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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Is there such a thing as "Job Burnout"?

NOPE!!!  There is no such thing as Burnout!!!  Unless of course, you choose that!!  And to some degree we have all chosen it at one point in time or maybe even several points in time.  Why would anyone in their right mind choose that feeling?  The answer is in the question, nobody in their right mind would choose the feeling of burnout.....and when you stop choosing how you feel, none the less, you have made a choice.......the choice of having life "happen to you"!!!!!

Stop making that Choice!!!! selfish with how you feel, be very deliberate!!!!

Let me relate a story with a common theme that I think will convey how you can deliberately choose your state of being, or in other words how you feel.  Every once in awhile, a top performer in my work will have their performance drop off (a choice), and you can see it in their demeanor.  They have lost (a choice) the enthusiasm that they normally have.  When I notice this, I ask them, "what's going on?"  and usually the response is either an exasperated "I don't know!!!" or a resigned "I am so done with this job".

I ask them if they want to know what I think the issue is, and they always accept my observation of "The reason you are off your game, or down, or burnout is because you know in your heart that you are not putting forth the effort that you are capable of, and you don't like that".  I usually elaborate by explaining, that your true Self, not your egoic self, but your true Self is always growing, it's constantly remembering who you are and what you know.  It's tapping into the energies (reference Monday's entry) that allow for expansion and growth.  That is our nature, that is the Universe's nature......the nature of expansion, and because that is our nature, we can't do anything but expand and grow, becoming more of who we already are. 

So burnout, or really any frustration or any negative feeling is nothing more than your True Self telling you that you are not choosing expansion and growth.  It is not a comfortable state of being for your True Self to not fully experience what your potential is.  As one of my favorite teachers says, "You cannot be less than what your life experience has caused you to become".   My True Self refers to me affectionately as "Dumb Ass" in "Hey Dumb Ass forgetting something? are not your Ego!!!!"

Being in the flow, or going with the stream is being what life has caused you to become.  And it is not hard to accomplish being in the flow.......if its hard, it just means your fighting the flow.  Your "doing" things that are not aligned with the essence of your "Being".....after all we are "Human Beings", not "Human Doings".

Be deliberate in recognizing your True Self as the one that allows life to flow through you because of your thoughts and beliefs.  Getting busy doing stuff for the sake of being productive or for a sense of accomplishment (the illusion of need), generally leads to burnout, discomfort and in some cases dis-ease.  

Looking at every moment of every day as an opportunity to re-create yourself in the best version of you that you have ever had allows your actions to come forth in a manner in which your True Self grows and expands.  Your actions flow through you and are never hard, frustrating or difficult.  Your actions flow and great things come forth from the sea of infinite possibilities, from the quantum level.  These great things are very much aligned with you "Being" who life has caused you to become!!!!

Being who life has caused you to become, is interacting with the energies that exist that are waiting to be brought forth.   Interacting with these energies brings them forth and you are facilitating the expansion of the Universe.  And where does expansion and growth come from?  Pure Positive LOVE, the essence of all things.

The best news of all of this, the more you interact with these energies, your True Self, you impact in a very positive way everyone you interact with, and everyone they interact with, and everyone they interact with.........we are all connected at the energy level, and when you know this, how powerful is that?  

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