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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today......I AM looking for what is working!!!

Rather than noticing what is perceived to be something wrong, I intend to look for everything that is working.  We tend to see what we are looking for, and my consciousness focused on what is working well mobilizes resources for more things to work well.  This is not just an exercise in optimism, yet there is nothing wrong with optimism.

Missing your family because of travel?  Is that better than not having a family to miss?

Lost your job recently?  Could you find your dream job if you were working 50 hours a week at your old job?

Have a Relationship fall apart seemingly for no reason recently?  Could you meet the person you realize deep love that grows everyday had you been in your old relationship?

This isn't just some Polyanna attitude about life's "Trials".  Life is progressive and the point sometimes, that it will pull you by the collar (while you kick and scream) from situations that ultimately are not in your best interest or supporting you on your path.  You know, "yea, though I walk through the valley of death....", well some people pitch a tent there rather than walking through it and call it home.  Don't do that!!!!  Thats Crazy!!

Missing your family?  In your down time away from them, plan how you will connect with them deeper when you get back.  Lost your Job?  Take stock of all the skills and talents you developed at the old job and how you will leverage those even greater in your next opportunity.  Got dumped by the "love" of your life?  Take stock of and reflect on your contributions to the old relationship, and know that you outgrew that relationship.......and adopt the attitude of "NEXT!!!!"  Don't pitch a tent!!!  Progress on, move forward, GROW!!!

When things surprise you in seemingly bad ways....get excited to see what is coming next.  And by the way, take responsibility for everything that is coming into your experience, and I mean everything.  Or are you a victim?  No, I didn't think so.

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