmation, it ain't happening. It's also why affirmations and visualizations do work for so many other people, they believe that they are powerful and creative.

As an example, do you see people as separate from you? Or do you see yourself connected to everyone else? Big difference!!! Which belief system does bigotry or jealousy emerge from? Which belief system does tolerance and compassion emerge from? Which belief system does "organized religion dogma" emerge from? (just to be clear, I'm not judging organized religion). Where does bullying emerge from? Where does victimhood emerge from? Pretty easy to discern which belief system is limiting and which is empowering, right? Please say yes!!

Bullying is a big topic in the news right now especially in light of the suicides around the country making headlines that are associated with cyber spying and bullying. What's the solution? Protesting and exposing the culprits? Obviously some people think so, but protests are not solutions....protests are resistance and what you resist persists!! The solution lies in the problem which is the bullies and the victims don't believe that they are intrinsically other words, the belief is that we are all separate and in ultimate reality we are all connected. Any act of violence or intimidation comes from one place and that place is fear. And if you truly believe that you are connected with every other person or every other thing for that matter, what is to fear? Nothing!!

Now this will not sit well with a lot of people, but I trust if you are reading this, it won't be too much of a struggle to get your head around it. The bullies and the victims are in resonance with each other. We get what we are. So if that's true and it is, then what is the "Are" state that is resonant within the bullies and the victims. It's hard to say without knowing the individuals and observing what is consistently showing up for them, but a broad brush approach might say.....they are conflicted. And again, I'm not judging either one, but if either one was consistently in a state of contentment and clarity, would bullying occur? But how likely could bullying manifest from a state of conflict or fear? And bullying can't manifest with only the bully, there has to be a victim, and the victim has to be in resonance on some level with the bully. Sorry, I know thats not easy to accept, but its the truth. We get what we are, not what we want!!!

Allowing the solution to emerge from the problem requires a shift from within. How can you facilitate that shift within yourself? Get quite, get curious and ask some simple questions for the single purpose of shifting from your current model of reality to a more expansive and attractive one. What can I learn? Where am I to Grow? How am I to change? What does this mean? Ask one or all four of these questions and just be with them, don't make any effort to answer them......get out of your head, drop down into your heart and rest there. Something might pop into your stream of thinking immediately or maybe might be an hour later or a day later that an inspired thought "comes" to you and provides you the insight you need for the question you asked.

As Rumi said, "Close your eyes, Fall in Love, Stay there". What problems are there when you are in a state of Love? None, and what are you and I? Pure Love!! How do I know? Because Love is expansive, Love is growth, Love is progress......and what is the Universe? Expansive, Growing and Progressive. What is Life? Expanding, Growing and Progressive........So again, what are we? We are Love, We are Life.......Be the Love that YOU are!!!

Fall in Love with Life and Life aligns with you. Fall in love with yourself and all will be well!!!!

You will never find what you are looking for in love, if you don't love yourself. Lady Gaga

So very True. I love Gaga, She is brilliant. How do you know if you Love yourself the way that you want to be loved? Look at what is showing up in your life!! How are you expressing your love for yourself?

It's always accurate and you can't hide from it. How are you allowing yourself to be treated by the world? That will tell you. Do you compromise on things for the sake of pleasing others desires for how you should be? Not sure that is a good indication on loving yourself.

Think about it. Do what you love to do, be the Love that you are and see how life treats you. Align with your true Self and life will align with you. How do you know if you are aligned with your true self? Do what you love and makes you feel strong and alive, anything less is not in alignment.

Think about it!!! And know I love you.......I'm going for a ride!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get dat Ass to making people smile!!! Uncle Rush

I'm a big fan of Russell Simmons. Dude is rocking ancient wisdom and the title is a paraphrase of one of his mantra's "Get dat Ass to giving!!", and and he follows it up with "keep giving until they can't live without it".

And he is dead on point!!! Too many people think that giving something away is just not doable, it can't be sustained. But that mentality comes from a perspective of lack and fear. There is no lack, well with one exception......a lack of empowering thinking. Go with empowering thinking, make as many people as you can today smile and see if you feel empowered or drained.

Want to be loved? Love someone else, better yet, love yourself! Want to be happy, make someone else can't be anything but happy when you make someone else happy.....Try it!!! I dare you!!!

Don't believe me, Ask 50 Cent.....when his first record label dropped him after he was shot up like 9 times, Uncle Rush told him to give his music away....and thats what he did, he gave it to everyone that would take it, DJ's, people on the streets, anyone that would take it. And what happened? So much demand for his stuff that the record labels came after him.....and the rest is, well where he is now.......Get Dat Ass to making people smile today!!!

I am not I....

I am not I
I am this one
Walking beside me whom I do not see.
Whom at times I manage to visit,
And at other times I forget.
The one who remains silent when I talk,
The one who forgives, sweet when I hate,
The one who takes a walk when I am indoors,
The one who will remain standing when I die.

Juan Ramon Jimenez

Where is your True Self? Walking beside you but do not see, are not even aware of most of the time? Forgotten? Remains silent when you when you talk?

I got a note from a friend on Facebook, saying long time since chatting and asking me to say something clever. Not sure how clever it was, but my response was......People are picky about the food they eat, the cars they drive, the friends they keep, the jobs they have.......but they are for the most part not very picky about the thoughts they have. And thoughts are very powerful, much more powerful than a gun, but much less paid attention to. thoughts become things.....good thoughts and bad thoughts........or I should say, functional thoughts and dis-functional thoughts.

That sloppy thinking, or haphazard thinking is why behavior of humans can be profiled. Could it be as easy to profile a person that is primarily functional in thinking as opposed to dis-functional in thinking? The FBI would tell you that their job is to profile dis-functional thinking people rather than functional thinking people.

