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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The way you think things just that

The way you think things are is just that.....the way you think they are. But that's real right? That's your reality and your experience of it is real, right? Until you change the way you think things are, that is what your reality is, but more accurately that is what you take to be real, which is your intention. So what if it were different?

What if you woke up and found that your family that you grew up in was not your biological family. Your parents that you have always "known" as your parents were actually a couple that adopted you at birth. Would that change your perspective on your life? Would your being somehow change? Would you look at your family different?

Likely, your love for your family would not change, but you might begin to think about your biological heritage, like who your biological parents are?, what they are all about?, are they alive? Do you have any siblings that you don't know? You would be changed by all these aspects of your heritage that you don't have answers for.....or you wouldn't. But it's up to how and what you think about these things.

So how much thought do you put into what you think about the things you take to be real? Now, I'm not proposing that you get paralysis from analysis, but if your not getting what you want, maybe you should begin thinking about what you take to be real.

Take for instance someone that has a job that they don't feel they are getting opportunities to advance in. How often is it that they blame the lack of opportunities on the organization and or their boss? And how often do they not do anything about it? They just stay in their job and neither look inward to see how they are participating in their situation or simply move on. Not a good place to be, but make no mistake, things are the way they seem to be because that is what the person thinks.

Now, my advice to people in this situation is always the same. Don't move on to another job until you get your thinking aligned about this job. If they just move on to another gig, they eventually will manifest the same or a very similar scenario.....because they have not changed and we get what we are and not necessarily what we want. Same thing for a relationship, its never the other person, its what we think about the other person, about ourselves and about the two of us together......but mostly what we think about ourselves.

Things are exactly the way you think they are, so if things are not pleasing or do not serve you, simply change the way you think about them......or simply stop thinking about them all together. You can do that you know?

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