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Monday, June 27, 2011

Resistance and why it is good for you!!

Steven Pressfield is the author of "The Legend of Bagger Vance", a great Movie as well. He is also the author of two non-fiction books, "The War or Art" and "Do the Work" that are masterful at describing Resistance. I love a passage from the "War of Art", The counterfeit innovator is wildy self confident. The real one is scared to death.

I love that!! The real innovator is scared to death! Why is that and why would that be a good thing? Because the real Innovator is doing their purpose, their work for themselves as opposed to doing it for acceptance, recognition or acknowledgement from anyone else. For most people their actions are driven for making someone else happy or for being recognized for the accomplishment. I'll give you that this is a generalization but its also very true.

How many people that you know are you absolutely certain that they Love themselves wholly? How many people do you know that compromise their integrity to themselves for the sake of maintaining the status quo'? Seriously, How many? Okay an easier question, How many people have you seen completely implode their reputation, their "life" of so much potential because they did not Love themselves and bowed to resistance? What about Tiger Woods? Anthony Weiner? The Governator? Just take those three Dudes, would anyone in their right mind thinking in their right mind make such stupid mistakes? In a word Nope!!!! Their out of alignment actions were a result of resistance. And they caved, they were not scared enough to make an authentic choice. And I want to be clear, I'm not judging them, they just happen to be great examples.

Now on the other hand, take Thomas Edison. Do you think he was worried about what anyone thought when trying to come up with the incandescent light bulb.....those 2000 times before he actually figured it out? I don't think so, he was immersed in the process, and resistance had no room to latch on to his creative process. I'm sure he struggled at times, and you know at times he was scared to death, but he loved himself enough to keep going by what he was driven by. He Loved himself

So with that, let's go back to loving oneself. And you may have read or heard this before, but before you can be loved by another, you must first love yourself....and the good news is that it is the most natural thing that an individual can do. At your essence, you are Love, you only need to allow it to be part of your experience. So why is that so difficult for so many people (and it is)? Because we have been conditioned to think that love is something to be earned and that is external to us and its not. You can't be loved!! You are Love, and when you allow Love to be part of your experience, you experience the connection with all that is and those that are close to you. Do you think Love just goes away when a relationship ends? No!! Love does not stop, it is enduring.

You don't get what you want, you get what you are!!! Want to be loved? Be the Love that you are. The most important person you can be Love with is yourself and to do so, you only need to allow it as you are. Your relationship with the Love that you are is more important than any other relationship you have. Be the Love that you are, Love yourself, take time everyday to rest in that blissful state and just see what happens. Simple not easy.....but well worth it.

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