I like the idea of profiling functional thinking people......the one that forgives Sweet when "I" hate, the one that remains silent when "I" talk.......The one that is in alignment with that ineffable eternal being that knows I can't force anything to happen......the One that allows this or something better to emerge through me.

Or as one of my mentors tells me and I am transforming the message to the meaning of this; being in alignment; "Spend time as the one that knows your potential to feel good, the one that asks nobody to be different so that you can feel good. Spend time as the free one that is not concerned with the cumbersome impossibility of needing to control the world or needing to control anyone or anything. Spend time as the One that knows that you are the only one that can create your reality, for nobody else can think for you, it's only you.

The One that will remain standing when I the non-local, ineffable eternal you that stands willing to come forth for those moments of genius, creativity, Joy, Pure Love when I allow me to.......not separate from, always available.......when my thoughts become one with I AM.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

If you could get the answer to any question on your mind, what would it be?

If you could ask any question and know that you would get the correct answer, what would it be?

Maybe it's;

What would it take for me to really enjoy my work?
What is it that I am missing that makes my work really successful?
What can I do to insure that my children become happy and successful adults?
What would it take for me to be fully content in everything that I do?
What would it take for me to have the relationship of my dreams?
What would it take for me to be so wealthy that I could do exactly what I want everyday?
What would it take for me to have the home of my life?
What would it take for my children to clean their room?
What would it take for me to not worry so much?

Or any other myriad questions you would love to have the answer for. First, have you asked the question? Just posed the question and got it out there. And I'm not talking about in frustration, I'm talking about getting quiet, still and just asking the question. In curiosity, not need, which is curiosity just to see what comes? If you do this, the answer will come in the way of your intuition. The key is to be aware, and most people discount intuitive messages and are therefore not aware.

Self Awareness is the most important asset you can employ on this journey we call life. And most people will say they are self aware, when in reality thinking they are Self Aware actually prevents them from being aware. Sounds like a play on words, I know, but its true. Each of us has full access to all the intelligence and wisdom of all ages, from past history, current day and future you believe that to be true? Your answer is what determines your ability to have access to it.

So ask yourself this question; What is possible by me having access to all the intelligence, creativity and wisdom of all the Universe, Source or God? Just sit with that.

Would it be possible to build Apple Computers? How about Microsoft? How about bring down dictatorships that have ruled countries for decades? How about becoming the first African American President? How about becoming the first female President? What about an economy that is based upon cooperation rather than lack. What about ending hunger? What about knowing that you are a divine, eternal being of infinite potential?

You are you know?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day!!!

So, Happy Birthday America!!!

But today is also a great day for declaring and really intending to be independent of the beliefs we hold that just don't serve us. And just to be clear, a belief is nothing more that what we take to be real, which is the basis of the fundamental truth that "we don't necessarily get what we want, we get what we are". And how do you know what you take to be real? Just look around you, just look at what is showing up in your experience. I love the way Michael Beckwith puts it. "You can't hide from your secret thoughts, because they keep showing up as your life".....and yes, even the thoughts you are not aware of.

When I am talking with people, the two most common issues that they want to talk about or work on are Relationships and Money. And both have at their basis the same resolution, because everything is about relationship......and I'm not talking about your relationship with others or one other in particular. I'm talking about the relationship you have with you. And when it comes right down to it, most people don't give much attention to that most important relationship.

Clean up your relationship with yourself and your relationship with everything else works. Thats it. End of post!!

Simple, but not always easy. When having this discussion, invariably I ask the person "Do you love yourself?" And almost to a person the answer is "yes", occasionally someone will look a little perplexed with a facial expression that indicates they have never really thought about it. But when I ask if they want to find out and we use muscle testing, the answer is almost always that they really don't ( I use "really" to soften the blow). The good news is that changing your thoughts (beliefs) around the love of yourself is as easy as getting out of bed and brushing your teeth. More on that in a minute.

Now sometimes people want to explore the accuracy of the muscle testing which is generally 100% (the only time its not is when one is intoxicated or dehydrated) because the testing is communicating with your subconscious which is literal, it can't deceive. They will say, "well of course I love myself, why wouldn't I? Why not indeed, and the answer is that we become conditioned to believe we are something other than what we are, Divine beings eternally connected with all there is, God, Source energy, the Universe or whatever your particular spiritual beliefs hold to be the Divine.

The conversation usually moves to looking at what is showing up in the person's life. A less than supportive spouse or significant other or even sometimes a down right abusive spouse. Sometimes it is a lack of trust for the person they are involved with, be it their spouse, partner or boss. I always ask, would someone that truly loved them self, remain in that state of mind? (again, what is your relationship with yourself?) It's never about the other person, its about You and your relationship to YOU!!!

So, once the person realizes that their beliefs and their relationship with their self is not supporting the life experience they want, we begin changing beliefs. Essentially replacing limiting beliefs with supporting and empowering beliefs. So immediately the person wants to change the belief about loving them self, but generally the case is that its best to begin changing in a little subtler manner.

I like using "I trust my True Self", but through dialogue the person I am working with determines what the belief statement is, and then we test to make sure it is safe to change. Safe in that it won't be too disruptive to their day to day life. Operating from to an "I Love myself" from anything else can wreak havoc.....people that truly Love them selves generally do not compromise on fundamental issues like respect, collaboration, etc. be it a boss that is not appreciative of the contributions you are making to a spouse that is self absorbed, the person would just remove them self from the situation.

