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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

This, or something better.....

"I'm going to the Masters". This what I said to a friend the other day. the reply I got was an excited "How did you get tickets?". I don't have tickets, but I applied for them on line at the Masters website. In 2012, they are doing random drawings for the public that places an application. As I explained this, the question came up "what are the odds of your application being selected out all the people that surely will apply for them?" My response; "Who cares?, I'll get tickets from being selected or something better".

Something better? What could be better than being selected to get tickets for next year's Master Golf Tournament? Well, I'm not defining what that "better" could be, I'm just excited to see what comes. Some examples though might be, being invited to attend as the guest of a player, or an official, or Nick Faldo......Think about it, How about if I develop a relationship with a player and work with them on the mental side of the game, they win a tournament or finish in the top 8 positions at the US Open.....or maybe they win the US Amateur and are invited to play at the Masters, and they invite me as part of their support team.

Far fetched? Nope!!! Unless you believe it to be. But why live in a small model like "far fetched" or "what are the odds?". I like the model of the infinite possibilities that always exist. Why play small when you can play Wide Open? Where do you think the inspiration comes from to achieve dreams comes from? Playing small?

Charl Schwartzel, the 26 year old South African that won this years Masters in fine form wasn't playing small. He knew he could win the tournament just like any other player on Sunday, after all he had watched his good friend win the British Open last year and he knew he had it in him. He chipped in on number 1, holed out his second shot on number 3, then reeled off ten straight pars on some of the toughest holes on the course, all the while hearing "Tiger Roars" from all around the course in front of him. Then what did he do? Birdied the last four holes to win by 2. He was not playing small, he was playing inspired. Some players might have panicked when he was making pars and started thinking I have got to make some birdies. Some did, and made mistakes, but in the end Charl Won this Masters.

So, I'm not defining "or something better" but I am acting on inspiration and I'm excited to see what will come......and so should you, don't get attached to an outcome or even a face, get excited about a scenario and leave the edges undefined and let the Universe conspire on your behalf......or play small and hope for the short odds to land with you......Oh, one more example of what something better could be, I win the Utah State Amateur, then the US Publinks, or hell maybe I finish runner up in the US amateur and get invited to play the Masters myself......Don't play small!!!

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