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Monday, June 20, 2011

Rory McIlroy.....US Open Champion!!!

Conratulations my man!! Very impressive performance yesterday from the 22 year old from Northern Ireland. He won going away....but for me more impressive was how he handled it. His fellow countryman Padraig Harrington made the comment that Rory would break Jack Nicklaus' Major win total of 22 which is a ridiculous feat in itself. All the pundits were calling him the next Tiger Woods, and one European player called him the the next Seve. All this being said about a a kid that has won once here in the States and once on the European tour.

Think about it, your 22 years old by 46 days and your peers are heaping all of this praise on you before playing the 4th round of perhaps the most difficult golf tournament in the world. Where would your head be? Holy Cow!!! Let the young man enjoy himself. Well with all the hype, Rory executed beautifully keeping his thinking where it should be, on each shot and not the hype. Not an easy task but well accomplished.

Resistance was kept at bay for Rory. And this accomplished after two months of it getting the better of him on the back nine at Augusta during this year's Masters. He had no fear combined with great decision making, not the least of which is where he was thinking.

Think about Tiger's domination in Golf prior to his surrender to resistance. His infidelity in his marriage was nothing short of Resistance being very creative in coming into play for him. Steven Pressfield in his book "War of Art" talks about the craftiness of Resistance. And says it is more difficult to kick than crack Cocaine, which it is, Tiger has yet to recover....but I suspect he will. Can't wait to see some of the epic back nines in Majors between Rory and Tiger.

So what can you and I take away from Rory's performance? Our lives should be taken one shot at a time, be in the moment, be aware of where we are thinking and be deliberate in moving toward our Bliss. Embrace Resistance for what it can be, our ally. The greater the Resistance, the greater the outcome when we win the battle over it by changing where we think. Move from emotional thinking to cognitive thinking.....we already know everything we need to know, but we can only access the wisdom and intelligence and Love that we are when we come from the calm and confident place of our True Self.

Well Done Rory, Well done!!!

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