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Monday, October 12, 2009

Note to Self!!!...I'm letting Go with help from Rickie Byars Beckwith

I am letting go, and I know the darkness will fade. I am letting go of the thoughts that I am separate and just my body. There's a light all around me, the pain in my thoughts has kept me holding on but I know that is not Me. I feel I'm letting go. I'm ready to run and I'm ready to leap into what is real knowing that Heaven's at hand right now always right here, closer than my breath, nearer than my thoughts.

New life is awaiting while I'm rearranging these old facts of my life. The infinite potential that is ours is becoming fact as I remember I am not this body, I am not bound by limiting thoughts or beliefs. I am deliberately reincarnating today as an extension of all that is.

I am tired of holding on, my heart's making an authentic appeal. I am moving from my old mind to my new mind by getting out of my head and into my heart. It's such a sweet invitation, a mandate of ecstasy to not hold any longer to my willful desires. I'm allowing and residing in alignment with all that corresponds with mine and all that is for the highest good.

I'm letting go of my will, dropping my tools and following my highest goal of being in the flow of the Universe. I won't abide in my vision, it's time to release, I'm the light within that's trying to be free and I allow it. I am the Universe being itself through me.

I feel like letting go of negative emotion. Frustration is only me being stuck in the thoughts of being separate and needing anything. I Let go, and let God/Universe. The power of God/Universe is guiding me to surrender to what I've got to be, The Universe being itself through me. Pure Positive Well being and Love, I am residing in that. I am residing in knowing that we are not separate, but all connected, all powerful, all knowing.....we are Love, we are the energy and intelligence and Love that created all that has ever been, all that is and all that ever will be. Never been born, Never will die.

I'm letting Go of the impossibility of controlling anything outside of me. Knowing that when I'm in alignment all things are possible. Knowing that when I'm in alignment with my true essence, anything can be that I identify with, that I reside in, that I become in resonance or correspondence with. With Alignment all things are bountiful because I need nothing and so I have everything.

As I let go, the darkness fades, I rest in letting go for I know I don't get what I want, I get who I am. When I get still and reside in the knowing that I create every moment and I am deliberate in being the version of myself that is in alignment with the source of all things, pure positive Love and all powerful, all things other than joy and well being will cease to be.

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