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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Living with the Illusion, as opposed to living in the Illusion

Living with the Illusion or Living in the Illusion? If you have been reading these posts you have noticed that the topics generally deal with you being responsible for everything that you experience. Concepts like, the only meaning anything has is the meaning you give it, and you create your own reality, and the illusion that you need anything, and your beliefs dictate your behavior, and that you are working to fully know yourself all point to YOU as the only one responsible for your experience.

They also make very clear that there is no exception. It is a full time gig to be the creator of your own reality and everything you have (or do not have) as your experience. I talk to quite a few people that are attempting to deliberately manifest things by use of Attraction and the most common question that they have is "when do I get my stuff?".....and before I get into the mechanics of why they are not getting their "stuff" I tell them "when you are deserving". I get a kick out of the looks that I get when I say that.

Here is what I mean, and that comment is not a judgement by the way, it's more an observation. Asking the question "when do I get my stuff" on the surface is a counter intention. It is coming from a belief that supports not having it a belief of lack, that you have to work hard, that you need stuff to be happy, or be it that there is a finite amount of "stuff". But the counter intention is not the real issue.......the real issue is that these people like the vast majority of people have forgotten who they truly are.......who their True Self is.

"Stuff" is temporal, Your True Self is not!!! Do you really think your True Self, the Self that was never born and will never die, the Self that is in this world but not of it, would spend an ounce of energy on Stuff that relative to eternity will exist for a nano second? I could be wrong, but I doubt it!!!

Now let's be clear, I'm not down on "stuff", I like it.....I have it, and better stuff just keeps coming. But the best "stuff" comes from my alignment with my True Self, being connected with my highest goal.......It's what I was talking about yesterday that knowing your True Self is the Blueprint for having, being or doing what your heart desires. When connected or tapped in to your True Self your actions emerge from seemingly nowhere (now here) and allow you to recognize what the infinite intelligence and wisdom of all that is has provided for you.

When I said yesterday to know specifically what you want, I was not talking about specific stuff, temporal stuff that is fleeting, I meant have the very specific desire to know your Self fully, and as you move toward remembering your True Self enjoy the people and yes, the "Stuff" that comes into your experience. When what you want is "stuff" you are living in the Illusion and not with it!!
The absolute best and easiest way to check if you are living in the Illusion is to ask yourself "How do I feel about everyone else, or everything for that matter?" If you have ill will toward anyone else, If you do not Love them and their differences from are living in the Illusion and have forgotten who You truly are. And the minute you realize this is the moment you moved to a position of living with the Illusion for the purpose of remembering who you truly are. every moment of every day is the new opportunity to choose who You are, choose well!!!

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