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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Are you a Consumer or Creator?

I don't recall where I read an article or story about "Consumers", but the gist of the story was that Consumer is an ugly word. When you think about the definition being an "individual or entity that 'uses' up goods or resources", I guess in that context it is a kind of ugly term...."Uses up", which is almost the opposite of "Creator".

I saw this morning that BP had announced the "Top Kill" process for stopping the oil leak in the Gulf had failed.........Doink!!! No kidding, something called "Top Kill" when dealing with an environmental catastrophe and it didn't work? Maybe Mother Earth is trying to tell us something. Consumer driven? Hmm...........Wonder what would happen if the issue was looked at from a "Creator's" perspective..........or better yet, what would happen if 25% of everyone alive just got aligned with their true selves.........a miracle maybe?

Or better yet, what if 25% of everyone alive stepped into the excitement of waiting to see what might come from this and then just let it go and saw what happened. Rather than collapsing the infinite possibilities into what we have, what if we stopped the pessimistic small model of what is and opened it up to the the infinite possibilities of what might come............I think the Universe might come up with a better alternative..........and no that is not some aery fairy idealistic notion.

A close friend was telling me about an experience where she was in the hospital for a potentially life threatening condition. The Medical staff was doing tests and trying to determine the best direction to take and while lying in the hospital bed she got into a meditative state where she felt connection (I'm paraphrasing) with all that is and a sense of comfort and peace, and just stayed there for awhile. When the doctors came back to continue testing, the condition was completely gone. Some people might call that a miracle, but knowing what I know, what she did was restore normalcy......she aligned with her true self, the divine inner being that she is, and in that state, the dis-ease of the condition was not resonant and there was no alternative but for it to no longer exist. And it didn't. That's the difference in collapsing potential to what is and opening the potential up to the infinite potential that we all are............."You don't get what you want, You get what you are"

Be a Creator!!! And then share


  1. I needed to read this today. Thanks buddy!

  2. you are most welcome, we need to have treat!! Thanks for reading and commenting