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Monday, December 12, 2011

Today....I AM resting in a state of nonresistance-

How many times have you found yourself mired in some negative state because of what is?  And your internal dialogue sounds something like, "What the hell!" or "Why Me!!" or the proverbial, "I can't believe this is happening".  Well, that resistance is the very thing giving that negative state power over you, and what does negative create?  Yep, more negative.  Try just accepting whatever caused you to lapse into that negative state as the fact that it is for now.  After all, you are responsible even if it was not deliberate.

Accepting something doesn’t mean that you like it, or want it to continue. It only means that for the time being, you’re willing to not be in resistance to it and allow it to dominate you.  When you resist, you cut yourself off from the flow of creativity that is always with you.  You are not allowing that creativity to surprise you with the simple solution that always resides in the problem itself.  You're not allowing because you're pushing and pushing is never progressive. 

Accepting things as they are as opposed to resisting them allows you to see the same things differently and in a way that you may very well be surprised with.  You know, the "Blessing in disguise" kind of way.  Think about how many times that has happened to you.  Now think about how many more times that might have happened had you dropped the resistance you held with other situations.  

Don't pitch a tent there, pack it up and move other words flow with life, don't resist it, because it is there for a reason and yes, you are responsible for it.  When faced with a "problem", avoid the inclination to empower it by accepting it as a conclusion.  Rather, accept it for what it is in this moment knowing that by dropping your resistance to it, you will see it in a new light.  Do you think the chick or duckling in the egg when it grows so large it is uncomfortable resides in that discomfort?  No, the chick pecks it's way out into a whole new world not previously known to it.

It is what it is, Accept things for what they are now, because that is all they are.  What they are now can change in an instant, when you change you stance on them!!!

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