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Monday, April 16, 2012

Love is what we are born as, Fear is what we learn

That is a paraphrased from a quote by Sir Ken Robinson, and is so true.  Think about it.  A baby has no fear, they exude Love.  And then as they grow up, parents and adults through well meaning intention teach the child of all the dangers that "exist" in the world.  The shoulds and should nots of getting through life unscathed.  Study this, interact with these people, don't interact with those people, strive for this, stay away from that.

Usually, by the age of 6 and certainly by the age of 16, the individual has lost touch with the essence of who they are, their natural talents and desires are suppressed to varying degrees which diminishes as you would expect the enjoyment of their experience.

Have you ever noticed that when you are experiencing a problem or frustration, you are right there.  Even when you perceive that if someone else was different or if the circumstances of the situation were different, the problem would not exist, you are still entangled with the are involved with the problem or frustration.  Admitting the truth of this is usually missed by most individuals and the starting point of eliminating or reducing the frustration or problem itself.

As you identify a problem or frustration, ask yourself reflectively some enlightening and honest questions such as;

What am I to learn from this situation?
How am I to change to improve this situation?
Where am I to grow in order to alleviate the situation?
What latent talent is waiting to emerge to help in solving this problem?

And the key is, to ask these questions and then just 'be" with them, be quiet.....don't expect the answer to just appear (though if you do it with an open mind and heart, it may).  Sit with curiousness and see what comes.  Be aware that it may come at the most appropriate time, but also the most be open and listen to the thoughts you have.


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  1. "Listen to the thoughts you have." great post, Tom. I need to do more listening...