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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Creativity resides outside our normal reference of reality!!!

I'm talking about creativity, as opposed to creation. Creation resides in our normal reference of how things are, our world, our everyday experiences that come from our previous experiences that shape what we believe to be real. Kind of a circular linear process. Until we stop it!!

Creativity, arises out of trusting that you have access to everything that you would ever need, the intelligence and energy that created the universe, that's right, I said, me, everyone has access to the source of all that is, dare I say Godliness!!! Yikes, but isn't that really outside most peoples normal reference of how things are? Yes it is, but doesn't have to be and can be different in a moment.

Think about it, what are miracles? They are nothing more than a release of what is taken to be normal or "real" and an opening for what could be. Everyone has heard of or maybe even knows someone that has had a spontaneous remission of a deadly disease. Generally what precipitates the remission is a letting go, an ending to the resistance that caused the malady in the first place. "I give up" sometimes is all that is needed, and in that moment, a new reality appears, a new experience.....a different reference of what is normal.

A couple of posts ago, I related a story about someone that had an experience in the hospital where she guided herself to a meditative state and felt connection with all that is, and instantly her physical condition changed to one of health, so "miraculously" that the doctors were at a loss. As a human being, that is "miraculous", but as a divine being, not of this world (in it, but not of it) that is normalcy!!!

So how do you change your normal human reference of reality to one of a divine being's normal reference? Ask open ended questions!!! Like, "What if it were different? Or "What can I learn from this?" or "How am I to change?"......and the key is to ask the question, and let it go, drop down out of your head and into your heart and trust that you will get the perfect answer..........You know, "ask and it will be given!!", "knock and the door will be opened!"

The beauty of the Universe is that everything that has ever been thought or done still exists, the inspiration, innovation, intelligence is at our access......for that matter, everything that has yet to be thought or created exists currently and it's just waiting for you or me to bring it into existence. So, change your normal reference of how things are to what could be........The sky is the limit, scratch that, thruth be told there is no limit!!!