Making gradual changes about how you feel about your self is much less disruptive and natural. As you change and begin to be the Love that you are and Love your self, people that are not resonant with that Love begin to fall away and out of your life experience as opposed to an abrupt departure. Other's that are resonant with that Love begin to make their way into it.

Moving into the Love that you are is a process when we have become separated from it. And what I mean by separated is temporarily by our conditioned thinking. You can never disconnect from the essence of who we are, pure positive LOVE.

I apologize for the length of this post, but I think its worth it. Life is a process and returning to the Love that is the essence of who each of us is should be paramount. As we embark upon this path life aligns with us and we get what we are. Pure bliss.

Tom Peters, tweeted today about our founding fathers and the signing of the declaration of independence. Can you imagine the courage it took to essentially make the public statement that I will not tolerate the tyranny of the British Government? Make the same statement about not being true to your True Self, by being the love that you are. Tap into that infinite intelligence and wisdom that is everything and experience life as it should be.....Bliss.

Love yourself, I do!! I'm sending it right now as you read this.....feel it?

Monday, June 27, 2011

Resistance and why it is good for you!!

Steven Pressfield is the author of "The Legend of Bagger Vance", a great Movie as well. He is also the author of two non-fiction books, "The War or Art" and "Do the Work" that are masterful at describing Resistance. I love a passage from the "War of Art", The counterfeit innovator is wildy self confident. The real one is scared to death.

I love that!! The real innovator is scared to death! Why is that and why would that be a good thing? Because the real Innovator is doing their purpose, their work for themselves as opposed to doing it for acceptance, recognition or acknowledgement from anyone else. For most people their actions are driven for making someone else happy or for being recognized for the accomplishment. I'll give you that this is a generalization but its also very true.

How many people that you know are you absolutely certain that they Love themselves wholly? How many people do you know that compromise their integrity to themselves for the sake of maintaining the status quo'? Seriously, How many? Okay an easier question, How many people have you seen completely implode their reputation, their "life" of so much potential because they did not Love themselves and bowed to resistance? What about Tiger Woods? Anthony Weiner? The Governator? Just take those three Dudes, would anyone in their right mind thinking in their right mind make such stupid mistakes? In a word Nope!!!! Their out of alignment actions were a result of resistance. And they caved, they were not scared enough to make an authentic choice. And I want to be clear, I'm not judging them, they just happen to be great examples.

Now on the other hand, take Thomas Edison. Do you think he was worried about what anyone thought when trying to come up with the incandescent light bulb.....those 2000 times before he actually figured it out? I don't think so, he was immersed in the process, and resistance had no room to latch on to his creative process. I'm sure he struggled at times, and you know at times he was scared to death, but he loved himself enough to keep going by what he was driven by. He Loved himself

So with that, let's go back to loving oneself. And you may have read or heard this before, but before you can be loved by another, you must first love yourself....and the good news is that it is the most natural thing that an individual can do. At your essence, you are Love, you only need to allow it to be part of your experience. So why is that so difficult for so many people (and it is)? Because we have been conditioned to think that love is something to be earned and that is external to us and its not. You can't be loved!! You are Love, and when you allow Love to be part of your experience, you experience the connection with all that is and those that are close to you. Do you think Love just goes away when a relationship ends? No!! Love does not stop, it is enduring.

You don't get what you want, you get what you are!!! Want to be loved? Be the Love that you are. The most important person you can be Love with is yourself and to do so, you only need to allow it as you are. Your relationship with the Love that you are is more important than any other relationship you have. Be the Love that you are, Love yourself, take time everyday to rest in that blissful state and just see what happens. Simple not easy.....but well worth it.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

How are you viewing life today?

For that matter, how do you view life everyday? It's kind of a big deal, you know!!! Are you taking control and being deliberate creating the life you desire? Or are you kind of going with the flow of what comes your way, not too unlike a ball in a Pin Ball game?

Now to be clear, the control that you have is over your thoughts, how and where you think and the resulting perspective. And those thoughts and perspectives that you hold right now are paving what you will experience in the future. What you are experiencing right now as your physical experience is a result of thoughts and perspectives that you have previously held.

What's the Rub? Spend as much time in a perspective of confidence and curiosity and be pleasantly surprised by the resulting manifestations. If something catches you off guard, don't resist it, don't despair....just find it interesting and let it go. Move on to a higher vision. Don't pitch a tent in the valley of discontent and call it home, Move on.

Revel in the life you find yourself in right now, and if its not what you want, change your thoughts about it........"Isn't that interesting, I found another way of not getting exactly what I want", then move on to finding a different way of getting what you do want by paving the road with calm, confident and progressive thoughts that support your desires.

It's really that simple, just not that easy depending upon your habits of thought. Just remember its never about the other person or the situation, its about you and your thoughts about the situation or the other person. Take responsibility for your thoughts and what they are creating, and be the Love that you are........and you will have the life of your desires!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Rory McIlroy.....US Open Champion!!!

Conratulations my man!! Very impressive performance yesterday from the 22 year old from Northern Ireland. He won going away....but for me more impressive was how he handled it. His fellow countryman Padraig Harrington made the comment that Rory would break Jack Nicklaus' Major win total of 22 which is a ridiculous feat in itself. All the pundits were calling him the next Tiger Woods, and one European player called him the the next Seve. All this being said about a a kid that has won once here in the States and once on the European tour.

Think about it, your 22 years old by 46 days and your peers are heaping all of this praise on you before playing the 4th round of perhaps the most difficult golf tournament in the world. Where would your head be? Holy Cow!!! Let the young man enjoy himself. Well with all the hype, Rory executed beautifully keeping his thinking where it should be, on each shot and not the hype. Not an easy task but well accomplished.

