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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Today.....I AM residing in conclusions that are the opposite of my initial conclusion

What?  Well, Alright 75% of them anyway, just to see the difference.  For most people, 95% of the day is spent operating from auto pilot thinking, or the subconscious.  From there, you don't distinguish between your perceptions of reality and reality itself.  So from your perception of reality, you get what you are looking for, because you get what you are and not necessarily what you want.

Try it, what have you got to lose?  Well, if you are not having everything in your life going exactly the way you want it to, what you have to lose are experiences that keep you from having that.  It's true you know, and you are responsible, but its not your fault.....until you realize it and do nothing about it.

For example, if you get cut off in traffic, how many times is your reaction to think "you idiot!" or some other derogative?  And some people then even become aggressive in their own have likely seen this.  So what if you noticed that you had this or some other less than positive reaction and asked your self "Is that really true?" or "Do I really know that?".  The answer will always be NO, I don't know this.......but your initial reaction came to this conclusion.  And the point is this, erroneous or even just definite conclusions are of no earthly good to you!!!!  Really they are not.

You can apply this to any situation, and interaction with your partner, an employee, your boss, anyone or anything.  Whenever you come to a conclusion from your subconscious the chances are that it is wrong?  why can I say that with total confidence?  Because the world is dynamic and ever changing, but your subconscious is not.  Your beliefs that may have been true about the way things are, probably are not now because so much has changed but you.  And at best, your conclusions are limiting the infinite potential that exists in an open mind.  Think I'm wrong, ask anyone in Tunisia, Egypt, or Libya.  The conclusion that a dictator controls their life came to an end in the last 11 months.  Let's trust they land on conclusions of optimism and progress moving forward.

Now, I'm not judging, but I am saying most of your conclusions are just stories that fit with your beliefs.  And our beliefs we take as the gospel or truth.  And at the end of the day, the only truth is that we don't know anything as ultimate truth except for what we feel to be right in our heart!!!  Truth to each of us as eternal, divine beings is not a cerebral experience, it's a feeling when we drop out of our head and into our hearts.

So today, I'm going to jump into a conclusion that is the opposite of what I initially thought.....unless it feels too good, then I'll stay with that one, which for me is about 25% of the time.  I AM a work in progress!!!

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