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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Your current experience is a result of the past....

And what you are putting your thoughts to right now is paving the future. You know that, right? What you take to be real right now, which is your intention, is the foundation for what you will experience in the future. So what are you taking to be real? Well being, or something less?

My new focus revolves around 3 things.
1. Do I know myself? Am I Self Aware?
2. Am I focused on the right stuff? My purpose.
3. Am I helpful with all my interactions?

By using these 3 inquiries, I have found that I enjoy pretty much everything that I embark upon including those things that I previously "just didn't enjoy doing". For instance, I generally do not like numbers, crunching numbers, analyzing numbers, implementing tactics to improve numbers, etc. And I have never really enjoyed spread sheets like Excel. However, by using these 3 inquiries, I am enjoying learning to use excel because I can see how if I use it to support # 2 and 3, it can be a tool to achieve what I want to accomplish.

In essence, the perspectives that I have had about numbers and "not really being a numbers person" are really just perspectives that have not served me, so I changed those perspectives and now something that I had previously "not really enjoyed, or down right disliked" now are enjoyable and further my purpose.

And in the process, I have begun really enjoying some relationships with people that tend to be "numbers" people. Now how good is that? Pretty freakin' awesome if you ask me. And guess what? My corporate gig that has aspects that I love so much I would do the work for free, and previously had aspects that I despised and frustrated me to no end, has become a gig that I embrace all aspects from a positive perspective. Those aspects that had previously frustrated me, now I see as just things that I thought were frustrating. That because of my perspective on them, they frustrated me.....and guess what happened? They indeed frustrated me.

Without a clear vision, my perspective on things manifested as just what my perspective on them was. So I changed my perspective based on a clear vision of what I want to accomplish and viola', not only do I change how I feel, but I see most of everything in a different light.

So, what perspectives that you hold consciously or un-consciously are not serving you? Gain clarity on what you want, act congruently with that clarity and you are paving the road for the future you want and the experience that will serve you. Oh, and it helps greatly if you develop an accountability partner relationship that you can expect to get candid feedback from....after all you are changing habits of thought which generally do not change overnight.

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