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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Judgement Day....NOT!!! Or was it?

6pm came and went yesterday with not much fuss....certainly not the end of the world. I don't know the guys name that is responsible for creating the fun and games around judgement day being yesterday, but enough people though he was right, that they sent him over $18 million in donations. Which begs the question, Donations for what? If you really believed it was the end of the world, what are you donating to? Maybe they thought by buying into his baloney, they would be saved? Ugh!!

It is amazing how many people are just dying to buy into some horrible story, and for what? Why go there? Seth Godin blogged on it today and hit it right on the head. Sell a story that people want to believe or sell a story that people already believe. Ouch!! How many people believe that we are all sinners and will be judged by an old man in a white robe or some derivative of the story in revelations? Millions, and most of them are judgmental too, why not? being judged is part of their story. And I'm not judging those that choose to go with that belief!!

So, I'm working on a positive story of expansion and progression. Stay tuned. Lately I have been drawn to Lady Gaga!! Yes Lady Gaga, who at face value is a shock jock, or at least that was my perception with just bits of exposure to her via tabloid media. But I saw an interview that Anderson Cooper did with her on 60 minutes, and immediately fell in love with her and especially her mission and purpose. And her music isn't too bad either.

The story she is telling is to be yourself and love yourself. You don't have to be like everyone else and frankly you shouldn't be, because you are your own individual, so don't get lost in trying to be someone your not. And that story resonates with many people, and is very close to the story I am telling in this blog......Know yourself and choose every moment as the moment to tap into your true self.

How many Gaga fans bought into the judgement day story of yesterday? How many of the readers of this Blog bought into it. My 14 year old son, said the Universe wouldn't choose to end the world today, it's too nice of a day!! I liked that, and its always too nice a day to do anything other than progressive and expansive thinking. Thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

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