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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Where are you thinking?

Are you being deliberate in "where" you are thinking? Or are you in auto pilot and going with what comes up in your experience? Be deliberate and change your experience and change the world!!

Deliberate thinking takes place in your frontal lobe, reacting takes place in the back or primitive brain. It comes down to "do I want to create my day or do I want to react to my day?". Create my friend, that is where progress and expansion comes from. Fear and judgement comes from reacting, ugh!!

And how do you stay in creative thinking? Just ask yourself if what your thinking is serving you in growth or progression. Ask yourself this question and you begin discerning what your thoughts are in the process or doing, either creating a new path or re-acting previous paths that do not always serve your growth and expansion. And what is growth and expansion? Love

Be deliberate, be the Love that you are!!

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