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Friday, September 16, 2011

Do you believe you can heal yourself with your thoughts?

You can you know. It's all about what you truly believe....what you take to be real. Those are your intentions, that is what you are...and what your are is what you get. So do you believe you are in control of every detail of your experience or are you at the whim of how life plays out.

Is life happening to you or are your responsible for everything in your life? Both are the same, you know. If you believe life is happening to you, you are responsible for everything in your life, both good or bad, because you have chosen that experience of life happening to you. If you believe you are responsible for everything that comes into your experience, life happens to you because of where you are coming from and what you hold to be true. So be deliberate in what you hold to be true and you will create everything that you hold to be true.

And the key is being deliberate in your thinking and what you take to be real.  Being sloppy and hap hazard in your thinking is when things happen for you and you ask "what the hell?"  Being deliberate and open to how what you take to be real will manifest for you creates scenarios that come in your experience and you say "whoa, that was awesome" and you suddenly realize that awesomeness is a result of what you are....what you take to be real.

So back to the original question, Do you think you can heal yourself with your thoughts?  I do, and I am.  I remember setting the intention that I my vision would correct to 20 20 from what it was, which was not very good.  Yesterday, I went and had an eye exam because I need to re-order contact lens'.  So the doctor is doing his thing, asking me "better, 1 or 2, 2 or 3 and so on.....and he says, "huh your vision is getting better".  I just thought "sweet", and then it donned on me that I had set that intention, doink!!!  Of course my vision is getting better.

So I paid the very attractive young receptionist and she commented "wow, you vision got better, don't see that very often", and I said "I'm not very typical" and she just smiled.  The same thing happened when I ordered my new contacts, the guy made a comment about my vision getting better and how rare that is.  He then asked me how many boxes I wanted to order.  I normally just order a years worth to get me to my next annual exam, but without hesitation I said "six months worth" knowing like the sun will rise in the east tomorrow, I will likely need a new prescription within that time as my vision gets better.

I was telling a friend (not a person that believes we create with our thoughts) about the happenings around my vision and my intention and she said "so if it was your intention that made that happen, why aren't your eyes corrected to 20 20 vision now?"......and I said, "because my intention was that my vision would gradually correct to 20 20 vision so that it would be enjoyable for me to experience over time my creation".  She just laughed.

The idea behind enjoying my creating my vision correcting is for me, because it is so easy to take for granted that what you believe is responsible for the immediate manifestations you experience everyday, and this I can enjoy as time goes by and my vision corrects itself.  remember, I had forgotten that I even had set that intention.

Be deliberate and create well my friend!!

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