Resistance was kept at bay for Rory. And this accomplished after two months of it getting the better of him on the back nine at Augusta during this year's Masters. He had no fear combined with great decision making, not the least of which is where he was thinking.

Think about Tiger's domination in Golf prior to his surrender to resistance. His infidelity in his marriage was nothing short of Resistance being very creative in coming into play for him. Steven Pressfield in his book "War of Art" talks about the craftiness of Resistance. And says it is more difficult to kick than crack Cocaine, which it is, Tiger has yet to recover....but I suspect he will. Can't wait to see some of the epic back nines in Majors between Rory and Tiger.

So what can you and I take away from Rory's performance? Our lives should be taken one shot at a time, be in the moment, be aware of where we are thinking and be deliberate in moving toward our Bliss. Embrace Resistance for what it can be, our ally. The greater the Resistance, the greater the outcome when we win the battle over it by changing where we think. Move from emotional thinking to cognitive thinking.....we already know everything we need to know, but we can only access the wisdom and intelligence and Love that we are when we come from the calm and confident place of our True Self.

Well Done Rory, Well done!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rory McIlroy.....Post round interview

Rory continued to set US Open records today with a solid 68 extending his lead to 8 strokes. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this young talent on the course but his post round press conference was even better.

For those that don't necessarily follow Golf that closely, Rory at age 21 this past April, led the first three rounds of the Master's Golf Tournament, probably the most widely viewed Golf event in the world. I don't recall if he had a 3 or 4 shot lead when he teed' off on Sunday, but ended up shooting an 80 and faded into the day until he finished and faced the questions in the press tent. The same questions about collapsing or however it was positioned that he faces at every event he plays in since that Sunday in April. And he never waivered from answering the questions, handles himself extremely well each time he is posed a question about the Master's Sunday, way beyond his years.

Today after his round which was stellar, he lengthened his lead, he was asked how he deals with the nervousness out there in the moment on the course. I'm paraphrasing, but essentially he described changing where he thinks, from the emotion or angst of the situation to the process of making a good decision (moving to the frontal lobe). He talked about putting himself into the Shot and being in that moment only (which essentially changes where he is thinking) and not worrying about how the shot is pulled off or is executed, he focusses on the process......I love that, if it will work for Rory, it will work for you and I.

Perspective and changing where you are thinking....Rory is poised for a major and I will enjoy every moment of it tomorrow watching on Father's Day!!!!

Rory McIlroy.....tearing it at the US Open at Congressional

22 year old Rory bounces back after leading the first three rounds of the Masters this year to fire a disappointing 80 on Sunday to set a number of records for the US Open. Lowest 36 holes total ever, and the first man to hit 13 under. Did I mention he is 22 years old.

How did he do it with Golf being such a mental game? Perspective. He has one of the most beautiful swings in the game, but how does a 22 year old get his head straight for a major, especially the US Open where the USGA sets the course up to test your mind on every shot? Well he went a spent a few days in Haiti seeing what was happening over a year after the devastating earthquake from last January.......that will put things in perspective.

And what did he do after his morning 5 under 66 yesterday? Grabbed a bite to eat and went and saw Hangover 2.....then a quite dinner with his Pop who made the trip from Northern Ireland. After all it's just a Golf tournament.

Need to change something, change your to Rory, I'm going to enjoy watching him. Tiger, maybe a new perspective will do you well!!!

Be Well everyone and happy Father's day tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The way you think things just that

The way you think things are is just that.....the way you think they are. But that's real right? That's your reality and your experience of it is real, right? Until you change the way you think things are, that is what your reality is, but more accurately that is what you take to be real, which is your intention. So what if it were different?

What if you woke up and found that your family that you grew up in was not your biological family. Your parents that you have always "known" as your parents were actually a couple that adopted you at birth. Would that change your perspective on your life? Would your being somehow change? Would you look at your family different?

Likely, your love for your family would not change, but you might begin to think about your biological heritage, like who your biological parents are?, what they are all about?, are they alive? Do you have any siblings that you don't know? You would be changed by all these aspects of your heritage that you don't have answers for.....or you wouldn't. But it's up to how and what you think about these things.

So how much thought do you put into what you think about the things you take to be real? Now, I'm not proposing that you get paralysis from analysis, but if your not getting what you want, maybe you should begin thinking about what you take to be real.

Take for instance someone that has a job that they don't feel they are getting opportunities to advance in. How often is it that they blame the lack of opportunities on the organization and or their boss? And how often do they not do anything about it? They just stay in their job and neither look inward to see how they are participating in their situation or simply move on. Not a good place to be, but make no mistake, things are the way they seem to be because that is what the person thinks.

Now, my advice to people in this situation is always the same. Don't move on to another job until you get your thinking aligned about this job. If they just move on to another gig, they eventually will manifest the same or a very similar scenario.....because they have not changed and we get what we are and not necessarily what we want. Same thing for a relationship, its never the other person, its what we think about the other person, about ourselves and about the two of us together......but mostly what we think about ourselves.

Things are exactly the way you think they are, so if things are not pleasing or do not serve you, simply change the way you think about them......or simply stop thinking about them all together. You can do that you know?

Monday, May 30, 2011

What is your blueprint for the day?

“All I’m saying is that to liberate the potential of your mind, body and soul, you must first expand your imagination. You see, things are always created twice: first in the workshop of the mind and then, and only then, in reality. I call this process ‘blueprinting’ because anything you create in your outer world began as a simple blueprint in your inner world.” Robin Sharma

Love Robin Sharma and how true is it that anything and everything that you create in the outer world first began in your inner world, the world of your thoughts. So what is your blueprint for the day? Is your Blueprint expansive and progressive or something less? Today is about progress or it is know, are you adding or subtracting to life?

