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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Being Deliberate about you......

What do you suppose would happen if today, you deliberately chose to focus on being just 10% more self aware. In other words, you made a deliberate effort to observe your thinking, whether it was while driving your car, riding the train or bus, or sitting in a meeting. You just observed where your thoughts were going. First thing you would notice is that you have an almost endless stream of thoughts going through your mind at an waking moment. Second thing you would notice is that some of those thoughts are a little troubling and not really very positive, some might be down right judgmental.

Sunday night I came home to watch Game of Thrones on HBO. But I was drawn to turn the channel to CNN, and the big Story was Bin Laden having been killed. While everyone waited for President Obama's address to the nation, officially announcing Bin laden's death, a crowd of people gathered outside the front of the White House. Celebrating!! Singing the National Anthem, "God Bless America" and waving the flag and celebrating. My immediate thought was, Oooh, now that does not feel right for me......and I understand he was a bad guy and a terrorist and all that, but celebrating?

And, I want to be clear, I'm not judging or condemning anyone, I just find it interesting how people react to this emotional issue. Facebook was full of comments about how great it was and the evil rat got his due justice and on and on. Many of the comments coming from devout Christians who live under the commandments of their God, one of which is "thou shalt not kill"......which when you think about it, the United States is one Nation under God......which I think most people would agree is the God that put forth the ten commandments.

Did we just get caught up in the moment and take a lapse from our reason? I think it was more a momentary lapse from our true selves. I am grateful that I immediately felt the sense that celebrating the death of anyone, even Bin Laden, was not something that felt other words, I did not react to the collective and I was aware of my True were many people......I like that, that is empowering.

One of my tenets that I live by is that we are all connected and not separate from each other. If I do something bad to someone else, I am doing that thing to myself as well.....if I do something good for myself, I am doing something good for everyone.

In closing, I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "Why do we kill people that have killed people, if killing people is wrong?" Good Question.

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