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Sunday, October 4, 2009

You are always getting what you are intending....

Always!!! No exception!!!

"But I didn't intend for that to happen!!" I hear that all the time from people. Or, "Why would I have intended for that to happen?" Well, in both cases, the individual is not aware of what they are intending........One of my mentors calls those "unwitting intentions".

The Universe, The Field, Source Energy or however you refer to it only knows "Yes" says Yes to everything. So going back to those beliefs that may not even be accurate or are not serving you..........The Universe is saying "Yes" to them.

So, How do you know if you have unwitting intentions.......or beliefs that do not support what you want? Just look at your life......It's a mirror of your thoughts and another mentor of mine says "You can't hide from your secret thoughts because they keep showing up as your life!!" Yes to this thought, Yes to that belief.....Yes, Yes, Yes.............Not, are you sure? Not, you might want to re-think that one...........Always Yes!!!

That's the good news!!! So, your job is to look at your life and if your not getting what you want, it just means your thoughts and beliefs are not in agreement with what you want. So get them in alignment, or in agreement.

What does that mean......Alignment or in Agreement with what you want? Embody it, rest in it!! If you simply repeat an affirmation or visualize an outcome without feeling what the outcome will be, what are you accomplishing? the exact opposite..........and the Universe always says Yes! For example, repeating the affirmation "I am healthy and full of vitality" without embodying how that feels or resting in that feeling is essentially saying "I don't have health or vitality"......and that is what you have.

Try it with something trivial but something that would be so random that you will recognize it when it happens. For instance, one person came up with the idea of while on a walk finding 3 quarters lined up on the sidewalk all with the head's up. They closed their eyes, imagined they were on the walk, came around a corner and saw the three quarters all face up. They rested in that imaginary sequence and imagined what they felt like when they picked them up, they imagined how they felt at that moment knowing they had created the scenario. They rested in the feeling of accomplishing this simple but powerful exercise. It was so palpable that they were smiling with their eyes closed as they imagined finding the quarters.

A few weeks later, they reported that they had indeed found the quarters, but when asked if the quarters were all face up, they said they were so excited at the time, they did not even notice.....but they went on to say how awesome it was. Now the funny thing and very telling about beliefs is that when the idea was proposed to do it again but this time verify that the quarters were all face up..............they scoffed at it!!! Almost as if to say, well once, yeah I could believe that, but twice? Come on!!!

This person had literally been successful in becoming a version of themselves that created the feeling inside of a scenario that they intended to have happen, a very specific scenario mind you. The scenario came to fruition, they actually lived the very specific scenario they intended.......and then when asked to do it again, fell back into a version of them self that did not believe they could do it again. Do it, then do it again!!! You can, You know!!!

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