Sharma talks about a lot of very on point stuff, and today I want to spend time pondering his “7 Timeless Virtues of Enlightened Living”. Below is my take on these pillars for being deliberate and making every moment a moment for re-creating yourself to the best version of you yet.

1. “Master Your Mind. Your thinking is habitual based on conditioning. some of it serves you well and some of it does not. Mastering your mind is you having your thoughts and not them having you. It is knowing where you are thinking, you know, frontal lobe or emotional primitive part of the brain. Push through the thoughts that do not serve you and you are mastering your mind
2. Follow Your Purpose What do you love to do? There is a reason that you love it, it is resonant with your soul, go do that. And this does not mean that you have to quit a job that you have, but it does mean bringing your soul to your work
3. Practice Kaizen (constant and never-ending improvement) Every moment of every day is an opportunity for you to re-create yourself...what this Blog is about, Nuf said!!
4. Live with Discipline Honor yourself with spending your time doing the things that nurture you. Get up with the Sun, spend time quiet going inward, appreciate all that life has for you, lift someone up and be the Love that you are
5. Respect Your Time What if today was your last day on this beautiful planet? What would you do? Do the things that make you feel strong and connected, be the infinite being that you are....You wouldn't condemn the "other" political party would you? Would you be worried about your investments for retirement? Would you hold a grudge against someone you once loved for a perceived wrong doing? Didn't think so.
6. Selflessly Serve Others When you serve others, you serve yourself. Lift up another person perhaps by just a warm smile. It does not have to be a monumental task, A hug at the right moment can be huge for the person you hug....and you'll feel better too.
7. Embrace the Present” Be deliberate about being where you want to be with your thoughts, the past is gone and the future is being paved by the thoughts and feelings you are having right now, be deliberate

Today is Memorial day in the United States of America, a day to remember those that have served this country to keep it safe and free. The best tribute to those that have come before us is to be true to ourselves and pave a better future for ourselves and everyone we interact with. So what is your Blueprint? I have mine for the day, and I'm executing on the plan.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Your current experience is a result of the past....

And what you are putting your thoughts to right now is paving the future. You know that, right? What you take to be real right now, which is your intention, is the foundation for what you will experience in the future. So what are you taking to be real? Well being, or something less?

My new focus revolves around 3 things.
1. Do I know myself? Am I Self Aware?
2. Am I focused on the right stuff? My purpose.
3. Am I helpful with all my interactions?

By using these 3 inquiries, I have found that I enjoy pretty much everything that I embark upon including those things that I previously "just didn't enjoy doing". For instance, I generally do not like numbers, crunching numbers, analyzing numbers, implementing tactics to improve numbers, etc. And I have never really enjoyed spread sheets like Excel. However, by using these 3 inquiries, I am enjoying learning to use excel because I can see how if I use it to support # 2 and 3, it can be a tool to achieve what I want to accomplish.

In essence, the perspectives that I have had about numbers and "not really being a numbers person" are really just perspectives that have not served me, so I changed those perspectives and now something that I had previously "not really enjoyed, or down right disliked" now are enjoyable and further my purpose.

And in the process, I have begun really enjoying some relationships with people that tend to be "numbers" people. Now how good is that? Pretty freakin' awesome if you ask me. And guess what? My corporate gig that has aspects that I love so much I would do the work for free, and previously had aspects that I despised and frustrated me to no end, has become a gig that I embrace all aspects from a positive perspective. Those aspects that had previously frustrated me, now I see as just things that I thought were frustrating. That because of my perspective on them, they frustrated me.....and guess what happened? They indeed frustrated me.

Without a clear vision, my perspective on things manifested as just what my perspective on them was. So I changed my perspective based on a clear vision of what I want to accomplish and viola', not only do I change how I feel, but I see most of everything in a different light.

So, what perspectives that you hold consciously or un-consciously are not serving you? Gain clarity on what you want, act congruently with that clarity and you are paving the road for the future you want and the experience that will serve you. Oh, and it helps greatly if you develop an accountability partner relationship that you can expect to get candid feedback from....after all you are changing habits of thought which generally do not change overnight.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Have you ever wondered what Heaven is like?

At least once? Maybe several times? How about Heaven on Earth? Is that even possible? Heaven on Earth? With people killing each other over ideology? With people celebrating the death of another Human being? With Nature destroying so many lives and belongings? Surely heaven must be in another realm.

Nope!! Heaven, Nirvana, pure bliss or whatever label you want to put on it, is at hand always. It's closer than your breath, nearer than your very being. Close your eyes, get still, drop down out of your head and into your heart, be the Love that you are and the illusions that you are anything else just fall away.

Or as Sonia Choquette says, Fall in love with life and life will fall in love with you. Once you do that, then act on what comes to you. It might be to stop an addiction, it might be to repair a relationship that has been neglected for too long, it might be to change a direction you are taking in your life's path....who knows what may come to you, but the key is to act upon it from that essence of pure Love.

When you do this, beautiful things happen, because life will align with you and your intentions. try it and revel in the excitement of not knowing how the beauty will manifest for you.

If you do not go within, you go without! Know thyself and you know all you need to. Nothing earth shattering, ancient wisdom that we take for granted and rarely access. You have access to it always, you know that, right?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Judgement Day....NOT!!! Or was it?

6pm came and went yesterday with not much fuss....certainly not the end of the world. I don't know the guys name that is responsible for creating the fun and games around judgement day being yesterday, but enough people though he was right, that they sent him over $18 million in donations. Which begs the question, Donations for what? If you really believed it was the end of the world, what are you donating to? Maybe they thought by buying into his baloney, they would be saved? Ugh!!

