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Thursday, May 13, 2010

What showed up from just being excited to see what would....

The really great thing about not being attached to a specific outcome is seeing how ridiculous things work out. So, I was excited to see what would show up from me being at work three hours early on monday, and then I just let it go. Well what showed up was a great idea.

First, a little background. My oldest son wants to go to an art institute after graduating from high school and study film making. It was kind of out of the blue, but that's cool. So his mom wanted to meet with me to discuss the school and financing. When she called me to set up a meeting, I asked her if Layne would be there, and she had not planned on him coming to be part of the discussion. I won't get into the details, but I told Layne i thought he should be part of the discussion, after all it was his education.

So we met last Saturday morning and (I was excited to see what would come from it) it was clear to me and from Layne's attitude that his mom with good intentions was steering him in this direction. If you have followed this blog for anytime you know I am of the opinion nobody knows better what is best for you than you. Layne's Mom is not of that school of thought and while I'm not judging her, I had my own conversation with him.

The great idea that dropped into my mind was to have my son research and produce a website that I have been thinking of doing with a video blog. He can get a taste of video production that I will pay him for and I can get my website up without having to do it myself. Maybe he will find that he really loves it and can be my first employee and end up working with me on my passion while doing his passion and can finance his own education, and maybe he will find that Its not what he wants to do.......but have the opportunity to find out what his passion is by helping me and being part of what I want to do. Either way, It provides a great platform for he and I to interact and me to provide him some guidance into how life works and making the best decisions for himself.

I could tell it was a great idea by how it felt. I was flaying all day when it dropped into my mind, and I'm having dinner with him to pitch it to him tonight. And once again, I'm excited to see what comes from it......with no expectation of what that might be.

We don't get what we want, we get what we are, and I AM excited to see what I become. I'll keep you posted!!!!

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