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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life is not about creation, It is about alignment!!!

Creation comes from thoughts and since most thoughts are repetitive and or reactionary there is not much creativity happening there.  We didn't come here in this physical time space reality to react or repeat thoughts that do not serve us.  When your thinking is repetitive think of yourself as an artisan, or someone that creates the same things over and over.

As an example, a manager of people that is not being successful in improving her people's performance focuses on the fact that her people are not making the desired change.  "It doesn't matter what I do, they won't change and do the work the way I tell them".  The manger becomes apathetic and resigned to not being effective.  She may even commiserate with peers that are having the same problem.  Day after day not much changes and the same results are achieved from the same repetitive thinking.

Creativity comes from alignment.  Alignment with our true selves and with Life.  It is knowing that we can not willfully birth creativity into our experience, but we can allow it when we align with our higher self and  Life.  When you are aligned, creativity manifests through you as an artist rather than an artisan.

The same manager as referenced above can become aligned by asking some simple questions and then resting with them to see what comes.  Not willing the answer, because she will miss it.  Questions like, "What does this mean for me?"  "What am I to take from this situation?"  "What would it look like if it were different?"  By being curious about the situation and realizing that the solution always resides within the problem, the solution will present itself to the manager.  Sometimes in the most unsuspecting manner, but when she is aligned with her true self and Life, it will be glaringly clear to her.

It might be the urge to go to the book store and when she does, a new book on influence is staring right at her.  It might be the urge to go to her own book shelf and see what book grabs her attention.  It might be the urge to google "persuasion" or "influence" or "change" and she is taken to the perfect website, or blog that sparks her creativity to develop a new plan for working with the situation.

And what is the key word in the previous paragraph of might be's?  Urge!!!  And what is an "Urge"?  Intuition, it's our Higher Self giving us a nudge in order to enjoy the unfolding of our divine creativity.  The Divine creativity that is not allowed to come forth through repetitive thinking.

Now here is the thing.  If you don't allow it to come through you, it will knock, and continue knocking until the knock becomes a sledge hammer manifesting itself as some malady or relationship issue or some traumatic issue that brings you to your knees.   You know the kind of experience that causes you to say "what the hell is happening?", rather than "what is my higher self trying to tell me?"

Life is about alignment, and not 100% alignment, that would be boring!!!!  You create your angst and frustration, and you need to own it, just don't pitch a tent in it and call it home!!!!  

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