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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our natural state is one of thriving!!!

Thats right, Thriving!!! Growing and expanding and becoming more of the infinite potential that each of us actually is. But if that is true, and it is, why is there so much of not thriving taking place in the world today? Because we insulate our true essence of pure potential with an almost incessant stream of thoughts that keep us from thriving. Thoughts like the economy, politics (thats a good one), should and should not beliefs, allowing others actions to derail us from our true self.

How much time during the day do you take to connect with your true self? The infinite, eternal pure positive expansive energy that is always right here with you? Aery fairy? Where do you think you came from? For that matter, where do you think the Universe and all that exists came from? In philosophy classes in school most of us students always were asking the questions "Why are we here?" or "where did we come from?" which are great questions......but I was always fascinated with the fact that we are here and do exist.

Now if your comfortable with the idea that a great creator, created all that is and we are here to serve his/her purpose.....go for it, but how is that working out? Do you know that more people have lost their worldly life as a result of disputes over which religion is truer than any other cause. How would a great creator feel good about that? Or is it that you believe that your creator is "THE" only true creator? That belief is where all the worlds battles have derived from, killing arising from religious disputes. Ugh!!

We are all connected from the same source that makes up everything. all the strife and chaos that the world is experiencing right now is for one purpose. Think of it like a 2 x 4 hitting us upside the head to wake us up. Think about it, when you are thriving, are you judging anything? Are you jealous? Are you envious? Are you hoarding or devising ways in which to gain material goods or currency? Are you arguing your position? Are you thinking only about yourself? NO!!!

Thriving is a state of being. You don't judge, because you know everyone is doing there own thing based upon their degree of alignment with their true self (not to mention, you tend to be surrounded with aligned people). Your not jealous because, well, you just feel too damn good to even have the possibility to go there. Envious? Of what? You have everything you could ever need (as a matter of fact, you have whatever you put your thoughts to). Hoarding or devising to accumulate stuff? Ahh, no, your thriving!!! Arguing is not resonant with thriving and your not thinking about yourself because you don't have a feeling of separation. And how natural is that state of Thriving? The only effort is that of being deliberate with where your thinking is coming from, Alignment.

So how do you stay in alignment? Pay attention to how you feel and if it is in any way a negative emotion, do anything to improve it. Your well being is more important to you and everyone else than anything, because your well being is how we connect with our natural state of thriving. Meditate, practice yoga, exercise, do anything that quiets the mind and see what happens!!! Thrive!!

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