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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Choosing your own reality.....nobody else can!!!

You choose your own reality every moment of every day. You choose how to perceive the physical experience you have and you choose the physical experience you have. You do, You know that, right?

My favorite story of this is from Abraham telling the story of a woman who is saying that her lover has left her and now she is sad. Abraham tells her "no your not" and the woman says, "I was happy, then my lover left and now I am sad". Again, Abe says "No your not, you're not sad because your lover left you, your sad because you are so removed from your true self". In other words, out of alignment with her true self.

Everything is about relationship, relationship to the external physical world, relationship to each other and the most important relationship being the one you have with you. Knowing your true self, treating yourself well, taking care of yourself, and being honest with yourself. Your true self is infinite. Infinite potential and Love, and if thats true, and it is, where does sadness fit in? The only place sadness is in play for your true self is when you are out of alignment and forget who you truly are.

Sadness has a purpose, its an indicator that you are out of alignment, thats it. The problem is that some people lose perspective and pitch a tent in despair, sadness or any other emotion that does not serve them and they call it home. Make no mistake, its a choice. Don't like where your at, choose another reality.

Too often people lose touch with the perspective of who they are and what they are capable of and unintentionally teach their children to do the same. Essentially, compromise becomes the norm and settling for something less than your worth becomes habit. Ugh! Don't do that!!! Do you Love yourself enough to be true to YOU? Do you? Not sure? Or very confident that you do? Look at what is showing up in your life, are you thrilled with every nuance of everyday? If not, ask what you can do differently for yourself. It's always a choice, choose well!!!

Your True Self finds egoic behavior interesting, not saddening. For instance, your lover, spouse or best friend acts out totally irrationally and maybe even attacks you. Your small self or ego, might attack back as a defense, or might withdraw and question your worth, or fall into despair and climb into that tent. But, your True Self would reflect and find the behavior interesting yet keep it in perspective, knowing the behavior is not coming from the other person's True Self. Any action taken from being aligned with your True Self would be supportive of you and the other person including leaving them alone if they are so steeped in a misperception of who they truly are.

How do you react when accused of something that is just not true? Do you defend yourself or try to convince the accuser of the truth? Or do you ask yourself, "what qualities do I have in play that would lead this person to believe this false accusation?", and it might be that you are so transparent in your actions that the other person just can't process this behavior without missing something. Asking internal questions always brings some wisdom out, which asking external questions rarely does.

Go within and then choose the reality that serves you!!!

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