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Sunday, June 26, 2011

How are you viewing life today?

For that matter, how do you view life everyday? It's kind of a big deal, you know!!! Are you taking control and being deliberate creating the life you desire? Or are you kind of going with the flow of what comes your way, not too unlike a ball in a Pin Ball game?

Now to be clear, the control that you have is over your thoughts, how and where you think and the resulting perspective. And those thoughts and perspectives that you hold right now are paving what you will experience in the future. What you are experiencing right now as your physical experience is a result of thoughts and perspectives that you have previously held.

What's the Rub? Spend as much time in a perspective of confidence and curiosity and be pleasantly surprised by the resulting manifestations. If something catches you off guard, don't resist it, don't despair....just find it interesting and let it go. Move on to a higher vision. Don't pitch a tent in the valley of discontent and call it home, Move on.

Revel in the life you find yourself in right now, and if its not what you want, change your thoughts about it........"Isn't that interesting, I found another way of not getting exactly what I want", then move on to finding a different way of getting what you do want by paving the road with calm, confident and progressive thoughts that support your desires.

It's really that simple, just not that easy depending upon your habits of thought. Just remember its never about the other person or the situation, its about you and your thoughts about the situation or the other person. Take responsibility for your thoughts and what they are creating, and be the Love that you are........and you will have the life of your desires!!

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