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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Know Thyself, The True Self......The I AM

I was talking with a dear friend the other day and she asked me, "How do you know when you are in touch with your True Self?  I mean, how do you know the difference between your ego or personality and your True Self?"  My reply without hesitation was "Alignment"!!!  When you are aligned or in resonance with the essence of You, the "I Am-ness" from which we all came, You know it.

She looked at me like she had heard me say that 25 times before (which she had) and said "yeah, but how do you know "it" when you know it.  My reply didn't help her in "Knowing it", but we did experience a change in both of us during that moment that did help her.  I said, "It is different for everyone, and it is beyond what words can describe.  I think it was Lao Tzu that said, and I'm paraphrasing, "the Tao that can be told, is not the eternal Tao."  The eternalness or divine-ness that is the essence of us, or as I prefer it, the "I Am-ness" can't be told, it can only be experienced, and good thing too......!

The experience of change we were having........and I asked her "Do you feel where we are moving to?"  and she nodded yes.   I said the dialogue that we are having is being allowed, its not contrived or strategic in just flows.   For instance, the thought of the four noble truths from Buddhism came to my mind at the right time, and made perfect sense to her.
1.  Anything is possible.
2.  You can't make anything happen.
3.  You can allow anything to happen.
4.  If you allow it to happen in order to make it happen, it won't happen.
(which by the way, is why so many people that "use" the Law of Attraction are frustrated when what they wanted to create is not showing know those "where is my stuff" people)

So, how is it that you know you are allowing?  How is it that you "know your True Self"?  You feel it.  If your in the middle of something, and the thought comes to mind, "am I aligned with my True Self?"  the answer is always right there.......How do you feel?  If you feel light, joyous, strong, empowered, loving, compassionate, grateful or just positive in are more aligned than not aligned.  On the other end of the spectrum, if you feel like you are frustrated, or struggling, or that what you are doing is difficult or anything other than light and are out of alignment.  

Now, there are several keys to this.  The first is, you need to be able to stop and observe where you are at in the middle of something.  This can be very difficult for people.  But, as you practice this, it becomes very easy and very powerful.  So, an easy way to start, is to do this, be very deliberate and however you organize your day, set aside an activity, any could be grocery shopping, or having lunch.......but use that activity to practice observing where you are mentally during that activity.  (You will see what David Bohm meant when he said, We think we are having our thoughts, but most of the time our thoughts are having us)  You want to just observe, don't judge the actual thoughts, don't try to stop them, you just want to observe.  Observe your thoughts...... are they open and curious, or judging in nature? Are they compassionate or possessing? 

The second Key is, observe from your heart, not your head.  Your intellect has nothing to do with this process, it's a feeling process.  To the Divine or "I Am-ness", intellect is a non-issue.  The "I Am" is omni-sentient, omni-powerful, omni-knowing.  So get out of your head and into your heart.......That is what "If you do not go within, you go without" means.

Okay, so now I am going to close and let you be with this thought process........when you get to the point that you are observing your thoughts, where are you?  Are you in your body, or is your body in you?  Are you in the room your body is in, or is the room your body is in, in you.  Are you in the world you know as your world, or is the world in You?  

I like this, next I'll look at becoming the Self You want to be and what that can mean.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Greater Good is always flowing....are you in it?

Do you believe your life is unfolding toward an ever greater fulfillment, greater joy, health, love, prosperity? That your greater good is always flowing into your experience? Take that a step further, are you allowing this to occur? Or are you trying to change what is? Two very different states, and where do you think most people are? let's take the current economic situation. The government is rather clumsily attempting to "Stimulate" the economy with a $800 billion bill. Most people are saving money and have cut back spending for fear of the economy getting worse. Financial pundits are telling us to pay off debt and save money. Now what does the economy need to rev up? Money spent, not saved......but the over riding sentiment is things are going to get worse before they get better.....which perpetuates the fear of spending and the "need" for saving.

Does that over riding sentiment of things are going to get worse before they get better.........sound anything close to the belief that "Your greater good is always flowing into your experience"? or that "Life is unfolding toward an ever greater fulfillment, greater joy, better health, love and prosperity"? So what do you suppose would happen if for one week, 50%, or even just 25% of the population, actually operated from the intention that "My greater good is always flowing into my experience"? That when they saw a doom and gloom report, they took the stance, "okay, whatever!! glad that's not my experience". Well, what would happen is that the economy would get a shot in the arm like never before.........Don't think so? Try it, just for a week, and if it's hard to be in the right state of mind.........when you catch yourself holding back from spending.......ask yourself this question "What bad thing will happen from me spending this money"? Not what bad thing could happen or will happen after I spend it......"what bad thing will happen from me spending this money"? The answer will always be, "nothing" as long as you are operating from the belief and knowing that "My greater good is always flowing into my experience".

Now, the key about this concept is that we have to embody this is as our reality. One of my favorite teachers says, "Practice is not about manifestation, it's about alignment", and that is the's about aligning ourselves with the experience we desire. So, what does "my greater good is always flowing into my experience" feel like for you........get into that feeling and rest there for a bit, How freaking Good is that? Hello!!

NOW LISTEN!!! this is important!! When something presents itself, and it will, that seems to be contrary with that intention.........DO NOT jump into alignment with that experience by asking "What the hell?", that's not my greater good!!!................that's contradicting your intention!!! Just observe it and don't place a value on it..........Your greater good will flow to you in myriad different ways, and knowing that as you reside in that feeling (you know that Freaking good feeling!) is flowing to you, it will, it is!!! It can't not flow to you........unless you ask "Where's my stuff", which then creates you being in a state of lack of your stuff!!!

I'm doing it next week, when I order my new Harley Davidson Street Glide........adding to my stable of Harley's.........Yeah baby!!!! Which made me realize I need a bigger Garage,,,,,,there's that greater good flowing to me again!!! Holy Cow!!!! Better start House hunting!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

"I can see, and that is why I can be happy, in what you call the dark, but which to me is golden. I can see a God-made world, not a manmade world."

"I can see, and that is why I can be happy, in what you call the dark, but which to me is golden. I can see a God-made world, not a man made world." Helen Keller

See a God made world as opposed to a man made world!!! What genius!! How easily we forgo being able to see the Divine essence of everything in lieu of "Me, Mine, My".

My Sunday's are now my day to deliberately change my way of thinking. Change your mind, its really pretty simple.............the next time you react to something and become frustrated or maybe even down right pissed off.........STOP!! Then move into a place of "gratitude" about the circumstance..........even if its being grateful that you recognized you were reacting. Stay in that place of gratitude as long as you can.........even if it's only 68 seconds, and then be present enough to observe what happens, what changes, see how you feel.

When you do this, you deliberately created a better experience...........and do it with "Enthusiasm"............Why? Well, did you know that Enthusiasm comes from the Greek word "en thous" meaning possessed by God.........So when your enthusiastic, GOD is within you (always is) and you see a God made world............We need more eyes seeing that world.