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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Rory McIlroy.....Post round interview

Rory continued to set US Open records today with a solid 68 extending his lead to 8 strokes. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this young talent on the course but his post round press conference was even better.

For those that don't necessarily follow Golf that closely, Rory at age 21 this past April, led the first three rounds of the Master's Golf Tournament, probably the most widely viewed Golf event in the world. I don't recall if he had a 3 or 4 shot lead when he teed' off on Sunday, but ended up shooting an 80 and faded into the day until he finished and faced the questions in the press tent. The same questions about collapsing or however it was positioned that he faces at every event he plays in since that Sunday in April. And he never waivered from answering the questions, handles himself extremely well each time he is posed a question about the Master's Sunday, way beyond his years.

Today after his round which was stellar, he lengthened his lead, he was asked how he deals with the nervousness out there in the moment on the course. I'm paraphrasing, but essentially he described changing where he thinks, from the emotion or angst of the situation to the process of making a good decision (moving to the frontal lobe). He talked about putting himself into the Shot and being in that moment only (which essentially changes where he is thinking) and not worrying about how the shot is pulled off or is executed, he focusses on the process......I love that, if it will work for Rory, it will work for you and I.

Perspective and changing where you are thinking....Rory is poised for a major and I will enjoy every moment of it tomorrow watching on Father's Day!!!!

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