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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Are you a Consumer or Creator?

I don't recall where I read an article or story about "Consumers", but the gist of the story was that Consumer is an ugly word. When you think about the definition being an "individual or entity that 'uses' up goods or resources", I guess in that context it is a kind of ugly term...."Uses up", which is almost the opposite of "Creator".

I saw this morning that BP had announced the "Top Kill" process for stopping the oil leak in the Gulf had failed.........Doink!!! No kidding, something called "Top Kill" when dealing with an environmental catastrophe and it didn't work? Maybe Mother Earth is trying to tell us something. Consumer driven? Hmm...........Wonder what would happen if the issue was looked at from a "Creator's" perspective..........or better yet, what would happen if 25% of everyone alive just got aligned with their true selves.........a miracle maybe?

Or better yet, what if 25% of everyone alive stepped into the excitement of waiting to see what might come from this and then just let it go and saw what happened. Rather than collapsing the infinite possibilities into what we have, what if we stopped the pessimistic small model of what is and opened it up to the the infinite possibilities of what might come............I think the Universe might come up with a better alternative..........and no that is not some aery fairy idealistic notion.

A close friend was telling me about an experience where she was in the hospital for a potentially life threatening condition. The Medical staff was doing tests and trying to determine the best direction to take and while lying in the hospital bed she got into a meditative state where she felt connection (I'm paraphrasing) with all that is and a sense of comfort and peace, and just stayed there for awhile. When the doctors came back to continue testing, the condition was completely gone. Some people might call that a miracle, but knowing what I know, what she did was restore normalcy......she aligned with her true self, the divine inner being that she is, and in that state, the dis-ease of the condition was not resonant and there was no alternative but for it to no longer exist. And it didn't. That's the difference in collapsing potential to what is and opening the potential up to the infinite potential that we all are............."You don't get what you want, You get what you are"

Be a Creator!!! And then share

DailyGood: What Makes Us Come Alive?

Good article on two very interesting and engaging gentlemen. Think about that, "Engaging"!!! Are you engaging life or reacting to it?........Engage it and see what happens.

DailyGood: What Makes Us Come Alive?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"The reasonable man adapts himself to the world......

The unreasonable man try to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress is attributable to the unreasonable man". George Bernard Shaw

I'm going to start making it a habit of doing at least one completely unreasonable thing everyday. Like calling a famous person I admire and picking their brain, or telling my boss that I don't have time to come to work anymore!!! I like that one!!!

I'm also going to do one thing a day that I resist doing or am afraid of doing, just to get in the habit of challenging myself to stop adapting to the world. We should be creating the world not going along with it. Adapting to your experience is jumping in the morphic field of mainstream humanity and how is that working out? I'll pass on that one.

By being excited to see what may come or what I may become, the infinite possibilities outside of the collective unconscious are allowed to show up. Notice I said collective unconscious not collective conscious. That's because the collective is unconscious, hello!!! Look at the world!!! So first we have the financial meltdown, then the quake in Haiti (yeah remember that), then e oil leak for the past month in the gulf, and what does everyone do? They expect the government to fix it, fix the economy, fix the plight in Haiti, fix the fact that BP Oil is inept at protecting the environment. Yeah, unconscious.

So what is the solution, get out of the mainstream morphic field and start being "unreasonable". Get into the morphic field of innovative thinking, or creative design, or conscious capitalism. How about the morphic field oh Jeshua Ben David? I spend some time there now and again, and its definitely different than the morphic field of Jesus Christ as told in the bible. And how do you get into a different morphic field than the current one your cruising in. Be deliberate, in your thoughts, your words and your actions. Get quite, get still and go to a feeling place of what you want to create. You know, "you don't get what you want, you get what you are".

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What showed up from just being excited to see what would....

The really great thing about not being attached to a specific outcome is seeing how ridiculous things work out. So, I was excited to see what would show up from me being at work three hours early on monday, and then I just let it go. Well what showed up was a great idea.

First, a little background. My oldest son wants to go to an art institute after graduating from high school and study film making. It was kind of out of the blue, but that's cool. So his mom wanted to meet with me to discuss the school and financing. When she called me to set up a meeting, I asked her if Layne would be there, and she had not planned on him coming to be part of the discussion. I won't get into the details, but I told Layne i thought he should be part of the discussion, after all it was his education.

