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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get dat Ass to making people smile!!! Uncle Rush

I'm a big fan of Russell Simmons. Dude is rocking ancient wisdom and the title is a paraphrase of one of his mantra's "Get dat Ass to giving!!", and and he follows it up with "keep giving until they can't live without it".

And he is dead on point!!! Too many people think that giving something away is just not doable, it can't be sustained. But that mentality comes from a perspective of lack and fear. There is no lack, well with one exception......a lack of empowering thinking. Go with empowering thinking, make as many people as you can today smile and see if you feel empowered or drained.

Want to be loved? Love someone else, better yet, love yourself! Want to be happy, make someone else can't be anything but happy when you make someone else happy.....Try it!!! I dare you!!!

Don't believe me, Ask 50 Cent.....when his first record label dropped him after he was shot up like 9 times, Uncle Rush told him to give his music away....and thats what he did, he gave it to everyone that would take it, DJ's, people on the streets, anyone that would take it. And what happened? So much demand for his stuff that the record labels came after him.....and the rest is, well where he is now.......Get Dat Ass to making people smile today!!!

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