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Saturday, April 12, 2008

So how are You?.....How are you seeing the world?

What meaning are you giving to your experience?  Right now!!  What meaning are you giving to reading this post, or what meaning are you giving to the fact that you made your way to this Blog?  Stop and think about it!!

The meaning I have with this Blog is learning, actually more remembering who I am and tapping into my true potential.  As I remember who my True Self is, its an absolute joy watching the change in my thinking, and as the change in my thinking takes place, the changes in my experience are nothing less than delicious.  Oh, I catch myself going down an egoic mind rant every once in a while, but thats delicious too......I catch myself and I change my mind, or my perception of whatever the issue was that triggered the ego......and I see it for what it was.  An opportunity to recreate myself into the greatest version of myself that I have never even dreamed of.

Which by the way, can you see that your feelings are with you before the external experience appears.........and it works both ways, good feelings precede good external experiences and bad feelings precede bad external experiences.......without exception!!!!   So, you have a feeling, a corresponding experience comes to you and you react to that experience with a feeling associated with your percpetion....and depending on your perception of the external experience, you either change the feeling which in turn changes your experience or you add to the feeling and the experience snowballs.

Remember this;
Experience shapes Perception
Perception creates Beliefs
Beliefs reinforce Perception
Perception shapes Experience
and Experience reinforces Beliefs

Your thoughts and the feelings you have from having those thoughts are what start the process that is happening behind the be Picky about your thoughts!!!!! And change them when they are not creating the feelings you desire.......positive, utter well being!!!!

To reinforce the facts of how the Universe works and to create the "Knowing" that you and only you can create your experience, try the following exercise:

The next time you feel frustration or angst or any feeling of uneasiness, step back and deliberately change your thinking, the perspective on the situation or cause of the feeling.  Change the context in which you are viewing the experience.  For instance, at work you become frustrated by an outcome of a project or task that you have been working on and you notice it.  Stop!!!!  Have an internal dialogue with yourself something like this.....While the result of this work was not satisfying to me, I can see now where I could have done some things differently that will benefit me in the work I do in the future, and the work that I do is meaningful and productive.  I'm grateful to have the opportunity to do this work, and the result of this work is beneficial to many different people, and it is a very good opportunity for me to grow in my abilities and knowing who I truly Am.......and while I was briefly frustrated, I realize that feeling does not serve me and is not beneficial in doing my best work and I choose to release that feeling and replace it with optimism and gratitude that I can change the way I feel in a moment..........and just sit with that new feeling for a minute or two.......and watch the changes that take place in your experience. 

See the world as you wish to deliberately, not by default!!!!  And when you do, Thank You for the positive effect you have on those you interact with!!!!

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