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Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Close your eyes, fall in Love, stay there!!" Rumi.......The Solution is in the Problem!! Redux

Always is and available if we stop, move into alignment and allow it to come to us. But in general most of us don't believe that to be the truth in which case our beliefs don't serve us. So what if you changed your belief about this one thing? What if you believed that the solution for every problem exists within the problem itself? Ah, you would be much more likely to access the solution.

But it's not that simple, because we struggle mightily with allowing things to come to us. We tend to believe that we need to make things happen, or if we analyze the issue, we will find the solution with our will to do so. In truth, the solution surfaces if we get curious, be patient and allow it to come.....but that can be difficult, can't it? But why is that so difficult? Because in our subconscious mind we have been conditioned to believe that through effort and hard work come rewards and outcomes. And we spend 95% of everyday operating from our subconscious mind. That is the level at which real change takes place, actually it's the level where transformation takes place.

This is why affirmations and visualization does not work for so many people. You can say an affirmation as many times as you want, but if your sub conscious beliefs are not congruent with the affirmation, it ain't happening. It's also why affirmations and visualizations do work for so many other people, they believe that they are powerful and creative.

As an example, do you see people as separate from you? Or do you see yourself connected to everyone else? Big difference!!! Which belief system does bigotry or jealousy emerge from? Which belief system does tolerance and compassion emerge from? Which belief system does "organized religion dogma" emerge from? (just to be clear, I'm not judging organized religion). Where does bullying emerge from? Where does victimhood emerge from? Pretty easy to discern which belief system is limiting and which is empowering, right? Please say yes!!

Bullying is a big topic in the news right now especially in light of the suicides around the country making headlines that are associated with cyber spying and bullying. What's the solution? Protesting and exposing the culprits? Obviously some people think so, but protests are not solutions....protests are resistance and what you resist persists!! The solution lies in the problem which is the bullies and the victims don't believe that they are intrinsically other words, the belief is that we are all separate and in ultimate reality we are all connected. Any act of violence or intimidation comes from one place and that place is fear. And if you truly believe that you are connected with every other person or every other thing for that matter, what is to fear? Nothing!!

Now this will not sit well with a lot of people, but I trust if you are reading this, it won't be too much of a struggle to get your head around it. The bullies and the victims are in resonance with each other. We get what we are. So if that's true and it is, then what is the "Are" state that is resonant within the bullies and the victims. It's hard to say without knowing the individuals and observing what is consistently showing up for them, but a broad brush approach might say.....they are conflicted. And again, I'm not judging either one, but if either one was consistently in a state of contentment and clarity, would bullying occur? But how likely could bullying manifest from a state of conflict or fear? And bullying can't manifest with only the bully, there has to be a victim, and the victim has to be in resonance on some level with the bully. Sorry, I know thats not easy to accept, but its the truth. We get what we are, not what we want!!!

Allowing the solution to emerge from the problem requires a shift from within. How can you facilitate that shift within yourself? Get quite, get curious and ask some simple questions for the single purpose of shifting from your current model of reality to a more expansive and attractive one. What can I learn? Where am I to Grow? How am I to change? What does this mean? Ask one or all four of these questions and just be with them, don't make any effort to answer them......get out of your head, drop down into your heart and rest there. Something might pop into your stream of thinking immediately or maybe might be an hour later or a day later that an inspired thought "comes" to you and provides you the insight you need for the question you asked.

As Rumi said, "Close your eyes, Fall in Love, Stay there". What problems are there when you are in a state of Love? None, and what are you and I? Pure Love!! How do I know? Because Love is expansive, Love is growth, Love is progress......and what is the Universe? Expansive, Growing and Progressive. What is Life? Expanding, Growing and Progressive........So again, what are we? We are Love, We are Life.......Be the Love that YOU are!!!

Fall in Love with Life and Life aligns with you. Fall in love with yourself and all will be well!!!!

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