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Saturday, April 5, 2008

If You do not go within, you go without!!!!

What the heck does that mean?  For that matter, what exactly does "know thyself" or "the kingdom of heaven is within you" or "I Am that I Am" mean?.....I'm asked that quite a bit.  And in a minute I will lay out how I define the meaning for each....and they are all the same.

Whenever I am working with someone, I always ask right at the beginning of the discussion..."What do you want?"......and for the most part they can't define what it is that they want....some even say, "I'm not sure".   Some other common responses are "I want to be happy" or "I want to be rich beyond belief" or "I want a relationship" or "I want a job that I love".  

My next question is "What is keeping you from achieving that?".......and usually the answer is "I don't know" or "Things just are not working out" or "maybe it's just not meant to be".  But really the issue has to do with two very simple concepts, the first is generally what people want are materialistic or temporal things......and nothing wrong with that, you can have them, you can have anything you want........but you have to know specifically what it is that you want.  What is happy?  What is rich beyond belief?  What is a relationship or a job that you love?  Your the only one that can define those things or anything else for that matter.   

The second concept is that the vast majority of people don't know themselves.  I want to make this point painfully clear, unless you who are reading this are one of a very few people, you do not know yourself......your True Self!!!  If that pissed you off, you definitely do not know yourself....your True Self, anyway!!!

Ask yourself these two questions?

Who is my True Self?
What is my Purpose?

When I say True Self, I don't mean your role in life, your title at work, or even you name or ego.  I mean at the essence of your being, who are you?  Your not the body reading this, your not the emotions that kick in as you interpret your life experience, and no, your not bank account or investment portfolio......Your True Self is the self that has never been born and will never die!!!  Read that again, Your True Self is that part of you that was never born and will never die!!  So what does that leave?  How about an individuation of the source of all things, physical and non-physical?  Infinite wisdom, creativity, all that is.  

Now if your with me on this, reason stands that I am an individuation of the same source, as is every other person alive, and every living thing, essentially everything!!!  So if that were the case, and it is, why do we treat each other so badly at times, or why do we treat the earth with such disrespect, or why do we fly planes into buildings, or why do we take our own lives, or why do we fight over and sometimes kill in the name of GOD?

The answer is the second of the two questions from above, We have forgotten or in many instances never really defined clearly what our purpose is!!!  What if our purpose is to remember who we are and what we are capable of.   How would we behave as a species if we knew at all times that we are from the same source and eternally connected?  

Think about that, don't just read over it and would we behave?  Do you think we would have borders protected with armed guards?  Would there be drive by shootings?  Would there be starving children anywhere in the world?  Would there be anyone without a home?  Of course not, there would be none of that!!  We would come and go as we pleased, we would extend assistance to anyone that we perceived needed it, and we would treat the Earth as we treat everything....with respect!!!  Get the picture?  How good would that be?  better yet, How good will that be?  Pretty freakin' awesome!!!

So back to where this post all started!!!!  So what does "If you do not go within, you go without", "know thyself", "the kingdom of heaven is within you" and "I Am that I Am".....and I want to throw one more in...."These things and greater shall you do" mean?  Well, for me it means when I understand at my essence who I am, anything is possible, and every moment of every day is my opportunity to live my purpose, be the greatest version of myself that I have ever envisioned and change the world......or it's not, and it's up to me to choose!!!  Part of that is understanding that by not choosing to remember, is still a choice.......but how dis-empowering is that choice?

Now back to the materialistic and temporal things that we all desire!!!  Knowing your True Self is the blueprint for having, being or doing what your heart desires.....knowing your True Self allows your actions to be aligned with your being......they emerge not from thought, but from the immense intelligence and energy that is the source of all that is!!!!

So what does Toemaas want?  Thats easy, I want every moment to be leveraged knowing that I AM in the flow of the Universe, using every moment of everyday to remember that I AM but a part of the source of all things and as such I am capable of being, doing or having anything.   Do I want a bunch of stuff?  No!!!!  I enjoy watching what manifests for me based on being tapped in and tuned in to my True Self.........And how much fun is it recognizing the new things that I didn't even know I didn't know....Ridiculous!!!


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