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Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day!!!

So, Happy Birthday America!!!

But today is also a great day for declaring and really intending to be independent of the beliefs we hold that just don't serve us. And just to be clear, a belief is nothing more that what we take to be real, which is the basis of the fundamental truth that "we don't necessarily get what we want, we get what we are". And how do you know what you take to be real? Just look around you, just look at what is showing up in your experience. I love the way Michael Beckwith puts it. "You can't hide from your secret thoughts, because they keep showing up as your life".....and yes, even the thoughts you are not aware of.

When I am talking with people, the two most common issues that they want to talk about or work on are Relationships and Money. And both have at their basis the same resolution, because everything is about relationship......and I'm not talking about your relationship with others or one other in particular. I'm talking about the relationship you have with you. And when it comes right down to it, most people don't give much attention to that most important relationship.

Clean up your relationship with yourself and your relationship with everything else works. Thats it. End of post!!

Simple, but not always easy. When having this discussion, invariably I ask the person "Do you love yourself?" And almost to a person the answer is "yes", occasionally someone will look a little perplexed with a facial expression that indicates they have never really thought about it. But when I ask if they want to find out and we use muscle testing, the answer is almost always that they really don't ( I use "really" to soften the blow). The good news is that changing your thoughts (beliefs) around the love of yourself is as easy as getting out of bed and brushing your teeth. More on that in a minute.

Now sometimes people want to explore the accuracy of the muscle testing which is generally 100% (the only time its not is when one is intoxicated or dehydrated) because the testing is communicating with your subconscious which is literal, it can't deceive. They will say, "well of course I love myself, why wouldn't I? Why not indeed, and the answer is that we become conditioned to believe we are something other than what we are, Divine beings eternally connected with all there is, God, Source energy, the Universe or whatever your particular spiritual beliefs hold to be the Divine.

The conversation usually moves to looking at what is showing up in the person's life. A less than supportive spouse or significant other or even sometimes a down right abusive spouse. Sometimes it is a lack of trust for the person they are involved with, be it their spouse, partner or boss. I always ask, would someone that truly loved them self, remain in that state of mind? (again, what is your relationship with yourself?) It's never about the other person, its about You and your relationship to YOU!!!

So, once the person realizes that their beliefs and their relationship with their self is not supporting the life experience they want, we begin changing beliefs. Essentially replacing limiting beliefs with supporting and empowering beliefs. So immediately the person wants to change the belief about loving them self, but generally the case is that its best to begin changing in a little subtler manner.

I like using "I trust my True Self", but through dialogue the person I am working with determines what the belief statement is, and then we test to make sure it is safe to change. Safe in that it won't be too disruptive to their day to day life. Operating from to an "I Love myself" from anything else can wreak havoc.....people that truly Love them selves generally do not compromise on fundamental issues like respect, collaboration, etc. be it a boss that is not appreciative of the contributions you are making to a spouse that is self absorbed, the person would just remove them self from the situation.

Making gradual changes about how you feel about your self is much less disruptive and natural. As you change and begin to be the Love that you are and Love your self, people that are not resonant with that Love begin to fall away and out of your life experience as opposed to an abrupt departure. Other's that are resonant with that Love begin to make their way into it.

Moving into the Love that you are is a process when we have become separated from it. And what I mean by separated is temporarily by our conditioned thinking. You can never disconnect from the essence of who we are, pure positive LOVE.

I apologize for the length of this post, but I think its worth it. Life is a process and returning to the Love that is the essence of who each of us is should be paramount. As we embark upon this path life aligns with us and we get what we are. Pure bliss.

Tom Peters, tweeted today about our founding fathers and the signing of the declaration of independence. Can you imagine the courage it took to essentially make the public statement that I will not tolerate the tyranny of the British Government? Make the same statement about not being true to your True Self, by being the love that you are. Tap into that infinite intelligence and wisdom that is everything and experience life as it should be.....Bliss.

Love yourself, I do!! I'm sending it right now as you read this.....feel it?

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