It is amazing how many people are just dying to buy into some horrible story, and for what? Why go there? Seth Godin blogged on it today and hit it right on the head. Sell a story that people want to believe or sell a story that people already believe. Ouch!! How many people believe that we are all sinners and will be judged by an old man in a white robe or some derivative of the story in revelations? Millions, and most of them are judgmental too, why not? being judged is part of their story. And I'm not judging those that choose to go with that belief!!

So, I'm working on a positive story of expansion and progression. Stay tuned. Lately I have been drawn to Lady Gaga!! Yes Lady Gaga, who at face value is a shock jock, or at least that was my perception with just bits of exposure to her via tabloid media. But I saw an interview that Anderson Cooper did with her on 60 minutes, and immediately fell in love with her and especially her mission and purpose. And her music isn't too bad either.

The story she is telling is to be yourself and love yourself. You don't have to be like everyone else and frankly you shouldn't be, because you are your own individual, so don't get lost in trying to be someone your not. And that story resonates with many people, and is very close to the story I am telling in this blog......Know yourself and choose every moment as the moment to tap into your true self.

How many Gaga fans bought into the judgement day story of yesterday? How many of the readers of this Blog bought into it. My 14 year old son, said the Universe wouldn't choose to end the world today, it's too nice of a day!! I liked that, and its always too nice a day to do anything other than progressive and expansive thinking. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Why is change so hard sometimes and so easy at other times?

I can't recall the exact number, but it's well over 1 million. That is the number of people that go to the hospital or doctor's office and get an infection that they did not have before going to the hospital or doctor's office every year in the United States. Thats disgusting, and worse yet, over 100,000 of those people will die from the infection they got while seeking medical treatment for something else. 100,000 people in the US will die this year because they went to a medical facility for something, caught a completely different infection and did not recover.

Why? How does that happen? That's simple, only about 40% of Medical professionals wash their hands when they are suppose to. Medical professionals are suppose to wash their hands when they come into a room with a patient and wash their hands again as they leave, it's called "Wash in, Wash out". So in essence, these medical professionals transfer germs on their hands from one unsuspecting patient to the next.

When surveyed, these medical professionals respond that they are adhering to the "Wash in, Wash out" standard 87% of the time, more than double what they are actually doing. How can that be? Are these Doctors and nurses delusional or just misleading? Neither, they honestly believe they are following the protocol the vast majority of the time and they know the statistics and how important washing their hands is for the safety of the patients they are treating.

It comes down to how deliberate we are in our thinking and how self aware we are. And this applies to how deliberate we are in our interactions with others. Are we enabling disempowering behavior or even down right dangerous behavior. Yes, the vast majority of us are. In the medical facilities, medical staff observe doctors and peers not washing their hands as they should be, but say nothing. Why? A number of possible reasons, but it comes down to not taking it upon themselves to be responsible for holding others accountable in a meaningful and tactful manner.

Are we really that lazy or irresponsible? Well at face value, yes, we are. So what can we do? Well, begin to be self aware for one aware that actions or in-actions both accomplish something, and the question we need to ask ourselves is "By me taking this action or doing nothing about a situation, is my decision progressive and does it support growth and expansion?" Now that may seem Altruistic, and it is, but it is also how we evolve rather than repeating behavior that is detrimental or detracts from growth and expansion.

The next time you catch yourself reacting, stop and think about what that reaction will accomplish. Will it benefit you or anyone else truly? Will it empower you or someone else? or will it accomplish the opposite? Use that moment as a moment to reincarnate yourself or create a new you and change the outcome to an empowering and expansive catalyst. You can do it, you know? If not you, then who?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Being Deliberate about you......

What do you suppose would happen if today, you deliberately chose to focus on being just 10% more self aware. In other words, you made a deliberate effort to observe your thinking, whether it was while driving your car, riding the train or bus, or sitting in a meeting. You just observed where your thoughts were going. First thing you would notice is that you have an almost endless stream of thoughts going through your mind at an waking moment. Second thing you would notice is that some of those thoughts are a little troubling and not really very positive, some might be down right judgmental.

Sunday night I came home to watch Game of Thrones on HBO. But I was drawn to turn the channel to CNN, and the big Story was Bin Laden having been killed. While everyone waited for President Obama's address to the nation, officially announcing Bin laden's death, a crowd of people gathered outside the front of the White House. Celebrating!! Singing the National Anthem, "God Bless America" and waving the flag and celebrating. My immediate thought was, Oooh, now that does not feel right for me......and I understand he was a bad guy and a terrorist and all that, but celebrating?

And, I want to be clear, I'm not judging or condemning anyone, I just find it interesting how people react to this emotional issue. Facebook was full of comments about how great it was and the evil rat got his due justice and on and on. Many of the comments coming from devout Christians who live under the commandments of their God, one of which is "thou shalt not kill"......which when you think about it, the United States is one Nation under God......which I think most people would agree is the God that put forth the ten commandments.

Did we just get caught up in the moment and take a lapse from our reason? I think it was more a momentary lapse from our true selves. I am grateful that I immediately felt the sense that celebrating the death of anyone, even Bin Laden, was not something that felt other words, I did not react to the collective and I was aware of my True were many people......I like that, that is empowering.

One of my tenets that I live by is that we are all connected and not separate from each other. If I do something bad to someone else, I am doing that thing to myself as well.....if I do something good for myself, I am doing something good for everyone.

In closing, I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "Why do we kill people that have killed people, if killing people is wrong?" Good Question.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

What are you going to do today?

