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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Release your Talents?....

Release of your talents is just that....releasing what you naturally do well.  Actually it is remembering what you already know, which is everything you need to know.  Yes everything, and I mean everything.   You and everyone else for that matter have access to every bit of information, intelligence, wisdom, creativity that exists....and much, much more that can't be articulated by words.  The snag is we don't remember the vast majority of it, but that is the good news......we just need to remember.

Thats what this Blog is about, remembering who we actually are and what we are actually capable of.  Heaven knows we need to now more than any other time in history, but thats good news as well.  Needing to now more than any other time is actually facilitating the process of remembering so we can get back on course, and begin cooperating with each other, cooperating with the Planet and all that is.......better yet, cooperating with Life.  

Cooperating with Life!!!!  As Byron Katie so eloquently puts it, "you lose when you fight with reality, but only every time".....thats paraphrased, but you get the point.  So what is cooperating with life?  A good start is changing the belief that you "Need" anything, because you don' know that, don't you?  You don't need anything, but if your like 99.99% of all people I know, you operate and are guided by a belief that you need stuff.  How many people do you know that in order for them to be happy, and I mean genuinely happy, need certain things to take place in their experience.....for instance get a raise, or receive flowers, or buy a new car, or house, or talk (well, just as long as what is being discussed is pleasing) with someone they are friends with?  Why do you suppose that the same happiness can't be experienced at all times?  Well it can, once we start being deliberate about our state of being, rather than leaving it up to a reaction derived from a belief that just isn't factual.  

Being who we are, tapping into the infinite wisdom, creativity and intelligence that is our essence allows us to know we need nothing.  We need nothing, because anything we desire is available to us when we remember what we are capable of.......and thats what this Blog is about!!!  The Journey of remembering who we are!!!   Stay Tuned

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