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Monday, March 31, 2008

All behavior is dictated by Beliefs!!!!

Yep, every action you take comes from the beliefs you hold!!!  So if the actions you are taking are not getting you what you want, or do not feel good, think about what beliefs are driving those actions.  Most people try to change behavior, but struggle because they are not thinking in terms of where the behavior is derived, and beliefs are held in your subconscious.

If you are like most people, and you are, you spend 95% of your day operating from your subconscious mind, and there is nothing wrong with that unless the beliefs that you hold are not serving you in a way that allows you to accomplish what you want.  So changing your beliefs is what changes your how do you change your beliefs?  It's another one of those simple but not always easy things. 

Look back at the Easter Sunday post, specifically what stimuli we process.  Out of all the data and information that we have access to process every moment of every day, we process the data that supports or is congruent with what we already believe to be true.  So one way of changing your beliefs, is changing the information you process.  Beliefs are derived from experiences and knowledge that we process and store in our subconscious as we are exposed to it.  So when you here that someone is a product of their environment, they literally are with one caveat......they are a product of their perception (a choice) of their environment.  

Think about it this way;
Experience shapes Perception
Perception creates Beliefs
Beliefs reinforce Perception
Perception shapes Experience
Experience reinforces Beliefs

Do you see a revolving door thing going there?  Talk about not even knowing what you don't know......and then people ask "Why Me?, Why is this always happening to me?"......Creating your own reality does not only apply to when things are going really well, you know!!!!  And that is really good news, when things are not going the way you would like for them to go.....change (make the choice) them to the way you want them to go............instead of asking "Why?" in resignation of not being in control, Ask "Why not have something different!" which is being in control!!!

Bottom line is what state of "Being" are you choosing?  In control, or out of control?  Conscious or unconscious?  All the great Masters knew this......Know yourself!!! Know what choices you are making every moment of every day!!   Go within or go without!!   


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