Is it the best thing for moving you forward? If not, why do it? Do whatever it is that will move you forward, stretch your comfort zone to grow.....or just keep doing the same thing and accept the same version of yourself that you have currently. It's all about choice. And the choice is your thoughts, or where you are thinking.......Choose well

Monday, April 25, 2011

Missing the Mark

Do you ever think that you are evolving? I'm not talking about humanity or nature or the Universe itself. I mean you personally, are you evolving? You are you know? How many times have you had an epiphany and in a moment completely changed your perspective on a topic or a belief? Did you ponder what caused that change? Thats Big, and I suspect that if you are reading this, you have done just that. I love when this happens.

Do you ever think about what caused that transformative thought that changed the context of your thinking? There are always two forces in play with your thoughts.....let me repeat, ALWAYS. One is your creative thought or desire and the other is resistance. My last few posts have revolved around resistance, because it is so important to fully understand it for what it is and Steven Pressfield Distills it down to its essence beautifully. My intent with writing about is to better embrace it and impart even if only a small part of the wisdom that resistance can provide.

It's similar to Contrast in that it provides context. Knowing and experiencing what you don't want or like allows you to better know and desire what you do want or like. Resistance becomes sort of a guide post in that if it surfaces, you are very likely on to something. The Axiom, anything worth undertaking will not be easy is an example. If it were easy to accomplish, what creativity or out of the box thinking is required? How are you stretched? How does it help you grow? Resistance becomes an ally when taken in the right context.

So what context does resistance become an ally of ours. In the context that Source, or the Universe is not indifferent. It responds to exactly what you have going on internally, if you are hesitant, it will respond with the exact result for that. If you are active and progressive, it will respond with a result congruent with that. When Resistance rears its active head, you either acquiesce unconsciously or you recognize it and act in spite of it. How does either of these two scenarios manifest? In the first, you are inspired to do something, but the impulse to do something else overrides the first thing, you acquiesce and don't accomplish the inspired thing. In the second, You are inspired to do something, but recognize the impulse to do something else and say "screw you, resistance" and immediately act on the inspiration without concern for how it will turn out, or maybe with nothing but a positive intention for how it will turn out. That last part is important!!

So, Let me try to provide a real life application. The thought comes to you to call an old flame from years gone by, but resistance rears its head, and you switch to thinking I need to get the grocery shopping done, or fix dinner, or clean the car, of make sure the children did their homework or any other activity that diverts you away from the initial thought of calling the old flame and you never do. The Universe responds by providing you with myriad other things to keep you busy and indifferent to the inspired original thought.

Now, in the instance where you recognize when resistance rears its head, you feel a little unnerved but dial the old flame's number without concern for their reaction or what might come of it. Maybe they answer and you have a nice conversation and catch up on where life has taken you both, maybe its weird and awkward, maybe you caught them at a moment when they needed to hear a familiar voice at just that moment, or maybe they don't answer, but call you back at a later time when they noticed you called.

The point here is that you acted on inspiration, and the Universe, not being indifferent, provides you with, really rewards you with an experience that makes for a better you. Think about it, Where did that inspiration come from to call that old flame? It came from somewhere, maybe it came from the ineffable True You.......and if it did, don't you think there is a reason for it? And if you trust your True Self and the Universe, don't you think its for a good reason? And don't get all caught up in the idea that I'm suppose to hook up with the old flame again, that just closes down the infinite potential of what could be to something much smaller.

Missing the Mark is really missing what life, the Universe or Your True Self provides for you to experience and when you do, you have paused your evolution and things tend to get really bumpy when you do this. The answer then, is to push through resistance and act on inspired thought or desire, the Universe will take care of the rest by responding appropriately.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday.......Gotta go with a resurrection theme

I know Easter Sunday is all about the resurrection of Jesus as told to us in the Bible. I happen to be a bigger fan of some of the books left out of the Mainstream Bible because they resonate with me much more, and I'm not judging the Bible or anyone that is a fan of it. My belief is that Jesus taught us to resurrect our True Selves everyday.

One of the things that I hold closest to finding truth is knowing your True Self. And for me, along with that is my highest goal of; Being connected with the flow of the Universe. For many people that is a little too esoteric or not very well defined, but for me it couldn't be more exact. The flow for me is recognizing what is brought forth from me or brought to me, recognizing it and acting from inspiration (or in-spirit-ation). And when I allow for that connection, everything is so ridiculously right, anything other than awesome just does not exist, and words cannot articulate it. When in this connection, my True Self has been resurrected from my small conditioned self.

Steven Pressfield, in his book "The War of Art" talks about it in this way. What do I feel growing inside of me? Let me bring that forth, if I can, for it's own sake and not for what it can do for me or how it can advance my standing. Deepak Chopra has a premise that helps remind me of how to get connected to the flow. I am independant of both the good and bad opnions that others have of me. Love that, it takes the Ego out of play. The Ego despises connection with the Universe, for that is where growth and expansion comes from, and neither of these states have room for the Ego.

Another process that I use for gaining that connection is to ask these questions when faced with a challenge or having a problem;

Where am I to grow?
What am I to learn?
How am I to change?
What latent possibility is waiting to emerge through me?
(All of these come from Michael Beckwith, a very tapped in Dude)

Ego does not like those questions either, too much vulnerability!!! Ha!!

Pressfield writes about another test that is now in my arsenal; Of any activity you do, ask yourself; If I were the last person on earth, would I still do it? The purpose for this is to determine your orientation. If you were all alone on the planet and you would still pursue the activity, rest assured you are doing it for growth and expansion.

So, It's Easter Sunday........I dare you to resurrect your True Self, because again, what the world needs are more people that are their True Self. Think about it, what problems would there be? And last but not least, You get what you Are and not necessarily what you want!!! Be Your True Self!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More to Offer!!!