So we met last Saturday morning and (I was excited to see what would come from it) it was clear to me and from Layne's attitude that his mom with good intentions was steering him in this direction. If you have followed this blog for anytime you know I am of the opinion nobody knows better what is best for you than you. Layne's Mom is not of that school of thought and while I'm not judging her, I had my own conversation with him.

The great idea that dropped into my mind was to have my son research and produce a website that I have been thinking of doing with a video blog. He can get a taste of video production that I will pay him for and I can get my website up without having to do it myself. Maybe he will find that he really loves it and can be my first employee and end up working with me on my passion while doing his passion and can finance his own education, and maybe he will find that Its not what he wants to do.......but have the opportunity to find out what his passion is by helping me and being part of what I want to do. Either way, It provides a great platform for he and I to interact and me to provide him some guidance into how life works and making the best decisions for himself.

I could tell it was a great idea by how it felt. I was flaying all day when it dropped into my mind, and I'm having dinner with him to pitch it to him tonight. And once again, I'm excited to see what comes from it......with no expectation of what that might be.

We don't get what we want, we get what we are, and I AM excited to see what I become. I'll keep you posted!!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm excited to see what comes this morning.....

Just as a follow up to yesterday's post............I noticed on my calendar at work that I had an 8:00 am conference call. Since I usually start my office day about 11:00 am and I had the same conference call scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday........I sent an e-mail to the group and specifically the chair asking if we were still on for 8:00 am. I indicated that I could make it, but wanted to check so that I did not come in early to find that it was cancelled.........which happens occasionally. I did not get a reply.

So, I got up early, got to the office, got into the invite to see that the call had been cancelled. Instant reaction? "Oh Nice" in a sarcastic tone..........but then I caught myself and decided to get excited about what would show up as to why I needed to be here so early in the day.........and then let it go!!! After all the Universe is a friendly place and obviously I needed to be here, because I am.

I'll let you know what showed up!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

We don't get what we want, we get what we are!!!

That's right..........I said it, and its true!!! The version of you that you are at any given moment is what determines what you get. The easiest way for me to be the version of me that is creating the experience I want is to know that the Universe is a friendly place just waiting to assist me. That way I don't have to worry about how it gets done, I just enjoy the ride!!!

Now most people might think that's a bit apathetic, but to me that is co-creating.....and it's fact. It's physics, Quantum.......and it can be counted on 100% of the time. The challenge most people have is letting go and allowing it to do it's thing. My new favorite way of dealing with "stressful" situations is to to tell myself that "I'm excited to see what I become and how I deal most effectively with this situation".........and then just let it go and see what shows up......and it always exceeds any expectation I might have been able to conjure up........had I chosen to do so.

The problem with expectations is that they are limiting and collapse the infinite possibilities that exist for you and the future into a drastically smaller model of possibilities. Don't play small......Play Ginormous!!! Be excited to see what you become without a preconceived notion of what that might be...........Try it on something of small consequence, because if you are like most people your subconscious beliefs will override your creativity and collapse your thinking into a limited mindset...........It's easier to practice on things that are not as "Important" like what you want to eat, or who you want to call out of the blue or...........even better yet, Who could I call and apologize for something that I did or maybe even just judged them on something they did..........with no preconceived notion of the outcome..........just to see what comes.

I do it at work all the time, I'll catch myself thinking small (preconceived notion of what things should be) and I'll shift to getting my mind quite, fall in love with life, align with life, get into that feeling of "knowing" the Universe is a friendly place which takes me to the "Feeling" of excitement to see what shows up within me and out of the situation. That is usually when ideas just drop into my thinking and I run with them, sometimes changing the entire landscape of the meeting or even longer term initiatives that I am working on. Talk about an "E" ticket ride at Disneyland!!!!

Getting into the feeling is the key, experience of the "Excitement" and "Knowing" is becoming natural for me and I always smile when I get into that state..........because I know I will get what I am "Excited" and "Knowing " that the Universe is partnering with me in the most delicious way. So what are you being right now?........Be the version of you that is more creative than you could ever imagine.

Then share