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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Events....Are there really Random Events?

Nope!!!  None, Nada, Zip......take random right out of your vocabulary.....or not, it's your choice.  What about Fate?.......Nope!!!  Luck?  Nope!!!   Of course that is just my opinion......actually it's just my knowing........and how do I know?  Because I can feel it in my heart.

So check it out, ask yourself "Do Random events actually exist?" and sit with that question and get into the feeling you have in your heart.  If your not getting a distinct feeling about the question.......ask it this way, "Do random events work for me?"  In other words, do random events serve me?  Do they benefit me?........if your still not getting anything, ask it this way, "Do random events not work for me?"   Ask the question with the intention of determining if random events or fate serve you in your purpose.

I know they do not exist because for me they clearly do not work for me in knowing my True Self.  In other words, if I believed in random events, then my complete responsibility for my experience does not exist.  Complete is the key word in that last sentence.  Your responsibility is not a part time gig, on at times and off at times....It's a full time 24/7 thing.....and Thank God for that!!!  But guess what?  Most people operate with a belief that fate and randomness is what the world is about.......some actually believe that their existence is random!!!  Ouch!!  How dis-empowering is that?

Think about a person that you met in what seemed at the time as a very unlikely circumstance, or as a completely random event, but they have become very significant to you through your relationship with them.   You connected with them through vibrational resonance, it wasn't random or were both in vibrational alignment with the other.  And everything in your experience is in your experience because of this alignment, no exception.....everything you perceive as good and everything you perceive as bad.....EVERYTHING!!!

Now, think about that last sentence, the key words being perceive, good and bad.   What if you could change your idea of "good or bad", and "right and wrong" one of "it's working".....for instance, let's say you are on your way to meet a friend for lunch, and you get stuck in traffic and you immediately jump to thinking, damn!! I'm going to be late!!.....or essentially your mind is coming from a context in which traffic jams are not good because you have to be somewhere and the traffic is causing you to be late.   What if you changed your perspective about traffic jams to one of "the universe is working for me, I don't know the purpose yet, but I know this traffic jam is serving me"?   Well, what this alternative perspective does is allow for the infinite possibilities that exist to line up with your vibe, which is one of allowing which can only be good........ 

So, maybe traffic clears up, your delayed all of 5 minutes and when you get to the restaurant your friend is not there yet so you sit in the waiting area.  And the person sitting next to you strikes up a conversation and you end up becoming business partners in a venture that you have always dreamed of, or any number of infinite other possibilities that come from a "Why Not?" perspective.

Or, So traffic clears up, your delayed 5 minutes, but it seemed like eternity in the pissed off mood it put you in, and in your rush to get to the restaurant on time (that your friend is late getting to anyway) you clip a car rushing into the turn lane, the police are called to take a report, and so you call your friend to let them know, and you reschedule for another day, or any number of limited possibilities that will come from a "Why me?" perspective. 

Yeah!!!  Be picky about your thoughts.......they are always you might as well make them work for you........or they will seemingly work against you........and its all about perspective and context........but then again, some people like being second fiddle and to each their own, Ha!!  Imagine that!!!

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