Steven Pressfield is the author of "The Legend of Bagger Vance", which was made into one of my all time favorite movies. He is also the author of two non-fiction books, "The War or Art" and "Do the Work" that are masterful at describing Resistance. I love a passage from the "War of Art", The counterfeit innovator is wildy self confident. The real one is scared to death.

Resistance is an indication that you are on to something. You know that you have more to offer but can't pull the trigger. And everyone has this, nobody is exempt from it. If you are reading this, you know what I'm talking about and you find yourself filling your time with anything that does not support this "More to offer" thing. Unhealthy relationship with another person, or a substance, or shopping, or eating....all a manifestation of resistance.

What is the key to overcoming resistance? Well, first you will never fully overcome it, get that out of the way right up front. But you can use it to your advantage, further your growth and be in alignment with your true self as a result of it. Second thing is to recognize it, and this can be a challenge because it can be so natural for us. For some people sitting in front of the TV for hours on end can be resistance. For others it might be exercising chronically, for others it can be having sex. The key to recognizing it is how you feel after the act is done. Are you exercising or having sex to avoid moving toward the "More to Offer" thing? How does it feel? empowering or empty?

Resistance can manifest just as easily by avoiding activities as well. Are you avoiding intimacy with a loved one? Are you not taking care of yourself, or not creating a balance in work and play? The Drama and problems associated with not taking care of yourself are resistance as well, because they keep you from moving towards that "More to offer" thing. And I want to be clear, the "More to offer" thing could be for you to simply become more of your True Self and in doing so, you are offering More.

There are many accomplices to resistance. Family and friends, colleagues at work know us well and have certain expectations of us and they adapt to these expectations as we adapt to our expectations of them, and heaven forbid we not conform and meet the expectations placed upon of us. Status Quo is an accomplice. Do you think Steve Jobs, Co Founder of Apple Computers was concerned about meeting other people's expectations? No, which is why he was fired twice by the Board of Directors. He was concerned about being true to himself and what "more he had to offer" which is why Apple rehired him twice. The company was not even close to the same without him.

Okay, back to using resistance to your advantage. When you recognize it, move through it. Push yourself through it. Deliberately practice moving through it. Change where you are thinking. Embrace it for what it opportunity for you to step through it and become more of who you are. More of the Divine being that can tap into the ineffable and infinite potential that you have access to when you decide to. Commit to being a worthy adversary to resistance and resistance will give way to the infinite potential that you are.

The awesome thing about embracing resistance and taking it on, is what comes from it. And what I mean by that is what comes through you from that act. That is playing large, not having any pre-conceived notion of what will come, but knowing that by facing resistance and moving through it, great things will come. But one of the great weapons of resistance is you have to trust, because if you don't, you won't try. But, when you think about it, what isn't to trust? Or do you believe the world or Universe is against you? The Universe is expansive and growing, its not against you, its for you......but its also inclusive, so it provides you with what you think and act. Acting from alignment brings you aligned results, Period!! Acting out of alignment brings you out of alignment results, Period!!!

The Drive is the most important shot in Golf, because it sets you up for the approach shot to the green. Embracing Resistance is the most important Value you can have, because it alone allows you to be your True Self.......and what the world needs now more than ever before is People to be their True Selves!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Finite or Infinite?

Is your thinking based on you being finite or infinite? Think about it for a minute, and I mean really think about it. Thoughts of lack or regret or limiting concepts are obviously from a finite mind set. And as always it comes back to perspective.

Deepak Chopra has a process that he has people do, in which he has you close your eyes, and quite the mind. Then he has you visualize yourself sitting in the chair in the room that you are actually in, and has you think about whether you are in the room or is the room in you?, then he has you visualize the home or building you are sitting in from above it as if you were hanging from a tree, "now are you in the home or is the home in you? Then move your perspective to viewing the city you live in, Are you in the city or is the city in you?

I was talking with a friend that is working on changing their beliefs around money and I asked her, "Is the Universe abundant?", She answered "yes". So I asked her "Are you part of the Universe?" She answered "yes". "Well then you must be abundant!" The challenge is that consciously thinking about being part of the Universe that has infinite abundance is easy, but when we move to a consciously unconscious state (which is about 95% of the day), we operate from our subconscious and the beliefs that we have been conditioned to take for real. For most people this is that we are separate from everyone and everything and that you need to be self sufficient through hard work and life can be cruel and unfair at times. Think thats a little to drastic? Look around, look at how people treat each other, look at how we treat the Earth or animals and creatures. The next time you get cut off in traffic, notice your thoughts about the other driver.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi puts it perfectly in his book "Flow", "A person can make himself happy, or miserable, regardless of what is actually happening ‘outside,’ just by changing the contents of consciousness." And in actuality, by changing the contents of your consciousness, you can change what is actually happening outside. But this takes practice, first the practice of being aware of what your consciously unconscious thoughts are and then the practice of changing them when you realize they are thoughts that don't serve you.

This practice is good for a number of reasons, it provides an platform from which to practice deliberate thinking, but it's also reiterating that you are operating in a model of infinite potential, or living and playing Large rather than Small. I also do it with energy and it takes about 5 minutes literally to change a limiting belief and replace it with an empowering belief. The process itself is empowering and immediately beneficial, but the slower route of practice is empowering as well.

Either way, want to change your life or a situation, change how you think about it......or change where you are thinking about it. A few posts ago, I commented on the difference in thinking from the frontal lobe and the reptilian brain.....makes a big difference.

Do you want to be infinite of finite, its up to you!!!